Added by on March 10, 2015 @Newegg: 34-102-011 Here we have a ViewPad 10Pro Tablet, made by ViewSonic, Model: V10P_1BN7HUS6_01. Check out the…

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  • megahustlenflowspare 2 years ago

    so can this go on something called steam? and origin

  • jelletje8 2 years ago


  • SouthNJPC 2 years ago

    Even tho she seems like she doesnt know what she is doing, i would much
    rather see her then paul… no homo!

  • Dave Harrison 2 years ago

    Thanks to the wonderful support for the Viewsonic G-Tablet, I will never
    buy another Viewsonic. Supporting a device for less than 6 months is
    unacceptable. The hardware was great for the tablet. The abandonment, not
    so much so.

  • Paul Cornett 2 years ago

    i second dharr18… viewsonic is blacklisted for me and i will tell
    everyone about it. I bought one when it was about 3 mo old and 3 months
    later viewsonic abandoned it. If it wasnt for rom developers, this would
    have been an expensive paperweight.

  • Christopher Dietz 2 years ago

    Looks exactly like my Gtab from viewsonic.

  • asf9812 2 years ago

    a tablet with windows 7 and android how boss is that but how come it isn’t
    a duel core processor and how much ram does the tablet have

  • PimpinBoy777 2 years ago

    Very Good, But can it fly?

  • Martinx88813 2 years ago

    Is ViewSonic really good or suck?

  • TheDutchOwner 2 years ago

    Intel did that. Intel should’ve made the drivers, but they never produced

  • helgun88 2 years ago

    @MultiGeekster Stop being a cunt

  • tvanderh42 2 years ago

    @MultiGeekster That’s shit, you’re shit. DON’T POST ANYMORE COMMENTS OK?

  • SerbiaVlog 2 years ago

    is this reupload?

  • acemace3618 2 years ago

    Why are there many dislikes?

  • par5eagles 2 years ago

    $600, ouch

  • Shawn Pickett 2 years ago

    I want it! It may or not be the best thing ever, but it is cool. Windows 7
    or Android? This could potentially give you a lot of flexibility.

  • gonzo191 2 years ago

    for those of you saying this is re-post it basically is however it shows
    the android aspect of it

  • HighPlainDrifta 2 years ago

    o shit! a colorful little birds sticker!

  • Aaron Siegel 2 years ago

    is it able to have a digitizer pen with the handwriting reconition thing

  • 1Bizzzle 2 years ago


  • Damien Rios 2 years ago


  • bargman100 2 years ago


  • MultiGeekster 2 years ago

    that’s shit, your shit DON’T DO ANYMORE VIDEOS OK, YOU HAVE KNOW IDEA OF