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Lisa Gade compares the Microsoft Surface Pro 3 and the Samsung Galaxy Note Pro 12.2 tablets. Check out our video review of the Microsoft Surface Pro 3 at: …

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  • I bought myself surface pro 3. Don’t buy it. It has heat issue, there is
    not much app support. So don’t buy it.

  • ljk39 2 years ago

    I own both the Surface Pro 2 and the Samsung Note Pro 12.2. Honestly n
    comparison. The Pro 2 is a beast compared to Samsung. The Note Pro 12.2 is
    only good for watching movies and surfing the web. The Pro 2 anything you
    do on the PC you can do better on the Pro 2.

  • Dennis McCarty 2 years ago

    No comparison between these two. Id take the Surface 3 pro over the Samsung
    any day. 

  • Nick S 2 years ago

    (revised comment) Great video. I wish Apple would make a larger tablet with
    a proper stylus.. the stylus and palm rejection options on these two are
    very appealing.. I don’t know if I’ll just keep my iPad Air 2 a little
    longer and deal with the crappy stylus app combo I’ve been using to take
    notes in class until Apple makes one or if not…. I find myself really
    needing the bigger screen and the ability to have two documents side by
    side on the screen. I’m gonna think on it, if anything I’ll just go for the
    Samsung..Great battery life and good price. Don’t need desktop power and
    desktop apps on the go.. That’s what I have a desktop computer for lol
    Great video comparison though. Love your videos.

  • dre don 2 years ago

    You didn’t show the power of the surface and kept on talking about the toy
    android! Do speed comparison actually comparing stuff that thing is kids
    play compared to the mighty sp3!

  • Anders Karlsson 2 years ago

    Kolla in det här videoklippet på YouTube:

  • Kalvin One 2 years ago

    I will avoid windows and all crappy weekly updates from Microsoft (We are
    in 2014 : dinosaures died). Antivirusses, Firewall configuration etc etc…
    Trust me I prefer 1000000000x the “toy” you all mentioned… I love
    Android… My grand mum can use it and update it with 1click… Try to give
    a windows machine to your grand mum and try to explain her what is a
    firewall configuration or UAC option… Good luck! 

  • explorador75 2 years ago

    The android tablet is limited to some people . The surface is a real
    computer and you can do whatever you want. I don’t use any google service
    cause microsoft has everything that you can need.
    Go Surface it is the better option!!!!

  • Grant Dickson 2 years ago

    my digital life is built on outlook, office, xbox, skydrive etc.
    Purely because of the ecosystem that I’ve invested in, I can never truly
    switch over to an android device.
    Surface pro 3 it is.

  • Lee Minhwa 2 years ago

    I am a college student. So I wanna buy a product having Note function. I
    don’t know what to choose. Vivotab Note 8, Galaxy Note Pro 12.2 or Surface
    pro3 ? My next semester is coming soon. Please, Recommend a product. 

  • Eric Johnson 2 years ago

    while I see the need to compare the two based on requests, I just don’t see
    the point. The Surface is a PC in tablet form. I give them credit for
    producing something that is unique. I think Googles option is fine but for
    the price, which by the way is Microsoft’s biggest criticism, you just get
    so much more with a PC.

  • frees0lution 2 years ago

    The whole comparison doesn’t make sense do you guys even know that
    surface 3 comes with 500GB storage 8GB ram I7 1.7GH end of the story.

  • Douglass McAllister 2 years ago

    Could you do another video just on the productivity of the Samsung Note Pro
    12.2. Trying to see if it would fit my college needs. I have a Asus T100
    but the mouse pad drives me bonkers. 

  • LeeAnn MLMCOWGIRL 2 years ago

    Thank You…great presentation, much appreciated!

  • Michael S 2 years ago

    THERE IS ONLY ONE POSSIBLE CHOICE between the Surface Pro 3 and this Galaxy
    2) A FULL 64-BIT OS WITH THE WINDOWS 8.1 PRO OS versus a crap OS with THE
    ANDROID CRAP OS that does not have even 1% of the drivers that the Windows
    OS supports.

