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  • HaligonianType1 3 years ago

    I am surprised I watched this whole thing. Usually my attention span
    doesn’t allow for that. Hah. This was a great rundown, thank you for that!

  • hankmanGTA 3 years ago

    NVIDIA SHIELD Wireless Controller can be connected and will work on this
    tablet: EVGA NVIDIA Tegra Please Note 7? For a quick and verified answers
    for me please

  • PMDepot 3 years ago

    An hour?.. I’ll watch all of it 

  • Sean Elliott 3 years ago

    This is an awesome review! Very in-depth and honest. I just purchased one
    new at Newegg this past weekend for $129.99 during a 48 hour sale. They
    sold out of them within a few hours and now they’re priced back up to $50
    more. After watching this review, I am very excited about this tablet for
    several reasons. It will be delivered tomorrow. :-)

  • Sean Huynh 3 years ago

    Your voice is by far the best than any other tech reviewer 

  • Aldo Tanca 3 years ago

    Best review ever, good job.

  • n4thb4dc0 3 years ago

    long reveiw but that tablet is worth it, in my opinion best tablet on
    market apart from nvidia’s new shield tablet running the K1 processor, only
    nvidia could out perform themselves LOL

  • Robert Bruce 3 years ago

    I was a little concerned about an Hour for a review, but you know what it
    was worth watching because it covered everything you want to know, in
    detail, great job on the review. I have the Asus MemoPad HD 7, I like it
    but it is just slow at times, battery life is stellar, but that does not
    help when the Tablet is unresponsive or sluggish, this review has made my
    choice in my next tablet….

  • kevin gelineau 3 years ago

    May only gave one gig of ram , but its DDR3 clocked@ 1600 , and says it has
    over 12GB/s transfer rate , vs other tablets running DDR SDRAM 

  • TheDigitalDigest 3 years ago
  • Lisa Antunes 3 years ago

    Thanks for the comprehensive review I’ve made up my mind on my 1st tablet
    to purchase definitely sold on this :)

  • Conor Fleming 3 years ago

    does anyone find the usb port to be quite loose compared to other devices?

  • bugfrag 3 years ago

    I’m curious, how well is the writing experience? The example text was
    humongous. (2 words per screen). How well does this translate on smaller
    text? say 5 words per screen length? Any comments would greatly
    appreciated. Thanks

  • Solo B 3 years ago

    great review! is it good for pdf reading and annotating?

  • Karl Smithe 3 years ago

    Now this is a LONG review for an Android Tablet.

    Nvidia Tegra Note 7 Digitally Digested Review

    I think tablets have gone beyond the level of processing power most people
    actually need. There will never be an upper limit on gaming because
    developers can always add more stuff to games. But how much computing
    power do business people and students need in their pocket.

    I still haven’t found a local seller with the Tegra 4 Note in stock yet
    even though Nvidia is now talking about the K1 processor.

    See the Nvidia K1 in action at CES 2014

  • Andreas Stürmer 3 years ago

    That’s what I call a review 😉 Never enjoyed a review more than that…
    But I’ve got zwo questions… does the display have some kind of
    “scratch-resistance” like Gorilla Glass or so? And is the display a gapless
    display (like Nexus 7 2013) or ir there some space between the glass and
    the display itself (like Asus MemoPad 7 HD)?

  • Josh Morris 3 years ago

    got a nexus 7 2013 and all the ones I have got have had dead pixels. First,
    second, and now third. Very disappointing. Going to watch this full video
    to see if I like it, and may consider taking the N7 back to get this.

  • Akash Singh 3 years ago

    Thanks for the review. :)

  • Al V. 3 years ago

    Good review thanks

  • jcamposjr 3 years ago

    I watched 30 minutes of video and I need to leave but would like to ask a
    question because I realized that you understand the subject well.

    Between Tegra and “LG G PAD 8.3”, which you think is best?

  • wrathgar11 3 years ago

    55:10 Unfortunately this tablet is limited to 32GB MicroSD, at least it is
    with the Android 4.2.2 update. I bought a Sandisk 64GB Micro SDXC, but it
    didn’t work, so I’ll just stick that in my smartphone. Otherwise it is a
    brilliant tablet and I am happily using it as my daily driver now!

  • Matt Rawson 3 years ago

    So would you say that when holding, moving around, and etc. Is this better
    to you than how the nexus 7 (2012)feels and looks? This is my determining
    factor now because my 2012 nexus 7 is so so friendly and looks good. But
    with the incredible upgrades I would get it would be worth it anyways. But
    also the 2012 nexus 7 had a somewhat mature and or productive sense to it,
    are you still getting this with the note?

  • monoteur 3 years ago

    What a long review and you said 20 times the same, instead of going deeper
    in all functions. Without this blabla you can shrink it to 15 min.

  • murat dogusan 3 years ago

    it i had this tablet, it being not so popular would make me even happier.
    considering to buy it from ebay its quite a challange to find in europe but
    i got somewhere selling internationally from england. will consider :)

  • Mohammed Yasser Shariff 3 years ago

    just loved the device and ur review…..

  • servidellanello 3 years ago

    I think that the latency is actually lower on this than on the note line.
    There is a menu you can use to reduce it, on another review they said that
    in testing nvidia sae that the minimum level of latency with some users led
    to accidental palm signal, so they raised the default latency and added a
    menu to lower it

  • gielon 3 years ago

    Update 4.3 brought (long awaited by me ) full screen mode ,which is not
    available on kit Kat nexus7. Now you’re suckin’ diesel nvidia !

  • aztec1077 3 years ago

    awesome review
    i really hope Nvidia comes out with an 8 or larger (8.3 sounds perfect)
    inch full HD tablet with front facing speakers…keep the speakers in front
    please.. it just makes more sense..i would buy this but i really think 8
    inch is the spot so i’ll wait. :/

  • Sergio Gutierrez 3 years ago

    Just 4 u to know, the volume control is not inverted, that’s because if you
    put tablet in portrait mode insted landscape the “left” button is really
    the up button and “right” is down.

  • XxSlik101xX 3 years ago

    You’ve convinced me! I just bought one half way through the video lol

  • Max Lezginov 3 years ago

    really depth, interesting and intelligent way to review gadgets.Keep this
    way.Its really interesting to listen you.

  • Henry Yee 3 years ago

    no pen pressure?

  • Yunzhe Jie 3 years ago

    Finally, let’s digest it

  • Seraph Boy 3 years ago

    You might have already answered this but does this stylus work with apps
    like sketchbook pro.