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Get your Surface Pro 3 today from amazon through the link below:…

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  • Mr. NotYourCup 2 years ago

    *DO NOT GET THIS if you are a digital artist!~! Get the Wacom Cintiq
    Companion (not the hybrid). I have both the Wacom Cintiq Campanion 512gb
    ssd and the SP3 256gb ssd and the drawing capability of the Wacom Cintiq
    Companion with Windows 8-8.1 Pro is FAR superior to that of the SP3! The
    SP3 is something like 256 levels of pen detection pressure while the Wacom
    Cintiq Companion is 2048! Besides this the recticle detection is TERRIBLE
    on the Surface Pro 3. If you looking for a tablet with windows that you can
    write on and WRITE ONLY! okay this is fine, however if you are getting this
    to draw on the professional level you WILL be immensely disappointed! The
    $1900 Cintiq Companion (13.3″/256gb SSD/windows 8/ 3.4lbs.) and the $2,400
    Cintiq Companion Pro (13.3″/512gb SSD/windows 8 Pro/3.4lbs.) are FAR
    superior to the Surface Pro 3 from an artist’s perspective in nearly every
    feasible way! (the Cintiqs both have 4th Gen. Intel i7 Quad Core 3619u
    Processors with a max @ 2.6 GHz with 8GB of GDDR3 RAM and an Intel HD 4000
    GPU, for an i7 core in the SP3 it will cost you $19-2100. Also having
    battery-less nib [pen] technology) DIGITAL ARTISTS please, PLEASE do your
    research!! I am a 3rd year Game Art student @ Digital Media Arts College I
    major in Conceptual Art and 3D Environmental modeling with a minor in
    Texuring and lighting so I do a TON of digital drawing/logistics in
    Autodesk: Sketchbook Pro 6.2.5, Adobe: Photoshop CC, Illustrator, and many
    others. I also use Pixologic: ZBrush, Autodesk: Maya 2014, Blender, 3DS
    Max, and Mudbox. The SP3 and the Wacom Cintiq Companion (not hybrid) are
    both basically laptops and while the Cintiq Companion may not come with a
    keyboard (you can get one for like $50 from wacom that is very sturdy and
    nice! Compared to a sold separately $150 flimsy SP3 keyboard!) it is far,
    FAR superior it terms of pressure sensitivity, edge detection, and recticle
    calibration!! Not to mention its on-board programmable macro keys
    (hot-keys) and rocker-ring. The Cintiq Companion also comes with duel (2)
    3.0 USB inputs, a solid 5 hour life, Display port input/output, headphone
    3.5mm input, volume control, screen spin lock switch, micro SD slot, etc.
    The stand angles on the Cintiq are also superior to the degree of angle on
    the Surface Pro 3 and yes the Cintiq Companion is also a touchscreen but
    you have the ability to turn it OFF while drawing!!
    Look guys, straight up, ask any real-world digital artist and they’ll
    tell you the same; this product (Surface Pro 3) is a descent tool but NOT
    for the artists out there. Especially for the $2k marker. Save your
    $12-1400 and BUY A WACOM Cintiq Companion. PLEASE bare in mind I am ONLY
    speaking to serious digital artists here. I am not speaking to the people
    that sketch once every 2 months or so or doodle during an office meeting. I
    am speaking here to serious art students, pros, game artists, digital
    concept artists, etc. Hope this saves you my headache.

  • albert275 2 years ago

    Most in-depth video on the product, you just earned yourself a like and a
    new subscriber. Keep up this quality of videos

  • jec112203 2 years ago

    When I get mine, I will be using my SP3 as a desktop with the dock, a nice
    mechanical keyboard, a wireless mouse, and two 27 inch monitors. Then
    later, when I travel to visit my clients, I will attach my type cover for a
    great power/portability ratio that is unmatched thus far in the tech
    industry. Later that evening I will kick off my shoes, climb into bed,
    detach my type cover and stream a movie or read a book before bed. Yes, the
    SP3 is the computer I have been waiting for. 

  • Rico Alexander 2 years ago

    Finally someone who gets it regarding the keyboard accessory.

  • Bank Akinmola 2 years ago

    I’m very impressed with the Surface Pro 3… I’m hoping the Surface Pro 4
    will be a similar leap in tech and design. Although I’m not a hater of
    Windows 8 like so many others, I’ll be waiting for Windows 10 before I pull
    the trigger on a Surface Pro purchase. I’m hoping that they will make some
    big improvements to coincide with the release of a new OS.

