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Cam unboxes the brand new Lumia 930. It’s the latest Windows Phone flagship, and the first high-end device to ship with WP 8.1 out of the box. Specs aren’t b…


Nokia Lumia


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  • PhoneDog 3 years ago
  • Riswan Ahmad P 3 years ago

    For god sake remove that SIM card sticker! My OCD soul is screaming inside

  • antoine browne 3 years ago

    You Rock Cam keep up the good workmanship.

  • Carlitos Ramos 3 years ago

    Is that accent real? It sounds so cartoony. Like how a foreigner would mock
    an english accent. I’ve never heard anything like it.

  • Cam Bunton 3 years ago

    Today, I got my hands on a Lumia 930. Check it out!

    Nokia Lumia 930 unboxing

  • Shamur Stewart 3 years ago

    It’s a beautiful device like most Lumias but I am starting to wonder why
    Nokia has so many different variations to the Lumia line that mostly have
    the same or pretty similar specs.

  • Muyanzi Reid 3 years ago

    Galaxy/iPhone Killer.

  • ChicagoHerps 3 years ago

    where is Marco

  • Gary Johnson 3 years ago

    this phone would be so kool if it was ANDROID with the build quality n
    everything it wud be awesome

  • 3165dwayne 3 years ago

    are those vmoda headphones?

  • Haidar Alghareeb 3 years ago

    sorry guys i am new in WP world. this phone VS 1520 ??
    which one is better in general?

  • Erry Syaffri 3 years ago

    can we insert Micro SD ? and you got the ” KATY-PERRY ” pair of eyes =)
    nice review Cam

  • Naim Opardija 3 years ago

    OFF TOPIC: Can u tell me the model of Logitech keyboard u use?

  • Dakota Abels 3 years ago

    isn’t this phone basically the lumia icon here in the states?

  • OrpheoGamer 3 years ago

    Hi guys, i like your videos a lot! Well i have a question, why is Nokia
    releasing new phones without any headphone on they packs? i noticed in the
    last nokia lumia unboxings u guys did, non of them have headphones. I hope
    u read this and have a nice day!

  • Ninad Shirdhankar 3 years ago

    No SDCard…. 🙁 Sucks!

  • osamaFXX 3 years ago

    The designer of this phone stole the design of external HDD!

  • TheMontegonian 3 years ago

    The lumia 930…The mullet of smartphones. Business in the front; party in
    the back.

  • Marcus Banmaster 3 years ago
  • Gabriel Perrier 3 years ago

    unboxing sweg

  • Dexxyh 3 years ago

    I’m so sad it doesn’t support glance 🙁 Thats my #1 feature of nokia
    phones, like the 925.. I <3 that orange though!

  • Hami Waltrick 3 years ago

    Olá, por favor, você pode me dizer qual nokia é aquele menor?

  • itrell49 3 years ago

    you look like seth rogen

  • Anisha Givantha Dharmadasa 3 years ago

    nice review, why no headphones?

  • Stergios-giorgos Tsarouchas 3 years ago

    No headphones????Why???

  • ThePeddle 3 years ago

    Would Love a high end Nokia Android phone..personal preference but this
    phone is gorgeous.

  • Sushanth Varun 3 years ago

    It would be the top selling phone in the market if Nokia packs a latest
    android OS and my personal favorite to..

  • Jordan Reeves 3 years ago

    @TajolAskat I always base my phone purchases on the earphones that come
    with it /s

  • Abdelilah Azzahraoui 3 years ago

    The Nokia lumia 930 is Not AMOLED But OLED*

  • Marty Anderson 3 years ago

    Better video 

  • Ali Salim 3 years ago

    Looks nice, I think if I went windows phone it would be this.

  • Oh look, a goat. 3 years ago

    @giorattin1 That made little grammatical sense but I get your drift …I