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  • Paul Waller 2 years ago

    Where is the Windows 10 first look with Joe Pirillo video?

  • Joe Pirillo 2 years ago

    The Surface Pro 3 has some nice and useable features. Kickstand and
    removable keyboard to mention two. 

  • Chris Pirillo 2 years ago

    With your input, I review the Microsoft Surface Pro 3 in this CPU!

  • Shpresim Muja 2 years ago

    The lights over his head ……

    What they’re telling……. me whaaaaaaaaat??


  • mickeleh 2 years ago

    best use of archipelago I’ve heard today. Um, actually, only use of
    archipelago I’ve heard today.

  • Jay Y 2 years ago

    Just no! The Surface Pen is far more capable than a tablet stylus
    for writing and digital art. There’s literally no pen experience on a
    tablet computer (barring a Wacom Companion) that comes near.

    Generally it’s accepted that if you don’t know about something or don’t use
    a feature, you don’t proceed to compare it with other devices!

  • Rocky Seay 2 years ago

    The Surface Pro 3 is amazing. My go-to device for traveling. I got rid of
    my MacBook Pro for it even though I’m more of a Apple guy. I find a lot
    more uses with the Surface than with an iPad. iPads are good for my media
    consumption, not good for getting work done. But it’s opinion base which is
    why I found actually using the product yourself tells you if you would like

  • XxViciousxX 2 years ago

    Surface is a very nice hybrid but it was a little too pricey for me. So i
    bought a Dell Venue 11 Pro Core i5, 8 gigs of ram, 1080p ips screen, 256gb
    ssd, wireless ac, detachable battery keyboard. Best of all you can open it
    and replace the ssd wireless card and battery all for around 550-600 not a
    bad alternative to a surface in my opinion.

  • Ben Smith 2 years ago

    I probably missed the video where you were talking about it…. But is this
    where all the CPU videos will be from now on?

  • LHV - WebTutorials 2 years ago

    does it do better in rendering a 3D animation than my alienware 17 laptop?

  • Ruhul Amin 2 years ago

    How can you use that Apple Magic mouse? Everytime I use my one I feel like
    throwing it out the window. 

  • Julie Huebner 2 years ago

    Thanks for the review, Chris! I’ve been thinking about getting a tablet
    and this answered some of the questions I had.

  • julfikhsan 2 years ago

    There’s a clear advantage using the Surface Pro 3’s stylus over a standard
    capacitive stylus: when you’re taking a note (in OneNote or built-in PDF
    reader for marking over your PDF files, for example), you can use the lower
    pen button to quickly delete a line your drawing rather than having to
    select what you’ve drawn with pointer or touch and then press delete. Also,
    when you’re holding the upper pen button you can select an area that
    contains parts of your drawing and then cut, copy, or even move them, which
    is pretty neat. I used my Surface Pro 3 as my notebook (not a laptop, a
    normal notebook) and it really replaces the notebook for going through my
    Master’s degree except for some situations where I can’t just use a laptop
    (class quizzes, exams, etc.)

  • Alex Vizzini 2 years ago

    All though this review is late 😉 I really like the idea of answering
    peoples questions. 

  • CandleLite 2 years ago

    After so much praise for this device, here is a detail review of some of
    its flaws.
    Im guessing Chris not using SP3 enough, I have used both Macbook air and
    SP3, do not buy SP3 right now, wait for Win 10 to come out and consider SP4
    afterwards. Because issues i face including, bad precision on multi-touch
    trackpad (the cursor will move a bit while clicking, also the two finger
    scrolling suffer 3 seconds delay on desktop application), Bad sleep mode
    (Unlike iPad’s, It will put itself completely to sleep every few hours
    without charging or using, causing application such as alarm cannot wake
    the device up and made itself completely useless, I missed a lecture
    because of that.), Too little modern apps (Right now the market is still
    too small, you can’t find even a little creative and fascinating apps like
    iOS. I tried to run android emulator on SP3, but is quite slow.) These are
    some of the issue i hope they improve in Win10 since they didn’t fix it
    from patches. Other problem from long period of usage is that, the screen
    can become quite hot when opening Chrome (multiple youtube and text tabs)
    with 3 or more word document and a Onenote application, your hands with the
    pen can sweat and make the screen oily. Also when the device is charging
    and your writing your note on it, you can sometimes get shock from the
    Magnesium-alloy from border of the screen. Screen glare can also be
    irritating (because its need to sit flat on the table facing the lamp).
    Overall is an uncomfortable experience compare to pen and paper.