    The primary improvement I’m hoping for is a place to dock the stylus in the
    tablet. But even if it’s just an updated chipset and/or longer lasting
    battery, I’d be happy with that. The current design is already gorgeous.

  • CloudShepherd 2 years ago

    This is good unbiased review. Very nice. I agree, most people who hate
    windows 8 are the ones who have never really used it extensively.

  • LightningMotionshot 2 years ago

    “unless you really hate Windows”

    Sure thing, bro. That’s a valid argument. But you could’ve mentioned that
    you can install any other OS you want because the SP3 allows you to boot
    other OSs. Not starting an OS discussion here and which OS is the best for
    touch screen and stuff (that’s all down to your own opinion) but fact is
    that you can boot anything you want. So if you love the form factor but
    hate Windows, then install something else on it. Easy as that.

  • Syco Kinesis 2 years ago

    First of all, anyone who owns an Apple product should stfu about something
    being overpriced. Second, if the Surface was made by Apple no one would
    complain about its price, they would immediately justify it by its “build
    quality” alone. Also it would hailed as a breakthrough innovation to fuse
    ultrabook and tablet if they did it.

    Surface Pro isn’t perfect but neither is any other device currently on the
    market. It is however a step in the right direction I feel.

  • jec112203 2 years ago

    Remember when Home PCs used to cost a MINIMUM of one thousand dollars (more
    depending on how far you go back). And now, because of competition, we
    complain when a computer/tablet cost exceeds our prior expectations? I’m
    glad I get so much more for my money today. I hope to get the i7 512GB
    version when released in August.

  • Ryan Slattery 2 years ago

    +TheDigitalDigest is this tablet like the previous (pro 2) in the sense
    that it is windows 8.1 computer software instead of 8.1 tablet software? 

  • Kabir Cheema 2 years ago

    The best and most in depth review of the Surface pro 3 and that too coming
    from a person who really understands what microsoft is after with this
    tablet. You have a new subscriber

  • Endergames68 2 years ago

    I really don’t see why people are complaining about the 1 usb 3.0 port just
    get a USB adapter there problem solved 

  • Robbie Adams 2 years ago

    Great in depth review… Solid Tablet / Laptop that with every review I
    watch, makes me want to drop some serious coinage on this device.
    It’s expensive, however currently there is no other device in this forum
    factor that does all this right now and the build quality… 

  • Jeffrey van Zeijst 2 years ago

    same question here? plase help!

    note pro 12.2 for 300,- or a surface pro 3 for 725,-?what should a buy as a
    sidekick next to my allready good lenovo yoga

  • aronnepiperno 2 years ago

    Having the same pc experience (Ms and its old and heavy “programs”) is
    completely useless and senseless on a tablet and this is what Microsoft
    hasn’t realized yet.

    This device dissatisfyies both Pc and tablets lovers since each experience
    cannot be merge in such an hybrid

    (From an heavy Windows 7 and Galaxy Note 8 user)

  • chrisose 2 years ago

    “If this had an Apple logo on it we wouldn’t even be discussing price” The
    honesty of that observation alone rates a thumbs up and a subscription. Of
    course the rest of your review was in depth and well balanced so I look
    forward to future submissions.

  • winkipinky 2 years ago

    Fantastic review! I just got one of these last week with i5, 8GB Ram and
    the 256 SSD and it is FAST!! Responsive & looks and feels awesome! I can
    run just about any app and PROGRAM and they all run smooth as butter. There
    are also many ways to customize this device, but so far I am very
    impressed. And going from Win7 to 8.1, was no big deal… It actually does
    a few things better, especially for touch related task but also for day to
    day use. I am quite impressed overall with the SP3.

  • Sam Goop 2 years ago

    Laptop without a keyboard for an extra $800 dollars. Suckers.

