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For legions of upgrade-starved Microsoft fans, the Lumia 830 is as close as it gets to exciting in the opening months of 2015. But does this so-called “midra…

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  • Jeffrey Heesch 2 years ago

    You know you’re a geek when you watch a video review for a phone you’d
    never consider buying for a platform you couldn’t care less about.

  • Jack Stavris 2 years ago

    When I first saw the 830 announcement I thought it would be my next phone,
    since I need an upgrade from my aging Lumia 520, it looked like the perfect
    phone since it had some features that the 930 didn’t, like Glance.

    However looking at it now the shortcomings over the 930 really make the 930
    worth getting over the 830. It isn’t much more expensive over here in
    Australia so what’s the point of getting the 830? Think of it like this,
    the 830 is like a standard version of a car and the 930 is the better
    version of the same car. It’ll look like a nice car until you pull up
    alongside the better version, and then you’ll feel cheap because you bought
    the lower end model, the same goes with the phones.

  • Ali Alqushery 2 years ago

    actually Lumia 830 have similar specs to the iphone 6. (it even best the
    iphone6 by having OIS, microSD and high quality audio recording )
    if you call the iphone 6 a flagship then how is lumia830 not a flagship ?!

  • Dante Bradley 2 years ago

    I thought WP performed well with low specs? Hmm

  • Brian Christian 2 years ago

    Did Michael sound different to anyone else?

  • Delagrim 2 years ago

    I was thinking about getting this phone since I have SOME hope for Windows
    Phones but I think I might get a Note 3 off AT&T.. I currently have a 635
    and it’s nice but Microsoft is slacking with these “Flagships” since spec
    wise… comparing this phone to whats out you can save money and just get a
    Moto G unless you really want a camera..

  • Pedro Thevenard 2 years ago

    Here in Brazil you will find the 830 costing around USD 230 to 300 unlocked
    the 930 you can find for around USD 450, it’s a substantial amount and I
    don’t know if it’s worth it to buy the 930 specially in my case since I
    thinking of buying to be my secondary phone, the camera seems to be a lot
    better than they say in this review basing in all other reviews of this
    phone including the other reviewer from this same chanel, and I think it’s
    a better phone overall than other mid range phones, specially when you find
    the phone for USD 230 in some Internet deals. 

  • Theje 2 years ago

    Wasn’t much of a fan of the 1080p AMOLED on the Lumia Icon, but I’d still
    rather have that than a 720p LCD. Also, I would call this camera much more
    than just a mid-range shooter. Colors look just as good, if not better
    than, my Sony Z2 and Megapixels, shMegapixels!

  • L Lawliet 2 years ago

    Honestly, a removable battery and expandable storage is something that
    should be more common. I don’t understand why it’s getting so common for
    phones to not have these features. Given the choice of 2 phones with
    identical featuresets aside from one having expandable memory and a
    removable battery, i would think a customer is more likely to choose the
    one with the expandable storage and removable battery.

    But what do I know? I’m just a consumer.

  • juffurey 2 years ago

    still, a ClearBlack IPS LCD has much, much better black levels than a
    normal one.

  • Paolo Soddu 2 years ago

    I’ve just ordered mine at 250 euros (more or less 288 us dollars), here in
    the choice between this and 930 wasn’t really simple i got to say, but this
    have micro SD support, better battery life, and it’s almost 100 € cheaper
    than his big Brother.

  • Marcus Xe 2 years ago

    problem for windows phone is they focus too much on camera… microsoft..
    40mp lumias have failed , move on and improve the other aspects… dull
    design , apps , multitasking…etc..

  • Damir Lukina 2 years ago

    The time the Lumia starts laging is when a app is updating I the

  • Fabián Cedeño 2 years ago

    I feel windows phone is really smooth, even on low end devices. Too bad it
    doesn’t get that much support from the developer community.

  • tony lansky 2 years ago

    I usually like your reviews but this one I dnt think u did a great job. Are
    you reviewing the 830 or the OS ecosystem? Because I use the 830 and the
    930 I have to say that the only down fall I see is the lack of denim
    camera. The slim fit on the 830 I’d a big plus and I really dnt notice a
    big difference in screen quality.

