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Get your Surface Pro 3 today from amazon through the link below:…

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  • JohnnyZenith 2 years ago

    Well. Firstly I want to see your reviews are my favourite by far. I am
    perplexed why my reviewers do not expound the ability of the Surface 3 to
    be a desktop replacement. I mean those who currently have their laptops
    based with other screens, or full on desktops never being used for anything
    high end or intense gaming. Do you feel that the Surface 3 is no good in
    this role? If it is do you feel the i3 would suit this well? I say this
    as I am totally stuck on my next system.

  • Hamid G 2 years ago

    who really buys this crap? Microsoft goes nowhere in tablet/mobile…

  • JohnnyZenith 2 years ago

    There is a real problem these days with people like me. We are at a loss
    (I have been for some time) at what our next system should be. I run a 15
    inch acer from 2008, and it still runs well, but it is very nearly time to
    retire it. I will use it as a testbed. I run a 23 inch external monitor
    but I would like 2. I also have external hardrives and I want an external
    hub. I will purchase a wireless keyboard and mouse too. Would the
    cheapest surface or indeed any good value surface be a very good system?

  • Jimmy JamesRaynor 2 years ago

    Hmmmmm digested review

  • JohnnyZenith 2 years ago

    Oh and sorry about my essays everyone but I just wanted to get it all
    down. So why not a video on the Surface as this solution? Sure there is a
    few about but one from you would be great.

  • Jason Bubba 2 years ago

    Can’t wait to get my Pro 3. Been using Pro 1 since it came out. The only
    reason it hasn’t completely replace my desktop is with some work I just
    need more screen space. The extra screen space is the number one reason
    I’ll be buying this. The second reason is the new kickstand. The Pro 1
    kickstand with the one position just isn’t flexible enough. Those who say
    it’s not worth the money just don’t get it. I’ve replace tablets, my
    laptop, and 90% of time my desktop at work with the Pro 1. I’ve never taxed
    the CPU and it performs excellent all times. Blue / Green screen of death?
    It’s never once happened on my surface pro. In fact the Pro 1 has been the
    most reliable computers I’ve ever owned. I thought the keyboard would break
    in no time. I was very wrong. I take notes at work everyday and click and
    unclick the keyboard on and off many times a day. never a problem. Great
    innovative product and NO other device can do what the Surface Pro can do
    still. When I get my Pro 3 I’ll be turning off my desktop for good and for
    the price of one device I’ll replace everything except my phone. And why do
    people complain about the price when an iPad Air is crazy expensive and all
    you can do is consume with it, can’t create anything good very efficiently.
    I guess Apple fans will never change.

  • Percy A Williams Jr 2 years ago

    I like your video 

  • TheDigitalDigest 2 years ago

    Check out my unboxing and first look at the Microsoft Surface Pro 3! 

  • Jimmy JamesRaynor 2 years ago

    How does 1 do a full system restore? Without a bootable USB stick. Pls
    advice. Great unboxing btw.

  • Apple4Android 2 years ago

    Can’t wait for the digitally digested review….10/10

  • Lasglamil Cafekko 2 years ago

    question : Do you have any backlight bleeding?

  • Skatch Tape 2 years ago

    pretty sexy laptop

  • Enok Bong 2 years ago

    Love your review!
    Are there any other glitches? (After the latest update) Thanks!

  • Vaughn Felix 2 years ago

    The price is horribly going to fail this. The world isn’t ready for a $1200
    tablet, and may never be. Oh and just try using this as a laptop and touch
    screen, it just doesn’t make sense, but let’s see what Apple will do to
    change this:)

  • Austin Martinez 2 years ago

    When does this come out or is it already out 

  • Pradeeban Kalaivarnan 2 years ago

    Use fix focus!! ….zzz

  • Pocket Pc 2 years ago

    @Vaughn Felix Its a laptop with core i series proc , ram and ssd . Not just
    a tablet .. 

  • iducatifan1 2 years ago

    God what a boring voice, but good details

  • LunarVaux 2 years ago

    Could you do a comparison between this and your Vaio Duo 13?

  • Mike WillTeachYouHow 2 years ago

    The type cover is a rip-off

  • Aron Wright 2 years ago

    I think I’m going to get one. I had the 2nd Gen RT version, but I returned
    it due a malfunction. I heard about the Pro 3 and decided to wait for it.
    Might pick one up today.

  • YoungShyne123 2 years ago

    Why do people complain about the price. This is an ultra book that can be a
    tablet. I’ve seen people spend over 600 to 700 for an iPad that basically
    is the same product as the ipod touch. I think oem are the reason why
    people expect cheap pc. If you want a surface pro for cheap you can’t
    expect Microsoft to make a solid product. 

  • Kevin Robert Michelson 2 years ago

    My comment: Exactly.

  • KJones1975 2 years ago

    I want one so bad, but it’s hard to justify spending that much (especially
    since I just bought a Surface 2 RT in November).

    It should be capable of using a wireless display since the Surface 2 can
    (using Miracast).

  • Peter Anfindsen 2 years ago

    I think i will buy the i7 even though i just use facebook

  • Apple4Android 2 years ago

    Can’t wait for the digitally digested review….10/10

  • Steve Ho 2 years ago

    do i need anti viruses software for it?

  • nowmowcow 2 years ago

    I’m not sure what the big deal with the reduction of weight is. I
    understand how it is nice, but I feel if that is the biggest change it
    certainly doesn’t warrant that kind of money. I got my 256 GB surface pro 2
    very recently, although the pro 3 still wasn’t out yet, but the point is
    256 GB SP2= roughly 1100 bucks, 64 GB SP3= roughly 800, I am a big guy but
    I feel I could be two feet tall and still would rather carry around the
    pro2 then pay for more portability but not storage or even processing power.

    Maybe the new cameras are like super amazing but I don’t use my surface
    pro to take pictures, and that is because of the size of it not the weight
    and the new one is even bigger so yeah, maybe the SP4 will be worth looking
    into :).

  • シュルツセバスティアン 2 years ago

    Was the i7 available for Surface Pro 2 also? Because you said we didn’t get
    a new processor for Surface Pro 3 and i can preorder a i7 version of
    Surface Pro 3 in germany.

  • gameterminal 2 years ago

    I want one, but damn that price.

  • rgvhehrbewhj Pwsefouhweh 2 years ago

    can you do a head2head with the galaxy 12.2?

  • Justin Chan 2 years ago

    only thing that bothers me is that the ntrig pen requires battery and the
    medium level keyboard travel but it’s perfect switch for people who uses
    regular ultrabook, not that good for people who uses traditional laptop! I
    still really like this piece of device!