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“You’ve been told to buy a laptop, but you know you need a laptop.” Though freshly-minted Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella gave the opening remarks, today’s Surfa…

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  • Jan Kopanski 3 years ago

    This guy looks super hyped. If I can deal boot with Ubuntu and it can play
    some games at semi-decent fps. Seems like a nice things to have. 

  • ahmed mido 3 years ago

    799 of course for da core i3 … … this sooo expensive … you can get
    lenovo tablet 8.4 which has full windows experience for less than that

  • Adrian D. 3 years ago

    Where can I see the full event?
    This looks sweet!

  • Joshua Martinez 3 years ago

    But it has Internet explorer, bing, and a need for another spammed email I
    won’t use with apps I’m not invested in…

  • Michael Simpkins 3 years ago

    Surface Pro 3!

  • Gunārs Vilde 3 years ago

    … no AMD APU option? Meh…

  • Daniel H. Andersen 3 years ago

    They’re renewing the Surface line way too often.

  • BPL news 3 years ago

    so it cant run tablet (like windows phone) or it doesnt seem to have
    computing like programmming and running heavy software then its kinda crap 

  • 89DerChristian 3 years ago

    If it just was running a decent OS and not some weird Laptop/Tablet-hybrid

  • locknloadbitch 3 years ago

    the clicking pen thing is pretty cool

  • Jarl Ballin' 3 years ago

    Looks great, but for that price, I’ll stick with my MacBook…

  • SEpstude 3 years ago

    Well for a thousand buckss you can buy both a cheap laptop and the newest
    flagship Tablet of Apple or Samsung.

  • friður 3 years ago

    Microsoft is heading in the right direction i might switch from this boring
    hopefully their next one is a little bigger and made for graphic design.
    photography, and film with a 4K Screen or QHD good job microsoft! Does any
    one know what video card it has? or whatever its called?

  • Reggie Christian 3 years ago

    Comparing weight of the Surface Pro 3 tablet to a MacBook Pro LAPTOP is
    just wrong. But regardless, this is the tablet Microsoft should have
    released back in 2012.

  • Tomas Valainis 3 years ago
  • xxM1lhous3xx 3 years ago

    Microsoft finally does something right.

  • Juan Sebastian Jacome 3 years ago

    That Macbook looks awesome… oh shit he is talking about what? 

  • James Pelletier 3 years ago

    Why is MS the only one making tablets to replace laptops?

  • Egan Barrs 3 years ago

    The version looks like a home run. Microsoft is focusing on all the right
    things: usability, practicality, portability, comfort, functionality, etc…

    Microsoft has by far come the closest to merging the laptop and tablet
    space and its really exciting to see how much improvement the Surface has
    gone through over the past two years or so. I’m glad that MS is devoting so
    much effort and resources to a product that is so important to the future
    of the tech world.

    Apple my have invented the modern tablet, but they are slowly losing grasp
    on what the future of tablets could be. Instead MS swooped in and is
    picking up the slack.

    And that pen click feature…holy shit. The inner student in me just got
    blown away. I’ve always steered away from any form of digital note taking
    (especially as an engineering student where figures and math are most
    important), but I think I’ve just been converted.

    Great job MS. Keep doing what you’re doing.

  • tizben 3 years ago

    Once real life battery life usage numbers come out, and they’re good, then
    we’ll have a winner.

  • Pseudo Nym 3 years ago

    This actually looks pretty cool. I’ve been looking for a good tablet laptop
    hybrid and I think this may be it. Sleek, compact and no overly complex
    flipping/detaching mechanism. Just hope the i5 version isn’t too expensive.

  • David Grishko 3 years ago

    wow! take my money!

  • Rayoody2012 3 years ago

    This guy is even more entertaining than any of Microsoft presenters..
    Amazing device.. Finally they changed the ratio…

  • Blendi Krasniqi 3 years ago

    Are you getting the keyboard and the pen in thag 799 price? The Surface is
    too much business/work orientated. They should do a Surface Mini to have
    the smaller screen and overall cheaper. 

  • James Royce-Dawson 3 years ago

    Come on apple, we’re waiting for that iPad Pro. It’s just a matter of time,
    and when you do, please let it have an SD card slot and usb so the “pro”
    name won’t just be a joke. 

  • jorge romero 3 years ago

    it looks good…but its missing something.

  • Wehiremonkeys 3 years ago

    The SP3 (same initials as Service Pack 3 on XP) does look to have some
    usefull features but I don’t see this replacing my laptop anytime soon.
    Firstly my processor is an i7 2630QM which although 3 years old is still
    more powerfull than a haswell i5.
    Then I have windows 7 which I personally prefer and the ability to easily
    use a second monitor with standard VGA and HDMI out ports.

  • Lateef Alabi-Oki 3 years ago

    Possibly, the first Microsoft product that has earned my attention in the
    last decade.