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Hide and seek selfie-style on the Nokia Lumia 735 and 730 Dual SIM. Introducing the Nokia Lumia 735 and Nokia Lumia 730…


Nokia Lumia


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  • Aniket Sen 2 years ago

    the thing i loved the most = AMOLED Display

  • Microsoft Mobile 2 years ago

    But first, let me take a #selfie

  • TheSnapDude1 2 years ago

    too bad he was too stupid to realize that at the 1:00 mark the other guy
    she’s fucking was taking her phone!

  • Luiz Eduardo 2 years ago

    I sure wish WhatsApp ran as smoothly as in this video lol. Maybe after the
    Denim update? Anyway, I want my 930 FIRST!!!

  • LazystudentZU 2 years ago

    Amazing video!!! So good , plus the music!!

  • carnatu666 2 years ago

    why did you make it bigger than the 720…
    4.3″ was the perfect size for some people.
    If you make it bigger then at least add some stronger speakers. The phone
    is practically muted when in the pocket.

  • Duke Nukem 2 years ago

    When can I get a Lumia 735 in Canada as the wife really wants one.

  • 00Mindi00 2 years ago

    Great ad! This needs to be shown in cinemas and on TV spots around the
    globe! C’mon MS, push your marketing, you have a good product but you’re
    not learning the marketing!!

  • Sixten Nilsson 2 years ago

    i like the front facing camera zoom in the end XD

  • Sergy Ortiz Puerto 2 years ago

    C’mon, make these beautiful things available worldwide soon!

  • David Florez 2 years ago

    I want the 730 here in Colombia nowwwww D: Nokia please don’t make us wait
    more time

  • Marco Kaiser 2 years ago

    Sehr coole Werbung für das Lumia 735 & 730. Ich will es jetzt! ^^

  • tugay kerim 2 years ago

    is that girl just teleport to guys back?

  • Athlon007 2 years ago

    Nokia Lumia 735 or Samsung Galaxy S5 Mini?

    Now i have Lumia 620.

  • davi alvi 2 years ago

    siii los botones en pantalla me hechan pa atras, quiero el 830 jajajaa

  • halonerdo89 2 years ago

    I love taking Selfies. :3

  • cBoTy6e 2 years ago

    А Sony z3 круче

  • BY DMITRIY 2 years ago

    Music PLEASE!!!! Nokia PLEASE!!

  • Savi™ 2 years ago

    If I girl was playing with me like that, I would punch her in her face.

  • MrOnlyforcommenting 2 years ago

    Horrible OS . Enuf said.

  • donMurgero 2 years ago

    I’ll never understand this selfie thing

  • AthensStyle 2 years ago

    Fast, 5mp face camera. i Love Nokia lumia.

  • nithin kumar 2 years ago

    I’ll buy a Lumia if supercell develops games for it

  • Maga M 2 years ago

    Всем ку

  • Kostyantyn Dyakiv 2 years ago

    Какая прикольная парочка! :-)

  • michael99uk 2 years ago

    @MrOnlyforcommenting Do you use Windows ?

  • Eduard Volkova 2 years ago

    Como que me gusto este comercial, ojala el 735 llegue a Guatemala, seria mi
    ultimo Lumia en mis manos y que llegue al precio del Motorola moto G 2014,
    adiós el logo de Nokia, que triste saber eso, pierde el logo y yo me voy de
    las manos de WindowsPhone

  • Fuzzy Dunlop 2 years ago

    These two just spent the whole afternoon playing hide and seek with selfies

  • Nick Storchay 2 years ago

    wow the animation is waaaay too exaggerated !! Lumia 720 windows phone
    latest dev preview experience

  • Aprianto Nursetiawan 2 years ago

    @00Mindi00 I definitely agree with you

  • Daniel Saavedra 2 years ago

    Lumia 730: the smartphone for People who uses Typewriter and takes selfies

  • kamalsutra 2 years ago

    Nokia always has the cutest girls in their ads

  • nathaniel abriol 2 years ago

    Why is the tile transition is different. I hope in the lumia denim will
    make it different though.

  • Randy Sickmind 2 years ago

    0:59 someone stole her phone.