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Get your Surface Pro today from Amazon through the link below:…

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  • Dominic White 3 years ago

    So I just got my Surface pro and i wanted to know how do you get games like
    these? are they on the microsoft store? I ask because I have not used my
    pro yet and I cant as I just bought and im waiting for it to be delivered.

  • Zachary Kaczmarek 3 years ago

    and so i7 with 512gbs will obviously be faster and handle this better,

  • 1up Gamer 3 years ago

    Can a normal surface laptop play games still? Cuz the pro is pretty

  • darius lerch 3 years ago

    Nooooooo wayyyyyy

  • Corey Wright 3 years ago

    I like. Microsofts computers and tablets the phone and xbox suck

  • GYM-SOCK-N64 3 years ago

    Will any wireless keyboard work with the surface pro?

  • Isaiah Mullins 3 years ago

    I bet you all the money in the world once Sony Giakia is up and running
    they’ll have their gaming library on it as well like their tablet computers
    and mabey Surface Pro.

  • John mark phillips 3 years ago

    how can i download this game

  • 黒い楓 3 years ago

    I’m genuinely more impressed with the Surface now.

  • He’s playing on a touch cover you dumb fuck.

  • Nicolas Ulv 3 years ago

    my Macbook air can play tomb raider 2012 at 27-35 fps at medium setting max
    resolution.. so apple does not suck why do you think that?

  • Belal Elsiesy 3 years ago

    Just connect the Xbox controller

  • KarateKid430 3 years ago

    Douchebag. The PCs which run it “without a graphics card” have an IGP core
    imbedded into the CPU. The Intel HD 4000 graphics core in this tablet is
    (as far as I know) the same as the HD 4000 core in good Ivy Bridge desktop
    CPUs. But I am most annoyed that AMD and Intel are keeping those in the CPU
    because even a $50 graphics card will win hands down, although I do
    appreciate their placement in notebooks and tablets. Good work, AMD and
    Intel with the IGP in the mobile CPUs, anyway.

  • cuteulala1 3 years ago

    games doesent always represent the power of a machine.

  • Mulatto Mann 3 years ago

    A dedicated mobile graphics card inhibits battery life.

  • arxiSigma 3 years ago

    my scouts and i thank you for your helpful review.

  • Yoshirama 3 years ago

    this isnt the only table that can run games in the market now. Razer gaming
    table thingo came out and its like really expensive but its really good at
    running high graphical games and such. For example it can run crysis 3 max
    settings, League of Legends, Battle Field 3 and many more

  • hwlgv 3 years ago

    I know you mentioned during the video that you are running Team Fortress 2
    in full, native 1080p resolution, however is the frame-rate adequate? Or
    would you recommend lowering graphical settings in order to receive a more
    tolerable frame-rate?

  • Youri 't lam 3 years ago


  • Michael Haney 3 years ago

    A Source Engine game wasn’t the best benchmark. What makes the Source
    Engine so good is its ability to scale with your hardware configuration, so
    that even a machine with lower specs can run it smoothly. Valve has been
    updating the engine over the years, so that while its an older engine it
    doesn’t “look” dated. Still, it’s impressive the Surface Pro can run TF2
    given its Intel GPU compared to those from AMD and Nvidia is woefully
    underpowered. Even AMD’s APUs are more powerful.

  • xRomeo999 3 years ago

    The game looks pretty sharp on the surface pro.

  • Yoshirama 3 years ago

    if it can run tf2 then obviously it can run minecraft….

  • A vagrant swordsman 3 years ago

    These are PC Games, so you can still adjust the resolution.

  • simpleprods 3 years ago

    Wow! It is pretty sharp, about as good if not even better than my ownc
    omputer, on which I play many games

  • Levi Morgan 3 years ago

    you could… but you wouldn’t want to against other players that are using
    mouse and keyboard

  • monstermoose89 3 years ago

    you do know you can plug in the xbox controller dude!

  • Sage Rogers 3 years ago

    he is such a noob at tf2

  • thatdude034 3 years ago

    Yep 😛

  • Floreum 3 years ago

    Can you use a mouse that uses bluetooth for the surface pro? Don’t really
    wanna use up a USB slot if I don’t have to. I’m thinking of getting the
    surface pro 2, but not for gaming, but it would be nice to be able to play
    a game once in a while.

  • Eduardo Galvez 3 years ago

    Im getting this on my b-day 🙂 🙂

  • Tobias Bergstrand 3 years ago

    i got a logitech g13 and Logitech mouse i can actually c myself gaming a
    bit of dota 2 at my friends with this setup, ofc i will newer get the touch
    cover it feels to pointless. but the real keyboard cover looks good enough.

  • AndoniMoustakas 3 years ago

    Microsoft needs to make a Xbox One controller that is basically split in
    half and can attach to the sides of this thing and i would buy this in a
    heart beat.

  • Rod Ferguson 3 years ago

    This was just fixed with the latest firmware. 🙂

  • UltimateNetwork 3 years ago

    You jut got yourself another sub

  • FreeLightSavior 3 years ago

    No 10 hours.

  • Jack Black 3 years ago

    if the game was intended for the pc, why use a controller? it just makes it
    a crap ton more difficult.

  • michael butler 3 years ago

    that with wire or un wire

  • Phili Prado 3 years ago

    How do play these types of games? that are like Xbox games. Do you have to
    download it from somewhere? Or buy it from gamestop!? 0_0

  • TotalJargon 3 years ago

    They are planning on making a ‘Steambox’ which is a powerful miniPC that
    boots straight into Steam’s TV mode

  • Priceless Persuader 3 years ago

    And how much did that cost? My PC coast about half and does that also.