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In preparation for when Diana tries out Windows 8 Pro on my Surface Pro I have decided to do an unboxing of it. This video shows my unboxing experience and i…

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  • Mark Villanueva 2 years ago

    shame shame on you upgrading your ipad to a windows tablet shame 

  • iMiner™ 2 years ago

    when my Surface came, i was like OMG

  • Akshay Pande 2 years ago

    I love your videos, they’re so much fun to watch!

  • Seathasky 2 years ago

    Great video! keep it up

  • Ltresso12 2 years ago

    I agree 100% withPhil. I downloaded Win 8 on my Dell Inspiron which had win
    7 originally. But I thought to upgrade. And it was hard to control with Aw
    mouse and keyboard.. But atleast I had a backup DVD. And now I have a HP
    Envy X360 and I love it as it is a touchscreen 2 in 1

  • TheSonicrobbe 2 years ago

    do you have a lisp or something? i mean there’s nothing wrong with that but
    you pronounce the s weird

  • D3LTASAS11 2 years ago

    is this guy homosexual? just the way he talks and acts

  • BmanGaming 2 years ago

    I agree with Phil about Windows 8 being a tablet OS. The metro ui and the
    design is totally made for tablets. That’s why I use Windows 7 Professional
    on my desktop.

  • Κώστας Πεχλιβανίδης 2 years ago

    I found Philip’s phone number at 9:18 !!!!!!

  • jensssen 2 years ago

    this guy looks quite young :O

  • Pj Ledesma 2 years ago

    so cute! hahaha! 😀 you and your mom are really cool

  • jack feast 2 years ago

    You are probably not going to reply but you are the best youtube per ever

  • jamal halili 2 years ago

    i hate when cables are too long that they get in the way when i am beside a
    wall but i hate when they are short and im not

  • lol when you opened it, it looks like a phone came with it lol

  • didon ho 2 years ago

    Who brought the surface?

    Did you paid for it or Diana payed for it?

  • binkiebarnes 2 years ago

    2:34 Buy a new ipad lead………………..

  • Arek Warren 2 years ago

    Very professional Phillip :D

  • ProGamersMaster - Lets play 2 years ago

    just to let you know that “Microsoft logo” at 2:20 is the Windows logo,
    Microsoft has 4 boxes with different colors windows logo has a turned logo
    with 1 color unless you want to talk about windows 7, vista, 98,95, 1000

  • Pranaya Graphix 2 years ago

    I used to have a surface rt. Of course it was shit. Got a surface pro,
    amazing. Upgraded to the surface pro 3 intel core I7 version. Died because
    of amazing ness :0

  • MC Destroyer 2 years ago

    Dude the surface pro isnt meant to be compared with other tablets. it was
    meant to be compared with laptops. Its a tablet used as a laptop. So thats
    why it gets hot like a laptop. Its got the power of a laptop with a 4th gen
    i5 core prossesor and 4 gb of ram. it has 8 hours of battery life which is
    much better than most lapotps.

  • BritainsBest 2 years ago

    Dude, I love your videos, keep on doing what your doing. I’m glad your
    doing these, they’re really helpful as well!

  • Tom Davies 2 years ago

    Windows is known for slowing down quite quickly so a follow-up a few months
    later might be interesting. The slightly laggy camera is unlikely to

    Kinda the opposite of other OSes which often improve as you find better
    apps or better configs without dropping the resolution.

    Interesting to see this being used by someone who has researched into how
    to use it and who is an expert in these sorts of things.

    The mum is kinda an expert too now so it’s going to be challenging to keep
    finding total noobs as people seem to quickly become quite expert once they
    try Mac and a couple of Gnu&Linuxes (Linii?). Really great videos and an
    interesting series.

    Good work, much appreciated!
    Regards from
    Tom 🙂 

  • YetiMachete Gaming 2 years ago

    Please don’t compare it to a fucking ipad…..its a full fledged PC 

  • Jayden Kelly 2 years ago

    In this episode, I unbox my new Surface, in the next episode I might even
    show you where I hide all of my drugs from my dumb ass mum, Diana, fuck my
    life is great, with no is great

  • Ilikeoperatingsystems. 2 years ago


    This unboxing.

  • joelyjoel91 2 years ago

    Has 8gb more than my main computer lol

  • thegamer500 2 years ago

    And my tablet says the exact same thing when I turn it on it says surface
    and then boots to windows

  • Kamaal NAdem 2 years ago

    Why would he compare a surface (tablet) to a macbook (laptop)? Surface and
    i pad are both tablets and both in the same price range. People who
    support, purchase and utilize apple product are just fine, however, not
    qualified or entitled to their opinion to tech debate or discussion. 

  • crashintoboxes 2 years ago

    i just realised i have the same printer as you