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  • Computing Forever 2 years ago

    Microsoft Surface Pro 3 Review: A Quality Tablet PC

  • Michael Lewis 2 years ago

    Most useful and versatile computing device I’ve ever used. The Bruce Lee of

  • FrugalTech 2 years ago

    Excellent review Dave. I really think this machine is ideal for the
    corporate market, as well as students. It certainly is priced far and
    beyond what a tablet buyer would want to pay. I should think there will be
    more affordable options coming soon,

  • Earvin Corona 2 years ago

    I wonder if using Lightroom or Photoshop in the i3 version is good?

  • Carlos Belliard 2 years ago

    Dude, navigation with the pen ? :S take that back man xD

  • Stuart Kerrison 2 years ago

    OK review but I have to disagree with you strongly regarding the pen. I use
    my SP3 in tablet mode 80% or so of the time, and as well as using the pen
    for all my note taking (which has become as natural to me as pen and paper)
    I use the pen as a “mouse” for navigation, ease of right-clicking and so
    on. I find it incredibly accurate and useful.
    I guess for a generation brought up on keyboards, a digital pen might seem
    almost alien, but to an old-schooler like me, this is what I’ve always
    looked for in a device.

  • mcrazza 2 years ago

    If I had the money I would happily pick up a Surface Pro 3 (with maxed out
    RAM). I think it gets a lot of things right from the screen’s 3:2 aspect
    ratio, instant OneNote from the lockscreen by clicking the stylus,
    vari-angle stand, improved battery life and so on. Having said all that,
    the entry level price is prohibitively expensive. It lacks a type cover and
    the RAM may not be enough for some users.

    And why haven’t you updated to OS X Yosemite yet? :)

  • fradaja 2 years ago

    how much do microsoft pay you?

  • Julio Cuello 2 years ago

    or cheaper Windows 8.1 Tablet soon to be W 10 Tablets.

  • Bob Jones 2 years ago

    Obviously Dave is not a OneNote user. OneNote, the stylus and the 3:2
    aspect ration are King. Dave, try OneNote and the stylus and then you will
    see a whole new way to take notes, to organize projects, to integrate Excel
    spreadsheets and note taking, clippings from the internet with addresses
    etc. You could say OneNote is the computer, a new paradigm. 

  • Peanutsreveng3 2 years ago

    Quite the coincidence, I just recommended this to someone today (but liked
    Linus’ video) as a replacement for a 5 year old clogged laptop and iPad (to
    help pay for the Surface).

    It’s a shame M$ are still a bunch of greedy shits as this product line has
    great potential if only they’d stop demanding people sell limbs to ensure
    M$’s profit margins.

  • mohammed burn 2 years ago

    no one can compare ipad to a surface bae

  • id15yes2 2 years ago

    Definitely not R.Heinlein’s “We Also Walk Dogs.” Flower of Forgetfulness
    design. Considering the size they could make SD card slot with microSD
    adapter included, if they thought of eartly, not godly-heavenly things, I

  • techuman 2 years ago

    One thing to point out. If you login with a Microsoft Account rather than a
    local account you don’t have to sign in to every metro App; its done
    Good review.

  • airsoft736 2 years ago

    Great review Dave!! I really want one of these but can’t bring myself to
    click the “Confirm Purchase” button haha!! Anyway keep up the awesome

  • Marcus Cooper 2 years ago

    Good review overall but wrong about the surface pen

  • Computing Forever 2 years ago

    Microsoft Surface Pro 3 Review: A Quality Tablet PC

  • james johnson 2 years ago

    Nice review

  • Computing Forever 2 years ago
  • Rebel Tuber 2 years ago
  • Bernd Recker 2 years ago