  • Trent Mathews 2 years ago

    +TheDigitalDigest Fantastic review… Really feels genuine and unbiased.
    Thanks for helping my decide between this and a Macbook Pro! Subbed :)

  • Jarred Leverton 2 years ago

    For most artists there won’t be a pressure sensitivity difference. Wacom
    has sold everyone on “512/1024/2048 levels” without anyone understanding
    what that means. To see a difference you would need to use a brush of that
    large size. even if your curve settings cut the usable levels in half, you
    need to use a 128+ px brush to see any loss of line quality. That’s a worst
    case scenario. Most artists should be good up to around 200 PX. The average
    artist never approaches that size AND needs per pixel sensitivity all the
    way down to 1px. It just doesn’t happen outside of very specific
    circumstances. I’d venture so far as to say anything over 1024 levels is an
    absolute waste and gimmick. You will NEVER need 1024 individual levels of
    sensitivity on one brush, even doing billboard illustrations and banners.

  • Yolanda Tan 2 years ago

    Hi +TheDigitalDigest during the launch event of the SP3 the guy dropped the
    SP3. Have you dropped it and could it still work after that?

  • JustinBieberFan90210 2 years ago

    This is a pointless device for people who have lots of throw away money.

    A Laptop is far better and the keyboard needs to be heavier than the tablet

  • TheDigitalDigest 2 years ago

    Check out my first update and initial review of the Microsoft Surface Pro

  • Darkermind 2 years ago

    I love my surface pro 3 great for work and play its really a amazing device

  • Jom Pogi 2 years ago

    best review ive watched so far of the pro 3. 

  • Rainer Mueller 2 years ago

    Best and truly most objective review of my Surface Pro 3 I’ve seen to date.
    As a owner/user of Apple, PC, and Android devices, I am intimately aware of
    their individual strong points as well as limitations. I don’t use one
    device 100% of the time, for me it’s the right tool for the right job.

  • Jimmy Djevoich 2 years ago

    would this be able to replace your notebook for college??

  • Echtvergoldet 2 years ago

    Quadruppel A.

  • Bruce T 2 years ago

    But really is the type cover an accessory? MS call this a replacement for
    my laptop, laptops have keyboards

  • Bujar Pervana 2 years ago

    How much you buy this tell me I am from London you have adres for buy this

  • skytoast 2 years ago

    It is NOT AAA battery – it’s actually a AAAA – and yes AAAA exists which is
    more narrow and longer. It also uses two small Lithium button batteries
    for the click switch which I don’t quite understand. But great review. I
    bought my SP3 (i5 256GB model) this week when I was shopping around for a
    mobile computer for work. I had no idea really that it just came out as I
    previously dismissed the SP line as an option. So far no regrets – it’s
    very sexy and it’s the only way to use Windows 8.1 which previously
    I didn’t care for and avoided. I can’t get over the fact that I’m getting
    full x86 performance in a real tablet form factor and this is great!
    Photoshop no problem. Office apps no problem. This is really the first of
    its kind. I’m convinced that tablets will be our next PCs. Looking
    forward to Intel’s Broadwell and forward —

    Oh one more thing to mention that none of these reviews mention. The power
    brick which is small also has an extra USB 2.0 charging port! Nice extra
    feature so you can charge your phone or whatever while also juicing your

  • King Bersalona 2 years ago

    I want to buy this but the rumored “ipad pro” keeps me from doing so. if
    the Ipad pro runs the latest full mac os, I’d just bootcamp Windows 8.1 on

  • Faizan Tariq 2 years ago

    got my to 3 to say the built quality is amazing and stand is
    amazing. makes you wonder why didnt apple,samsung think of it..really
    impressive…BUT I am mac and android person so i wasnt sure about windows
    but wanted to try it..God its is so bad compared to Mac and android…if
    your used to Mac or Android DONT GET THIS. an dif your happy with windows 8
    this i as good as it gets.. for me i will stick to MAcbook and my android

  • Rafa Rodrigues 2 years ago

    I’m going to college, and I was thinking of buying the surface as my
    primary device. I’m going to study engineering, and you mentioned in your
    video that it may not be capable to handle hing end tasks. Do you think the
    i7 version wouldn’t suit me well?
    Thanks and congrats for your videos. I love this channel

  • Dave Birney 2 years ago

    about the price, i justified it to myself by adding up what it would cost
    me to get a high spec laptop, high spec desktop, a low end tablet and a
    drawing tablet with a screen. thats what i would have been getting if i
    didnt have the surface. all that would have cost me about 1k more! so it
    seems really cheap when i look at it that way

  • Michael Lewis 2 years ago

    Awesome review! I couldn’t wait for the Pro 3, I’ve owned almost every
    Surface released and this latest gen exceeded my hopes.

