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Lisa Gade reviews the Nokia Lumia 735 Windows phone. The Lumia 735 has a 4.7” 1280 x 720 ClearBlack AMOLED display (316 PPI) clad in Gorilla Glass 3. The pho…


Nokia Lumia


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  • Brian M 2 years ago

    Lisa your the only tech reviewer I trust, would you recommend the Lumia 830
    or this one.

  • Steve Yuan 2 years ago

    I really want this one. However, I’m on Tmobile and I’m not sure the
    International edition will support the right bands. I’m not sure the
    Verizon version will work on Tmobile network either.

  • JustinBieberFan90210 2 years ago

    All their phones look the same for like the past 4 years… YAWN NOKIA!

    Why do companies always insist now on having a giant bezel at the bottom
    and yet still using on screen buttons? Just put capacitive ones down there
    or get rid of the bezel FOR FUCK SAKE!

  • Genrole June Caspe 2 years ago

    I love your calm soft voice. I’m subscribing!

  • Klas Lilja 2 years ago

    Ordered a green one yesterday =)

  • Grayson Maximillian Phoenix 2 years ago

    Isn’t it a bit overpriced? S400 in that price you can get a better nexus 5
    or better lumias 

  • MobileTechReview 2 years ago
  • Bram Teunissen 2 years ago

    Windows Phone is awesome

  • Leopold Birkholm 2 years ago

    Thank you Lisa for making this video. For me, with English as a second
    language, it is a joy to hear you speak. I learn not only new things about
    techs but also how to pronounces English with a clear voice. Thank you and
    happy holidays!

  • Bosco Han 2 years ago

    +Lisa Gade where do you get your review units? I’m thinking about starting
    a tech channel too, just wondering who I should contact to get my hands on
    these devices.

  • MrEzra710 2 years ago

    +MobileTechReview Thanks for doing the review. Waiting for it to come to
    the US at a “mid-range” price. I don’t think $299.99 import price is

  • thatbattlefield dude 2 years ago

    Your videos really are great. I am a google guy but you are the only
    reviewer I know of who reviews pretty much everything. Nice to see what the
    other operating systems are bringing to the table. And again, thank you and
    keep up the good work. 

  • Florescu Bogdan-Alexandru 2 years ago

    nokia lumia 735,925 or 1320 at the same price(200E) , who is the best ??? I
    want for my mom, she use facebook talk to the phone ,web brousing and take

  • Sonu03785 2 years ago

    If only it had Snapdragon 800 & Full HD display for the same price this
    phone would make a killing worldwide! Stupid Microsoft. Surely they can do
    it they own Nokia & the OS! With a 4% worldwide share they need to do this
    but dunno what their stupid management thinks. 

  • hytlerson 2 years ago

    finally a good review.

  • Sandra L.F.H. 2 years ago

    I enjoy all reviews by Lisa Gade. Sometimes I watch her review products I
    am not even interested in because she just does a good job reviewing

  • David S 2 years ago

    jum… nokia (microsoft) needs to start thinking in some other designs… i
    think that design has been around for like 5 years since the n9. I do need
    to recognize that the idea of a phone with a case its great, it does not
    look like it 

  • polychronio 2 years ago

    I bought an limia 510 or something but windows phone is really bad

  • Jake Lo 2 years ago

    WOW! Finally other cellphone manufacturers can use Super AMOLED displays
    on their devices.

  • Steve Yuan 2 years ago

    She still not covering Sensorcore, the fitness features. 

  • Sean Baker 2 years ago

    How much internal space is available out the box? 

  • Martin Akram 2 years ago

    Hi Lisa! I hope you’re well. A Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! I know
    this is a bit off topic, but I was wondering if you could make a Nokia X2
    review? Thank you :-)

  • EveryThingTech -Nick Ackerman 2 years ago

    Reminds me of my 920 from the front

  • Zander Schmeckle 2 years ago

    3 months after its initial release and its STILL not available in the US. I
    have a 635 and gave up on it. Microsoft doesn’t pay nearly enough attention
    to the OS or apps, problems take MONTHS to get fixed if they ever do, not
    to mention a complete lack of support for most of the non-Microsoft apps as
    well. I bought a Desire 816 instead of continuing to wait for a 735 on
    T-Mobile (it’s likely going to be an AT&T exclusive anyway), more phone for
    a lower price.

  • Costandin Patsalos 2 years ago

    Costs around 210 euros in Italy 

  • Marian Janiszewski 2 years ago

    I bought few days ago Lumia 735 and I must admit I am very disappointed. A
    Shit phone good for nothing

  • Aurelian 2 years ago

    I’ve had time to use a Lumia 735 myself, and I gotta agree… have a soft
    spot for that phone. It’s not the fastest and the cameras aren’t
    spectacular, but it’s so well balanced for the money. Worth it if you
    don’t like the low- to mid-range Android options.

  • orbits2 2 years ago

    according to directions for removal of back cover.
    press center of back cover with thumb then pry cover off top right side.
    no need to dig around the sides witch could crack glass or mar case finish

  • Ricky Vazquez 2 years ago

    @Sonu03785 Hey. Stuff like that costs a hell if a lot more then you
    realize. Why do you think you only ser those in high end phones? What, you
    want Microsoft to sell a phone that it loses hundreds for every one sold?
    You see Apple or Samsung doing that? No. So why only Microsoft?

  • balboaruffryder 2 years ago

    I enjoy your reviews as always. I use a note 3. My daughter has lumia 920
    and these phones ever have issues from what I noticed my daughter has use
    Nokia lumia phones last 4 years pretty good product if you only search
    Web,play music or social media this phone or any mid range phone will serve
    it’s purpose. Thanks for your review 

  • Marco Nokia 2 years ago

    everybody here talking shit about windows phone… dont know the OS…

  • hind jet 2 years ago

    So I have 2 questions….
    How much GB does it have? ~and~
    Is it worth it?

  • SparklingCyanide 2 years ago

    Your videos rock Lisa! I Enjoy all your content, you make even low to mid
    devices seem interesting and compelling. Keep up the fantastic work, and
    never stop what you do so well. Thanks for all you do. :)