  • lampuiho 2 years ago

    you can download onenote android version for free though.
    if only surface pro 3 has got LTE and phone call functions…

  • Aaron Yang 2 years ago

    By the time I made this comment, OneNote is supported on the Galaxy, along
    with handwriting features.

  • Shemariah Powell 2 years ago

    Lets face the reality
    1.) Android is for Mobile Device OS.
    2.) Windows has a tablet and many other devices that happens to have
    Microsoft on all of their devices.
    Ladies and Gentlemen Android offers what they can for mobile devices such
    as phones and tablets but I don’t see Android making anything else that can
    run on something like a computer or anything. 😛
    Their both really good but it all comes down to what your looking for? What
    do you want to buy? What features do you need? 

  • Soccercrazyigboman 2 years ago

    Why someone would even want a smackdown between these two completely
    different tablets is beyond me.

  • aphan9696 2 years ago

    Get yourself a laptop is still better than both of these devices.

  • shoenutz 2 years ago

    My surface pro 3 is my first laptop experience, and it runs the same
    programs as it does on my desktop flawlessly! No buyers remorse here. I’m
    very happy with my choice!

  • UntakenNick 2 years ago

    I don’t have it (yet) but it seems a really pointless comparison.. the only
    reason why we surf the web or read the mail in our smartphones/tablets is
    because we can’t take our 2 kg laptops with us all the time. But at some
    point you will have to sit in front of one to reply to that mail, use
    photoshop, write some code on visual studio, write a report for school and
    everything else you can’t do on an android device.

    So if you already have all your pc needs covered and have a lot of money to
    spare and want a fancy big shiny toy, then buy the galaxy.

    And it’s nice that she mentions the cost of windows software.. cause we all
    know that’s the first thing we think about before getting a windows pc..

  • Ebrahim Elhadidy 2 years ago

    Android has no video editing software like windows, After effects, Sony
    vegas and so on… Likewise every other software, Photo editing and 3d
    design, Android is half OS… I don’t know why I have to pay 800$ for such
    a toy !! 

  • Christopher Hind 2 years ago

    Even the Pro 2 kicks the crap out of that Samdung tablet, you can’t beat a
    proper X86 computer. That thing is a toy, the closest thing you will get to
    real work out of it is Flappy Bird.

  • Nick Birke 2 years ago

    Without saying too much… the Samsung in this comparison stands out as an
    over-priced toy. Why would one spend nearly $800 on an Android tablet?

  • KuttyJoe 2 years ago

    The argument for the PC, for ordinary consumers is not as strong as some
    might think. Regular consumers don’t need full PCs. What exactly are
    regular consumers doing with regular PCs. Someone argued to me that an
    iPad could replace a laptop. What they’re really thinking is that, a
    person could satisfy his computing needs with an iPad, which just means
    that they don’t actually need a laptop anyway. An iPad is not truly able
    to replace the laptop of course. You can’t replace the functionality of a
    keyboard with a virtual one taking up half your screen. But the consumer
    is probably just web browsing or doing social media anyway. Still, the
    hardware keyboard is better so people bought a keyboard for their ipads.
    In that way, it became more like the laptop. So the question is just about
    the individual consumers’ needs.

    If you need a true desktop program, then a PC is the only way to have it.
    There’s no Photoshop on an iPad or Android. As a user of tablet PCs for
    many years, my own opinion on this is evolving. At this point, there’s
    only 1 pc program I care about on my tablet PCs. Manga Studio 5. I don’t
    care about Photoshop or anything else, and don’t want to wrestle with these
    programs whose interface is designed totally for “desktop” pcs. Photoshop
    on a 12″ screen is painful. And so is most other programs. Only a very
    few have an interface designed to maximize useable space on a tiny screen.
    And the truth is, Windows itself is awful on a 12″ screen! The virtual
    keyboard only works properly with Metro Apps. The desktop side of things
    is not touch friendly at all. So the experience leaves plenty to be
    desired. That’s the truth.

