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We take a quick look at the fascinating Panasonic Toughpad 4K, a monstrous 20-inch tablet with an astounding $6000 pricetag. More information…

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  • azou achili 2 years ago

    16 million colors! No shirt Sherlock.

  • StrickenWithFear 2 years ago

    I know this is for business users but good God almighty. For that type of
    money it would have to come with amazon prime, hulu, and netflix plus a
    year’s worth of free internet and on top of that… it would have to make
    me breakfast. 

  • Gordaton 2 years ago

    Pointless for consumers, it’s mainly just for industry/business people.

  • Yanano Bere 2 years ago

    Jesus Christ of Nazareth! $6000? You could get a brand new car for that
    money. MISS ME. Sheesh

  • Joshua Cardona 2 years ago

    Simply beautyfull, if I had the money I will buy it.

  • Miha Belimezov 2 years ago

    im happy to see panasonic waking up in other markets like smartphones and
    tablets and such….

  • mcrazza 2 years ago

    I don’t actually need one but dammit do I want one!

  • Sam Slim 2 years ago

    For 6K I need 6K Resolution !

  • polychronio 2 years ago

    Too expensive…..!!!

  • Jonas Puuronen 2 years ago

    Needs to come with a wacom pen set or something like lifetime adobe
    creative suite or something to be worth that much

  • therealfox 2 years ago

    If i ever will be a millionaire i will buy a bunch of them for my whole
    Still better than ps4 and iPhone

  • Raihan Miah 2 years ago

    I need that Lenovo keyboard and mouse combo in the background, the grey and
    black one. Anyone know where I can find it?

  • EssThree 2 years ago

    Tablet with no compromises on the specs, I think it commands that price. I
    remember when I was a kid our family TV was about that size :P

  • Victor GarP 2 years ago

    @Gordaton Industry/business people are also consumers.

  • Warpurlgis 2 years ago

    Standard with Pizza Delivery Case

  • OA Delano 2 years ago

    6k? your out of your mind

  • Banom7a 2 years ago

    Look like a portable tv to me

  • TheLionIsLoose 2 years ago

    Very nice!