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Find out what is a Lumia 930 and what to eat it with! This comprehensive review entails everything from the design to hardware specs and performance. Use thi…


Nokia Lumia


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  • Drace 2 years ago

    Quick little question, my Lumia 930 tends to make focus noise on videos
    that i record and it has some wierd high noise like wind flying by at some
    times also when i record videos. Is there a way to fix it ? or do i need a
    refund ?

  • Darxsys 2 years ago

    A very happy user of a 930 here. This phone rocks.

  • Chuco Rifa 2 years ago

    Another questions… lol. Does this come with the latest software?? DENIM?
    Or do i have to wait? Thanks. Im excited… I’m coming from an iPhone 6

  • Princess3967 2 years ago

    At 0:55 it says Lumia 925 :S

  • Jude Adri 2 years ago

    0:55 why the name is Lumia 925?

  • Nathan Goddard 2 years ago

    Thank you for the review. I am looking at migrating away from Android but I
    am worried that I will not be able to use my work’s Google calendar with
    the MS calendar app. What was your experience, if any, using Google
    calendar with the Lumia 930?

  • Sairus soliman 2 years ago

    Awesome review , thanxxx

  • Golden Boy 2 years ago

    I would happily recommend this phone to anyone who isn’t a heavy gamer. Not
    because the phone can’t run the game properly (it runs it as any flagship
    would), but because the battery can’t handle it. In intense gaming, it will
    go down faster than a freshman chick in a drunken frat party.

    But if you’re buying it for any other reason other than gaming (And I’m
    talking intense games, like GTA San Andreas and Modern Combat 4. Simple
    games the battery can handle OK.), than this phone is an absolute delight.
    Cortana is reliable, the camera is fantastic, the Denim update made
    shooting much more fun, and the overall user experience is incredible. 

  • John Smith 2 years ago

    is there anyway to unlock the phone when it is connected to the computer if
    the screen does not work anymore to retrieve data or is frozen? when soft
    reboot does not work

  • technationuk 2 years ago

    I loved my 930 when I had it, however the one things that killed it for me
    was the app store. I just could not cope with it. I now have a Samsung
    Galaxy Note 4.

  • Thebustermann 2 years ago

    Why does every reviewer of phones sound like a robot?

  • Anton Nilakson 2 years ago

    R der different launchers for ui in d app store

  • Peter Badrick 2 years ago

    Will I be able to get 4G in the UK with this phone? I have the LG G3 which
    is extremely fast on 4G but since the Android 5 update I’m finding too
    laggy in general use.

  • Love Me And Lol xD 2 years ago

    I have a Nokia Lumia 630…

  • Jason Hendry 2 years ago

    love the vid. I too bought this phone, it replaced my 5-6 years on
    iPhone. And wow its a great phone, love live tiles, love the cool screen,
    camera and 8.1. Double tap to wake up hey cortana and move gestures are
    awesome features. I do use cortana a lot but even though I can say hey
    cortana im still double tapping lol.

  • Lee F 2 years ago

    Great review looking for a change as I have worked my way through Samsungs
    S2 S3 S4 and HTC HD2 etc not a fan of over priced Iphones and their
    software although I like the build on the new ones. I had all the earlier
    Nokia’s before my last one a N95 and rated the build quality……. so it
    looks like I might give this model a go thanks again…..incidently how
    much data does the tiles refreshing all day use?? as I tend to go for a low
    data tariff?

  • Tushar Thakar 2 years ago

    “very impresive &&comfort” lots of love to nokia..

  • tony lansky 2 years ago

    Just bought me one from eBay and it works great on AT&T ! Love the phone

  • Techvarium 2 years ago
  • William Boyce 2 years ago

    Brilliant device. Sound is very good. Screen Is fantastic and camera is the
    best there is. There’s plenty of apps.
    I cant fault it in any way. Its much better than android and apple

  • vviiaa 2 years ago

    Are those black tiles? Where did you get them? 

  • LuoSKr4D 2 years ago

    i’d trade my nexus 5 for this in a blink of an eye.

  • Renzo Centenaro 2 years ago

    Great video, and looks like a great phone. I’ve been wanting to buy one but
    people keep telling me to wait for the new ones. Do you guys know when they
    might come out? Or should I just get this one?

  • Vagelis Sp 2 years ago

    i have a Lumia 820.And its time to change it. i was between LG G2 and Lumia
    930….But honestly i don’t think i can go back to android again.Lumia 930
    costs 300e and i believe its a good deal. Can you tell me if the stock
    battery cover has wireless charge?

  • Shkar Azad Azad 2 years ago

    how much time get screen on time ? i have lg g3 battery life is so bad get
    3 hours 

  • Tushar Thakar 2 years ago

    ” very impresive”

  • TheJademan85 2 years ago

    it has no sound!!!!