  • Leo Ix 2 years ago

    For students the SP3 wins hands down. If you don’t know what one note is I
    suggest that you get to know the program. What is does in essence is give
    you unlimited notebook with tons of connectivity. Imagine having all your
    notes anytime you need it. Plus all the cloud connectivity etc. Imagine all
    this goodness in windows. I am not a huge fan of windows but it beats out
    the android operating system. Windows just has more connectivity. Srry

  • ScaryGamesWalkthrough 2 years ago

    Surface is a pc we just call it a tablet because that’s what we see it as
    the yoga 3 is still considered a computer in the future different companies
    will make copies of this and when they’re everywhere and as they get more
    power then will everyone be calling them laptops or pcs. This should not be
    compared to toys it should be compared to laptops with the same amount of
    power or surface will beat every pc.

  • Abdelmoumene Elmamoun 2 years ago

    this isn’t fair! we don’t compare a King with a footman. The note pro is a
    decent device yeh, but Surface pro 3 is a beast! nice review though :D

  • tea swee guan 2 years ago

    I will Pick up the core i3 when it release. It will be still powerful than
    the Samsung tablet. I love tablet in the past. But adobe already don’t
    support android. So,there is no Point to Buy a tablet anymore. Because if i
    want android apps. I can still get it and run on full window os.

  • MrTechnology83 2 years ago

    People please note surface Pro 3 are a real PC with a real processor beast
    Intel I3, Intel I5, and Intel I7 specially this processor which is running
    at a clock speed of 1.7 GHz with a maximum Turbo frequency of 3.3 GHz,
    build in a thin magnesium case.
    Is a great device, if I could afford a second surface pro 3 I will do it,
    but I have an Ipad air 2 (128gb) WiFi model. If I can sell it and get
    another Surface pro 3 it would be nice. great review +Lisa

  • damilola oyaluade 2 years ago

    Guys , don’t forget you can run android on windows and get the same full
    functions of android apps , but the galaxy can’t handle windows … Windows
    win, android came in second Ubuntu third Mac and iOS ever last but still
    the best at an overall viewpoint; can be boring too.

  • AlphaZ 2 years ago

    I would take the surface pro 3 IF it were window 7. I don’t know about you
    guys, but window 8 is a piece of crap, i have window 8, but i still use my
    window 7 80% of the time. I guess its expected from microsoft since Window
    XP was good, Window Vista was crap, then Window 7 was awesome, now Window 8
    is crap again, let’s see what Window 10 will bring us. note pro is a
    tablet, and SP3 is a computer. I have to say, in tablet wise, I’d go with
    note pro. Longer battery and more apps. People who call it “Toy” don’t know
    anything about technology. If note pro is a “toy” that makes every single
    tablets (including ipad) in the market “toys”.

  • HTHAMMACK1 2 years ago

    The Surface Pro 3 bitch slaps the Galaxy Note Pro. Also, I’ve been using
    Windows for the past 15 years, and have had all of 2 viruses, both of which
    were my fault and one of which was caught before it could install. To avoid
    viruses, you do the same thing as you would do in Android. Run an AV
    program, don’t visit suspect sites, and don’t click links that you aren’t
    sure of.

  • XenorakTheMighty 2 years ago

    The i3 Surface pro 3 is a complete joke. EVen microsoft states that it is
    not for productivity and is for LIGHT use. If you even want a DECENT
    Surface, you would need to get the $1500 i7 processor version, which is
    terribly over priced as I can afford a non-touch screen Laptop with a
    gaming GPU for only $1200 AND an i7 and more. 

  • Marcus Shivdayal 2 years ago

    The Surface is not a toy unlike android .

  • Dee Man 2 years ago

    Can you install iTunes on the Android tablet?

  • jumaane 2 years ago

    >implaying you can’t pirate your apps for windows 8
    >implaying you can’t turn off windows updates
    >implaying a tablet is better than having a computer

  • s vanner 2 years ago

    How is the pen experience with the Samsung Galaxy Note Pro 12.2?

    I have the Note 10.1 and the pen lags horribly! I’m not sure if it is the
    processor not keeping up, bad drivers, or Microsoft hobbling OneNote on
    Android – whatever it is, much patience is required using the pen feature
    of OneNote on the Note 10.1.

  • Ronnie Dorsey 2 years ago

    I love your reviews, they are very in depth and not biased.

  • MobileTechReview 2 years ago