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Microsoft announced two new devices this week, and this is the second. The highly impressive, budget-friendly Lumia 735. It’s not quite a match for the 830 i…

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  • halonerdo89 3 years ago

    I want this phone. I hope it comes to Canada.

  • Athleticguy UK 3 years ago

    They don’t do it in Yellow!!!

  • Victor 3 years ago

    omg they sell my 920 as 735 now? :D

  • Mike A 3 years ago

    I like it when he was the one who was reviewing the phone morethan marco 

  • PhoneDog 3 years ago
  • daniel echeverri 3 years ago

    nokia lumia 720 o 735 ??

  • Chandu Nandasena 3 years ago

    Looks More like the Nokia Lumia 1020 with out the Popped Out Camera..

  • Jon Rios 3 years ago

    i like it, im messing around with a dell venue 8 pro and im enjoying the
    experience. but i dont know if i would give up my moto g for this, will
    snag it if it i find it discounted even more though. and i really want to
    try Cortana.

  • Brandon Sorto 3 years ago

    them bezels doe 

  • Nadeem Ansari 3 years ago

    Hey I like the new guy too but where is Aaron Baker??

  • monstermoose89 3 years ago

    8.1.1 denim update silly bugger get it right

  • alphaandliarize 3 years ago

    omg did he say, “twitty” lmaooo

  • Yannick Wolfe 3 years ago

    this looks sooooo slippery.

  • jeremydizon 3 years ago

    It’s good to see that the N9 design footprint is being used for their new

  • Jose Kortelahti 3 years ago

    Any idea if the Lumia 735 or 830 has a similar battery life with Lumia 720?
    Really liked that I didn’t have to charge my 720 for two days on modest

  • JayValorBandMusic 3 years ago

    Wow.. I didn’t realize apple was so far behind. At least they’re catching
    up. Yikes.

  • Dominik Domi 3 years ago

    unibody looks like the nokia n9

  • Luthfi Aldi 3 years ago

    Lumia 720 still looks better to me

  • Mohamed Fadel Maelainin 3 years ago
  • JAMES SMITH 3 years ago

    Fat british guy needs to learn how to speak English

  • Tobin Frost 3 years ago

    Lumia phones are great devices.

  • Cole Gullickson 3 years ago

    When is this coming out? And what carriers will have this phone? And how
    much will it be in USA?

  • tony lansky 3 years ago

    Love the design of course because its a Lumia with out doubt but I’m
    getting the 830

  • J2 digital 3 years ago

    If only it came in blue…

  • Igor Lima 3 years ago

    It’s beautiful, but I’m not that selfie guy. Prefer Lumia 930.

  • Zkitzcape 3 years ago


  • MrMajes85 3 years ago

    Really ugly

  • cookycandy4 3 years ago

    I like the phone but I hate the on-screen buttons >:/. Would totally get
    this over the 820 I was originally planning on.

  • myaccount1234556789 3 years ago