  • Laura S 2 years ago

    I bought the i7 and 512G to replace my laptop that was damaged. It is so
    BTW, you get that really cool pen with the SP 3. It is the best writing
    environment I’ve ever found. I have the Evernote Adonjit BT pen for my
    iPad, which was $70 and is powered by a AAA battery too (which it runs
    through batteries much faster that the Surface pen. Plus you don’t even get
    a complimentary EN premium subscription like most of their Market
    merchandise like the Post-its or the Moleskine. The most uniquely superior
    feature the SP 3 pen has that no other stylus does, is you can firmly rest
    your wrist while you write always! Not a single stray mark you have go back
    and erase, then immediately recreate the minute you try to write again. I
    think it’s silly to people are ignoring the free bonus pen. Especially
    since it that blows away the best Apple- friendly possible capabilities. Of
    course there are always those who will find something to whine about.
    That segues into the innovative type cover. It is beautifully back lit,
    which is a pricey upgrade on a laptop. Also has a touch pad. The Zagg type
    cover I bought for my iPad does not offer anything to use like a mouse.
    Plus no batteries needed for the MS keyboard cover. No charging separately
    either. Where else can you buy a quality tablet keyboard that is integrated
    and physically connected? The Zagg runs at least. $100 and more for
    backlit. It also has a Windows key.
    I really enjoyed your video!
    subscribed!! 😉

  • zahirul amar 2 years ago

    hi bro… do u have any unused 10 inch tablet…??? can u give me 1 for
    free??? hehehe

  • Clive Sinclair 2 years ago

    Great in depth review – another one that has convinced me I need one. Just
    have to convince my wife!

  • Brian Pietrzyk 2 years ago

    Looks like they’ve paid attention to the hardware quality that people want
    (like apple does) but unfortunately win 8.1 is still substandard in
    security and stability. It’s too much money to put out for such a nice
    piece of hardware that can only run such a cheaply built OS. Apple needs
    make things right now and come out with an OS X based equivalent.

  • Andrew Brown 2 years ago

    I still would have liked to see better insides on the 128 gb version is
    it’s the same as the Sp2. And for drawing I have heard right hand artists
    complain about hitting the Win symbol on the right hand side continually.

  • Alex Martinson 2 years ago

    Nice video. And very accurate information. But people are willing to pay
    for an apple product because of the amount of apps they can purchase not
    because this device is inferior to a Mac.

  • Christoph Haug 2 years ago

    I’m sorry but this is not a review, it’s plain advertising. As much as I
    agree that the Surface 3 is probably the best value for money right now, my
    expectation from a reviewer is to be critical and point out the weaknesses.
    But instead of pointing out that the cameras on the device are fixed focus,
    making it impossible to take a legible shot of a printed text, you simply
    praise the cameras for their increased resolution. What good is that
    resolution, if the shots are blurry? Anyway, My point is: please be
    critical if you want to be credible.

  • Pich Suy 2 years ago

    Like your review! Spot on and helpful. Thanks mate. 

  • DrRandomacts 2 years ago

    That isn’t a AAA battery it is a AAAA yes 4 A’s.

    I hope they won’t be too hard to find.. I never used a device with AAAA’s

  • David McMurchy 2 years ago

    The issue I have with the keyboard not being included is that Microsoft is
    marketing it heavily as a laptop replacement. If you’re going to market it
    as a laptop replacement and all of your marketing material shows it with a
    keyboard attached at some point, it’s a bit dishonest to sell it without
    one of the most basic features that makes a laptop. By all means, it looks
    to be a phenomenal product, but to make it a laptop replacement, you need
    to buy two separate products and not the one that Microsoft’s marketing
    would make it appear to be.

  • rweb82 2 years ago

    The reason why folks are complaining about having to pay for the type cover
    is that Microsoft DID give it away for the previous versions. If Microsoft
    is truly marketing this device as a full “laptop” computer, then it ought
    to come with a physical keyboard standard. Name one other laptop on the
    market where the keyboard does not come standard.

    That said, the SP3 looks amazing.

  • Emmanuel Pluga 2 years ago

    Don’t you have problems with your wifi driver?,, also is your power supply
    cable peeling of?