  • Michael Palmer 2 years ago

    I totally disagree with this video, I have the 830 and have had no
    problems, it does everything I want it to do, I have always been a Nokia
    man, and even when I have changed to other makes I always come back to
    Nokia, it NEVER lets you down. as for the 930, that phone is a total waste
    of space, a friend dropped it from her pocket and it smashed, cost £80 to
    have fixed, when she saw my 830, she asked for an 830 replacement for her
    930, The 930 may be the so called flagship of the Nokia phones, but I think
    that the 830 comes a very close second, if both phones were in a race, the
    930 would only win by a whisker, and I think in time, more people who are
    Nokia fans will go for the 830 over the 930, its more robust, a better feel
    in the hand and on the pocket.

  • EssThree 2 years ago

    The price difference is Australia is like 4/5ths of the 930. It straight up
    makes ZERO sense to buy a Lumia 830 outright here. Hell, at one point it
    was cheaper to get a 1520 before stock ran out. DUMB.

  • alchemicrb 2 years ago

    They say lack of users. But I’m sure the banks pulled it because of Apple
    pay. Probably signed exclusive deals

  • Karan Madhyani 2 years ago

    I know lumia 830 is overpriced..but in India its difference is price
    against 930 isn’t marginal..I like the phone..but Michael seems to b
    frustrated with a lack of a flagship..

  • Javier Miglino 2 years ago

    Could you do the Lumia 730 review please? I’d like to see how it stacks up
    against the Moto G. 

  • mrhashbrown 2 years ago

    Agree with this review completely. Nokia/Microsoft made the mistake of
    trying to sell this phone as a flagship based on its design, not its specs.
    If you live outside of the States, there’s little to no reason to choose
    the 830 over the 735/730. If you live in the States, the phone is too
    expensive to justify compared to last year’s Lumia 1520 or even the HTC One
    for Windows.

  • hamza bakheet 2 years ago

    I’m subscribed for almost a year
    And this is the first video to dislike
    Actually the phone runs pretty smooth (and I’m using 1520) so there is a
    gab in the performance but not that it will make something unusable or a
    pain as you said
    Yea maybe its a bit more expensive but its for the premium looks and I
    think you have a defected cover because I held 2 and the were not bending
    But at least I have to agree on the app gab because I use m8 alongside my
    1520 and I find my self sometimes forced to use it
    And I think its the longest comment ever written

  • 2muchjpop 2 years ago

    Good midrange windows phone comparable to htc 8x? Needs front and rear
    camera and should be below 400

  • Kaisiir Otero 2 years ago

    you can use lumia camera 5 just by pressing twice the back button after the
    alert appears

  • Owismael 2 years ago

    An IPS display is a disappointment ? WHAAAAAT ?

  • Luis Gag 2 years ago

    Ugh… phone, would be better a version with Android, good video

  • yahia malkawi 2 years ago

    Micheal !
    The 930 is on AT&T shelves!

    it’s on sale there

  • AlexKulibin 2 years ago

    I’ve spent a good while deciding between 930 and 830, coming from a 920.
    Sure, the 930 is better in just about anything. The problem with the Lumia
    900+ series is that Microsoft packs capable cameras in phones that have a
    disappointing 32 Gb storage limit (with around 28 available). In the end,
    what made me buy an 830 was its expandable storage option. Now if a Lumia
    940 had a micro sd slot or at least a 64 Gb version, that would made me
    consider another upgrade. For now, I am happy with my 830, which is a very
    decent phone by the way.

  • Oussama amrani 2 years ago

    Only lumia 1530 will replace my 1520 , for the 830 , i think its still not
    a bad midranger

  • Kenneth Jerney 2 years ago

    Michael makes me watch reviews even if I’m not interested i n the phone.

  • Broken Nose 2 years ago

    Please give us a review of the Lumia 730.

  • Bright Soundz 2 years ago

    Like the phone , just not the OS 

  • phatt180 2 years ago

    I have to agree with everything about the 830… I’m thinking of selling
    mine and upgrading the 930. The only things i’ll miss are the glance screen
    and smaller form factor.

    Also anyone having problems once connected to wifi and “no internet

  • Michael Jimenez 2 years ago

    Htc m8 for windowns best windows phone ever