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Microsoft announces Surface Pro 3 in NY City. The Surface Pro 3 offers the power and performance of a laptop. The best laptop. The best of a tablet. Satya Na…

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  • Bakkendk 2 years ago

    Panos Panay is an awesome speaker, I noticed that watching the keynote for
    Surface 2. Now I am ready to sell my Zenbook and Surface 2, and get me one
    of these. This device is the most sexy piece of technology that is
    available today – especially when considering the possibilities it brings
    to us. Wow.. I am just thrilled. And what a cadeau having the Adobe-guy
    speaking so fondly about it!

  • I feel very uneasy and feel like vomiting when I look at this panas guy
    presenting. He has NO emotions, it’s like he is pretending to be confident.
    That is absolutely disgusting. He has this stern look on his face which
    shows that he is trying to force himself to be confident. Fucking

  • Tjay Grad 2 years ago

    I think the next Surface Pro will be a REAL game changer. The 3 is kind of
    perfect but not quiete there yet:
    Display resolution is for a high end device just average.
    The kickstand has sharp edges & windows 8 just isn’t using the devices

    So I’m (as a Mac User) really excited about the next generation of surface

  • Black Tiger 2 years ago

    Microsoft I hate you… I’ve just bought my tablet several month ago… But
    now I WANT Surface 3 so badly!… I hate you…

    PS: btw, this presentation reminds me Jobs’ presentations…

  • Shane monaghan 2 years ago

    the audiance are using mac books in a microsoft speech. LOL!

  • Shark Babe 2 years ago

    I want the SP3!
    I bought the first pro when the second pro came out as I didn’t think the
    differences were that great to justify spending another $500+. But now this
    is out! Damn, wish I had waited but I had no idea how different the SP3
    would be. I played around with one in store and omg it is awesome. I
    especially love the bigger screen, kickstand, battery life and the updated
    type cover. Cannot wait till I can get this :D

  • Shark Babe 2 years ago

    I love the SP3 so much when I was looking at it in store another couple was
    also and I convinced them to purchase it 😀

    The husband wanted his wife to get it but she wasn’t really sure. I let her
    know just how much you can get done with it and bamn sold. The husband
    actually thought I worked there and wanted to do the sale through me haha,
    he kept coming up to me as I browsing around asking me questions about this
    beautiful product 🙂 

  • Luiz Eduardo 2 years ago

    That bitch didn’t seem to like the SP3 that was given to her AS A GIFT!!!
    How absurd!

  • Ronak Roy 2 years ago

    Guy “Phew! It didn’t crack! Glad the floor is carpet!”

  • Aniket Patil 2 years ago

    Every one in the audience is using a macbook

  • Peter Christopher 2 years ago

    Please help. I really want to read that article he commented on by Joanna,
    can anyone help?! Or was it removed? He was very passionately against it,
    and it would be great to see why!

  • I can’t stand the way this guy speaks. Very very irritating. It’s like
    every statement he has to make an impression. People don’t know what is
    important and they just shut their ears off!

  • jishnu renugopal 2 years ago

    that moment when u realize that most the audience is using mac.

  • Frank Zhu 2 years ago

    it is the best product out there period! love it. Apple needs to match that
    or will get left behind I think. I love Apple too btw. 

  • Sash Ramswamy 2 years ago

    Bill Gates will be very proud of this device. This is the first time I ever
    watched a Microsoft presentation throughout. Satya and especially Panos
    PRESENTATION SKILLS matches that of Jobs and Scott Forstall. Very Cool.
    They need, though, to plug in and project the screen the way Apple does it.
    I hate those hands on camera shots……

  • JULIUS K 2 years ago

    WWDC had more audience in the restroom than this keynote (and which half of
    the people are using mac product) Surface 2 was a complete failure from
    microsoft, surface 3 will not be any difference. Now they created bigger
    tablet/pc? Even in this keynote that surface pro 3 lags… it’s just
    pathetic. Good Luck!!! I think this guy sold me a car back in 1997…

  • MrSporkster 2 years ago

    That moment when all the reporters in the front row with Macbooks feel like
    complete idiots holding outdated tech…