    Microsoft is still just an technology company when the make SP3, right now
    they are finding and adding flavors to their company with Windows 10, in
    other word, they try to making its-self taste similarly like apple by
    improving their product experience from customer feedback (since they have
    difficult time figure out themselves.) So please test-drive more with this
    device and consider it carefully before you buy this expensive product.
    Don’t be a fool like me because i have no idea that back facing camera have
    no auto focus before i buy it (unlike iPad, scan document or taking great
    photo with SP3 is impossible). One more thing, i3 version barely runs 3d

  • iavy crescent 2 years ago

    CP can u recomend a 1080p ips 23~4 inch monitor with no backlight bleed
    please reply urgent

  • Michael Clancy 2 years ago

    You said the pen wasn’t a big advantage. I’d have to disagree IF you use
    the pen for note taking and/or detailed drawing. I use it all the time for
    annotating edits/notes to PDF files and it is absolutely fantastic. It
    would be great for students taking notes in classes/lectures. The precision
    of the pen is soooooo much better on a Surface Pro 1/2/3 than on a Surface
    RT/2 and also sooooo much better than an iPad. I really liked the rest of
    your/our review.

  • David Dire 2 years ago

    Nice Video +Chris Pirillo 

  • Lindsey 'n' Rich (Daily Vlogs!) 2 years ago

    Being a gamer and needing the processing power to edit videos, etc., I’m
    not too sure I would replace my primary PC with a tablet-based unit.
    However, I can see the functionality in terms of ease, media, and social
    networking. It’d be good for an auxiliary option.

  • Adam Rohdin 2 years ago

    The included stylus from Microsoft works in conjunction with the tablet in
    a way that it supports pressure.
    A third party stylus (at least the one you held up) does not support that

  • Pandawatch 2 years ago

    As far as im concerned the sp2 and sp3 have the same cpu, ram, storage.
    What makes it different to me is the connected stand by. Like listen to
    music while the computer is in a low power state like an ipod. What are
    your experiences with “connected standby”?

  • frededison 2 years ago

    Ed Bott from ZDNet said he replaced his PC laptop with the SP3. [search
    for: “Surface Pro 3: Why my clamshell laptop is history”]
    It hasn’t replaced his desktop or smartphone, however. If you’re into
    performance and will be loading heavy duty apps with the SP3 you’d likely
    want to splurge for the i7.

  • David Cooltions 2 years ago

    With your input, I review the Microsoft Surface Pro 3 in this CPU!

  • Christopher Micallef 2 years ago

    I still think windows 10 is going to make the surface a lot better. it’s
    going to solve most, if not all of those pesky problems.

  • Pol Mesalles 2 years ago

    Well, gotta say the Surface’s pen is way better than a “regular stylus”
    when it comes to precision, though

  • Wub-Wub Mega-Mix Plus 2 years ago

    Only if i could have Mac OSX on a surface as of right now i am left in the

  • eliott970 2 years ago

    Are you serious?? I’ve lost all respect for your channel and have
    unsubscribed. How can you say a capacitive stylus is the same as an ntrig

  • KiddsockTV 2 years ago

    I did not know they made AAAA Batteries. lol 

  • Jasza Dobrzanski 2 years ago

    A capacitive stylus and a Wacom-style stylus (Ntrig in this case) are very
    different things. I don’t see the equivalence here.

  • UnDeAdSnIpr1912 2 years ago

    Just incase no one knew, for windows 10 microsoft is bringing touch enabled
    office 2015, also cant wait for a video review of windows 10 on sp3 if your
    making one :)

  • Ian Tetteh 2 years ago

    Who knows how much Microsoft paid Pirillo to change his tone lol..

  • Juanito Caballes 2 years ago

    The best review i have seen in youtube… good job chris…. its even
    better than you apple reviews…

  • Gamer Squad TV 2 years ago

    What The Hell is This?????

    This Channel is Dead!! 

  • David Deaver 2 years ago

    I replaced my work laptop with a SP3. Very satisfied with the performance. 

  • Aaron Stone 2 years ago

    I loved this video Chris! I hope you do a lot of reviews like this, awesome

  • danielgartin6993 2 years ago

    Dude,are you going to install Windows 10 on your Surface Pro 3 when it
    comes out

  • Laurence Cutler 2 years ago

    Surface line is a billion dollar business now.

  • hsientsay 2 years ago

    Thanks for answering my question. It makes more sense to me now. 

  • fromshittofit 2 years ago

    Your “new” videos are nice 😉 

  • Veronica Robertson 2 years ago

    Excellent review Chris, I enjoyed it. Thank you. :)

  • Nitrocide595 2 years ago

    Very balanced review, Chris, as usual. Thanks for the input!

  • Deon7Dust 2 years ago

    Excellent review. You answered the main questions I was thinking of.

  • Vinnie Sims 2 years ago

    I like it, +Chris Pirillo! :)

  • Ryein Goddard 2 years ago

    Windows can do everything Android can do. It can even run Android apps and
    Chrome Apps. You can also run a Hackintosh in a virtual machine.

  • Ragingfighter1 2 years ago

    Good review

  • tsmithgb 2 years ago

    Great review Chris, thanks for shouting out my question and providing an
    apt response. I guess the one question we all missed was what do you use
    the SP3 for?