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  • Tek Syndicate 2 years ago

    Wendell covers what all the others seem to be missing.

  • You are my rock. 2 years ago

    I’m new to this channel, why are there cuts to where he’s just sitting
    behind the computer?

    I’m talking about 4:26 to 5:10. Why are there scenes where the camera is
    displayed behind his multi-monitor setup?

  • Kyle Anderson 2 years ago

    More reviews from Wendell? This is a really well-done and comprehensive

  • VM Media Group 2 years ago

    I’ve had the SP3 (i7, 256 GB) for a few months now and I can honestly say
    that this is, by far, the greatest Surface review I have ever seen. No
    wonder I subscribed to Tek Syndicate long ago.

  • HaterAllowed 2 years ago

    i have a surface pro 1 and i love it, i played assasin’s creed 1, 2 and 3,
    batman arkham asylum and other awesome games. Also i have photoshop,
    Illustrator and sketchbook pro. i can’t wait for buy a surface 3! 

  • Clive Sinclair 2 years ago

    The SP3 (mine is a i7/256gb) is best in class, or is it the only one in
    it’s class. I use a
    to overcome the lack of USB/Ethernet – a lot chepaer than a MS dock.

  • kam hagh 2 years ago

    Only if i had money… i only have a desktop, but i think the logical
    choice for me (programmer) would be the t440s as i can also painlessly
    install Linux on it! and it rocks and is powerful!

  • Douglas Nicolas 2 years ago

    So…out of the box the battery life is already 6-8. So 8 months to a year
    down the line, it’s going to be like 5-6.5? 

  • Reginald Lim 2 years ago

    I’m liking my SP3, mainly for engineering applications, Solidworks, MS
    Visual Studio, Matlab, Codewarrior. It’s nice to carry around in tablet
    mode specially when you just want to tune/update your robot’s software on
    the fly.

  • whats wrong with me?! i put sad piano music with this video wtf…

  • Josue Rodriguez 2 years ago

    2:40 Thanks for showing this! I got it for drawing and dislike laying it
    flat or having it upright. Now I can imitate the angle of my drawing desk

  • Rick C 2 years ago

    I want this so bad, but I’m so fuckin’ poor. Oh well.

  • Ashley K 2 years ago

    I am not really familiar with your videos wendell, but have you done a
    review on the Hp envy x2 13t or 15t yet? 

  • Marco Lau 2 years ago

    I’m hoping to run CAD and BIM programs, ie. Revit, Allplan, or Archicad
    with the midline Surface 3 model (256gb, Intel i5). I’m expecting some
    heating issues, but is this adequate for this use?

  • BabyPuncher 2 years ago

    Sounds like Wendell really wants to be hired by Microsoft.

  • Joanna Wojtalik 2 years ago

    I like your voice, so I subscribed. 

  • Boricua95 2 years ago

    I’m waiting for the Surface Pro 4.

  • Grammar Nazi 2 years ago

    6:41 What the fuck is the point of this view? editing fail?
    Apart from that, good video, thumbed up. 

  • Echtvergoldet 2 years ago

    @ Wendell, how ended the ticket thing with Microsoft? Any news?

  • calical26 2 years ago

    il never spend $1000 on a tablet 

    AAAAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D

  • adam cunningham 2 years ago

    so he makes reviews when he not stealing dinosaur DNA….lol

  • Vlog With Abby 2 years ago

    how is this for video editing?

  • DigikidForever 2 years ago

    You cannot trust a reviewer who cowardly hides betweens monitors…..

  • Petro :D 2 years ago

    surface 1 pro is best this is just same product with worse pencil

  • samin90 2 years ago

    Much better than Linus’ review

  • daniel mohamoud 2 years ago

    the pen is not working With Word document , i mean you can’t Write using
    the pen in Word document !
    only in OneNote . has any one seen this problem !?

  • ardas 2 years ago

    Regular ARM tablets seem worthless to me and I can not find use for one.
    Surface Pro on the other hand… WANT!

  • Isu Asenjo 2 years ago

    This guy talks like Billy Hillbilly from Ownage Pranks lol….

    Sorry If I hurt your feelers…

  • James Gentle 2 years ago

    Power Profile can be changed, the settings would show up if turn off
    constant standby via registry. You can turn CS off, change the settings, or
    make other profiles based on Balanced, and then turn CS on again.

  • floootj3 2 years ago

    Love your review! Thinking about buying a SP3. Only thing left is getting
    the money :P

  • irajose 2 years ago

    This guy is the next microsoft CEO hahahahhaha, but the review is fine.
    anyways i’d like to mention “You are my rock and Baron Of Hell’s comment”,
    that made me laugh out loud.

  • calvin eng 2 years ago

    what is the model of that arm stand you’re using? Looks awesome

  • Kyezie131 2 years ago

    You wanna know why they moved the windows button to the side? (All the
    reviews i watch never say this) They moved it because now the keyboard has
    that extra magnetic portion that allows it to go at more of an angle now
    and it would block/cover the old button up. 

  • Pockets 2 years ago

    This is not nerdy at all (not being sarcastic, as many idiots would think I

  • Montpbm Crawford 2 years ago

    @Leora Ojadi Yes you should

  • Hudson Parker 2 years ago

    I have watched heaps of SP3 reviews. This is by far the most informative
    and unbiased review, excellent work!

  • Dilir daiyan aranna 2 years ago

    this tab can do a lot than a iPad but really do you want to replace your
    Laptop with this? 

  • DinanACrown TV 2 years ago

    hi i like minecraft.

  • dontez808 2 years ago

    5:30 what game is that?

  • wv9mm 2 years ago

    I’ll get one when it starts shipping with windows 10. 

  • Jolley1717 2 years ago

    I’m a member of the forum, but I was just searching for Surface Pro 3
    reviews….. and yours was at the top of the list! Congrats

  • nick r 2 years ago

    How do u play super Mario world on windows 8?

  • IAmSkip94 2 years ago

    May I ask what the point of more than 30Hz at 4k on a machine such as this?
    I mean you won’t be gaming at 4k and pretty much nothing else runs at more
    than 30Hz. Just curious.

  • Jakes Finest Hour Gaming 2 years ago

    Playing Warcraft, awesome, can it play league of legends?

  • adam cunningham 2 years ago

    hey Wilson…lol

  • Nick Bair 2 years ago

    What monitor stand is that at 1:51? I went with a different set but that
    one looks amazing.

  • David Bowie Sama Sensei Sempai San Sama Kun 2 years ago

    wendell was like f*ck the system let’s play a nintendo game on a microsoft
    surface with a playstation controller