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Get your Surface Pro 2 from amazon through the link below:…

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  • Slowly Poking History 2 years ago

    Oh my god fucking stop. Surface 2 Pro is a laptop with a iCore proccesser
    and Surface RT is a Tablet with a ARM processor, period

  • Alberto Jimenez 2 years ago

    Who else thought their screen was cracked?
    Scared the sht out of me -.-

  • Deja Jones 2 years ago

    Does the pen for the surface pro 2 work on the surface 2?

  • GeeKeD-OuT 2 years ago

    I always think there is a scratch on my screen when I watch your vids. Good
    videos though. Good knowledge

  • YxKSAgamer 2 years ago

    Can you use the pen for the surface 2

  • Nieminen Eminem 2 years ago

    Actually, I dont agree with you. It has everything I need from a PC. 1080p
    touch screen, full office, no lag, Youtube works 10/10.
    Web browsing is very smooth and fast. Some neat apps in Store… Social
    media works 10/10 too

  • RMJ1984 2 years ago

    Its really interesting, because looking on youtube here, clearly to my eyes
    the tablet on the left has the sharper more crips screen and text.

  • rueben44 2 years ago

    OMG you exclaimed that you felt it was the same display over and over then
    around 9-10 minutes in you pick up the RT and say how you CAN see some
    great difference! What?

    Having said that i appreciate that you do realize that for some users it
    will be a great product. Speaking of the RT version because many people
    hate it without understanding.

  • JJamiah 2 years ago

    The Surface RT is still a great tablet. I strongly disagree with the fact
    that it was a flop, or a failure as you have stated. It should be in all
    the schools and perfect for a college student who wants access to
    everything at the palm of their hands, such as the text books we read, to
    the MS Word or One Note that one can take and organize their notes.. :)

  • Monical755065 2 years ago

    i was wondering which would be better to use for school but can also be
    used as a tablet

  • DrCheetos 2 years ago

    Why doesnt anyone ever show the damn boot speeds??!

  • Nieminen Eminem 2 years ago

    Look at 15:20 people. I am going to buy that tablet from next sale.

    See the full office in the bottom? Perfect for student! See how fast it
    handles web browsing? Even more better! 1080p screen and runs youtube
    perfectly. Its really a dream device.

  • on sb 2 years ago

    Let me summarize your review. Tablet vs. laptop.

  • Archie hunt 2 years ago

    i like the pro 2 but its just to thick for a tablet

  • Foo Chuanshi 2 years ago

    Sir, is there any method for me to install applications in my Surface 2?

  • Rod Q 2 years ago

    u need a tablet not another friking computer, the 400$ dosneth worth it

  • Tri Minez 2 years ago

    SD cunts XD

  • Jeong-hun Sin 2 years ago

    Surface 2 should have been lighter, possibly under 500g like GT Pro 10.1
    and iPad Air. I can understand the weight of Surface Pro 2, because it is a
    full laptop. But the Surface 2 is an ARM-based tablet which competes with
    the two forementioned tablets.

  • Nieminen Eminem 2 years ago

    RT has full Office and it works usually more smoothly for some reason. It
    is more than a tablet but less than a PC.
    If you dont need any random apps from internet, go with RT. You wont be

  • Charlie Tsai 2 years ago

    If you use Office a lot and don’t usually download application from the
    web, I will suggest you to buy Surface 2, because you can get office for
    free. But if want a real PC than buy the pro one

  • Harry Whitehouse 2 years ago

    brilliant review. other videos completely the surface 2 and make it out to
    be this unbelievable difference in the pro2. thank you, you’ve just save me

  • Ronny Cardona 2 years ago

    Would I be able to download and play League Of legends on the Surface 2
    (Not Pro 2) ? 

  • NaturalNature100 2 years ago

    Can’t wait to save up for one, it’s actually nice and think it’s worth the
    money. Very Portable and small yet can play big games that require a strong
    processor and such :)

  • Sanganak Kasare 2 years ago

    Can u connect a USB DVD drive on both of them 

  • Patrick Esdam 2 years ago

    The Surface 2 is already 4 months in, I think I’ll save up some money and
    get the Pro 3.. Great video though.

  • Ashley Lau 2 years ago

    Hi, I would like to ask if the surface pro pen can be used on surface 2?
    Does it works well?

  • Perez y 2 years ago

    How many years do you expect the battery to last? Considering the
    replacement is $450, if it doesn’t last a good four years, it isn’t very
    practical for a college student, or anyone for that matter to spend this
    much on a machine.

  • Jacob Naganuma 2 years ago

    This helped so much. I just purchased a surface pro 2 because I need a
    laptop, but also something I’m able to do graphic designing with. Even
    though the surface pro 3 is coming out soon, the pro 2 seems better for
    someone on the run 

  • Rita Coelho 2 years ago

    I want to buy a new laptop, because my old one is broken. I looking for a
    laptop that is easy to carry anywhere and light, but I’m also looking for a
    laptop that can turn into a tablet. Would you think I should buy surface
    pro 2 or surface pro ? What do you recommend ?

  • rob fraser 2 years ago

    thanks ,,can you run an external wifi antenna through the usb port on the
    surface 2 ?

  • ben ten 2 years ago

    do both support the pen?

  • Nathan Nguyen 2 years ago

    Which one would you recommend for a high school student? I currently take
    all honours courses and will be going into AP, so I’m going to have an
    abundance amounts of papers, presentations etc. Also buying one for the
    next three years so I won’t be upgrading every year. I take finance classes
    and accounting too, and I’m not sure if there are anyapplications onwindows
    for that. Thank for you help. Merci beaucoup!

  • Taylor Johnson 2 years ago

    Is it possible to buy a Surface Pro 3 stylis/digital pen and use it with
    the Surface 2?

  • Karen Ken 2 years ago

    I loved this video. You’re very thorough and knowledgeable !!! Thanks for
    posting it :)

  • Fazlur Rahman 2 years ago

    can the pro 2 pen be used for the surface 2? what is it like?

  • cubebox4tube 2 years ago

    Very unbiased and practical reivew… THANK YOU!!

  • Liam Chillichos 2 years ago

    I need something for my homework
    And surface 2 is perff

  • mrdevildogs Dillon 2 years ago

    Very well put together

  • Aiden is all Knowing 2 years ago

    God damn. I have trouble keeping space on a 2tb hard drive. How can anyone
    work off of 64 gb? It’s supposed to be a pc (the pro 2) lmao

  • Claudia Di Filippo 2 years ago

    The pen works good with surface 2?

  • Diana Alvarado 2 years ago

    Can you download Premiere or Inventor on the Surface 2?

  • KarL Stroud 2 years ago

    Awesome comparison. I’m so tired of explaining the difference between
    these two devices :)

  • michal03966 2 years ago

    Great review! 

  • IconiCanadians 2 years ago

    There is no i7….

  • Brad Loyo 2 years ago

    Awsome great video but I have a question does the pro 2’s pen work on the
    surface 2?

  • Geoffrey Miller 2 years ago

    Delayed adopter, waiting for my Pro 2 to come in the mail from eBay.

  • TheEndTrend 2 years ago

    Is there any competition here at all?? RT is garbage, you can’t do

  • Justin Crawford 2 years ago

    Which one the pro or the tablet

  • justadrummervienna 2 years ago

    a tablet is only a gadget and should not cost more then 200$. so android

  • Joseph Holt 2 years ago

    One thing worth noting, is that the Surface 2 comes with Microsoft Office
    preinstalled, whereas the Surface Pro 2 only comes with a trial version.
    You will have to buy the full version after a limited time.