  • Jorge Rosales 2 years ago

    Joanna is a bitch

  • Ronak Roy 2 years ago

    I’ve always wondered what microsoft has done. Now I know. Reinventing
    revolutionary ideas so it just bears Microsoft’s name, all while Apple is
    busy inventing revolutionary new ideas

  • Nox Chen 2 years ago

    With the new thinness, I think the Surface Pro 3 is super cool. I was
    reading through a lot of reviews that were sceptical about windows 8
    (which I was not amazed when it first launched by the way), but I think
    that, simply from the product design standpoint, it has won me over
    already, what a gorgeous and cool looking device. I’m just gonna let the
    software updates catch up to me later on, but this hardware, omg, I’m gonna
    get it. Awesome work Microsoft, oh, and please don’t change the size of the
    screen anymore, 12″ is just right.

  • dahDougieBoy 2 years ago

    When are they going to drop the Pro.. Such a lame label to put on products.

  • RicachetX 2 years ago

    omg Surface used to sound like a dumb name. Now it makes so much sense

  • nerdwithjordans 2 years ago

    lap-ability nice tech word 

  • Aharon Lowenstein 2 years ago

    It’s so hard not to like Panos. He’s just so chilled out and you can tell
    he absolutely loves what he does

  • asemnafiz 2 years ago

    This seems to be exactly what I need for myself. However I think that it
    will fail like its predecessors mainly because not many people want
    productivity or a desktop interface in their tablet. Tablets are built for
    media consumption and that’s the need of most people in this world. 

  • Adithya Vasudevamurthy 2 years ago

    Lot of Love and Respect for Microsoft. But honestly the Surface 3 still
    doesn’t replace a laptop (or at least the Mac Air and the OS X). They are
    better of annihilating every incomplete Tablet(including the iPad) /Laptop
    instead of going after the most awesome piece of hardware there is. And on
    another note Panos came across as a weak/wannabe presenter. He says he’s
    ‘proud of his team’ and the ‘product is cool’ like a bizillion times in a
    50 min presentation. Not to mention he is reminding the audience to clap
    and respond all through (especially at 43:08). His untucked shirt,
    unfinished beard and condescending attitude (towards the Mac Air) fails to
    make a case for the Surface 3 and MS. Seems a tad unprofessional to bad
    mouth a device that’s been approved by the world. 

  • Prem Punjabi 2 years ago

    that’s a lot of macbooks in the audience… !!!!!!

  • Matthew Wisniewski 2 years ago

    Now I know my inbox is going to regret commenting on a tech video due to
    all the fanboys. But I sold my Retina Macbook pro, and my iPad retina a
    week after buying my surface pro 3. Granted it is still a windows OS, which
    will always have bugs and require more attention there really is something
    awesome to be able to code my projects, DRAW on Photoshop without the need
    for a $4k Wacom with a screen, Play Nether, WatchDogs (granted at minimum
    settings) then fold it up and use it as a piece of paper at my day job.

    I have a super powerful desktop PC for a reason, there will be a need for a
    large PC for data intensive things for a very long time, but playing games
    on my Mac was not happening, using it without looking like a jerk in
    meetings, not happening and a lot of other things.

    This tablet really did replace my laptop, and I HOPE Apple does a better
    job at it in the near future, and then back to Microsoft vice verse,
    competition makes for great products, but as of right now, this really is
    the best device (if not the only) in its class.

  • Mino Marimat 2 years ago

    iPad > Any samsung tablet


    Microsoft Surface Pro 3 > Any samsung tablet

  • MrVoluptuousOctopus 2 years ago

    5:30 … every reporter using a mac… 

  • Gauge Prower 2 years ago

    at 3:12 how many Apple MacBooks do you see? lol

  • Anthony John Nathan 2 years ago

    Those Apple Macbook users on the front row, they are there because they
    have to know what innovation means. Because all the Apple stuffs look the
    same. And overpriced.

  • Imran Ward 2 years ago

    is this guy a pastor? because it feels like he is preaching…

  • Sash Ramswamy 2 years ago

    Adobe guy sucked ass. Get your stuff together adobe guy. Good thing he was
    up there for only a minute or 2. 

  • Dan Matney 2 years ago

    Why does he sound as though he is talking down to the audience? Something
    that Apple does is, they talk up their own product, not bash the
    competition on items that they guide your eyes to.