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Miss the live stream? Rewatch the #MoreLumia event as it happened right here! Subscribe for more!: Watch our other videos: http://youtub…

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  • Zoheb Khan 3 years ago

    Such a bore event !
    Waiting for Apple event !
    They are the best at everything ! :D

  • SilverSpade92 3 years ago

    What a crap crowd.

  • entyceit 3 years ago

    the best part about nokia phones are Qi wireless charging. since AT&T
    controls wireless charging, they wont let iPhone or android do it. Nokia
    is global, and they can put Qi wireless charging on their phone.

  • James Smith 3 years ago

    3:03 What if I don’t want to do “more”? What product should I buy?

  • Dhananjay Ganjgaonkar 3 years ago

    ek number re chris webber bhari phone ahe 735…
    awadla aplyala..

  • Alexis Aguiñaga 3 years ago

    Bad idea to make a press conference in germany, no offense guys, but you
    are quite shy

  • Maciej Przybylski 3 years ago
  • Kenneth Griffith 3 years ago

    Nice information about the new phones coming from Microsoft..A little slow
    I will be buying the 830 for sure…I have an 1520 red and love it

  • Danilo do Nascimento Ferreira 3 years ago

    Pra quem perdeu, esse é vídeo da conferencia da Microsoft na integra!
    Confira como foi o lançamento dos Lumias 730, 735 e 830 na IFA 2014!

  • eero nieminen 3 years ago

    No they are worst at everything and overhyped company

  • Jr Thomas 3 years ago

    And what does Apple have that so interesting in there events? Wait i know
    another overpriced phone.

  • Liam Jaffray 3 years ago

    This is like watching Windows Phones Funeral. 

  • Michael S 3 years ago

    The Windows Phone OS will become like Excel was at its beginning where
    Excel was far from being the first spreadsheet on the market. Then, slowly
    but surely, Excel became number one and it took years to accomplish this
    number one position. And I could go on and on with other software products
    from Microsoft that followed the same pattern of being far from number one
    to reach the number one position after years of improvements.

    The same currently happens with the Windows Phone OS. With the recent
    version 8.1, the Windows Phone OS is already a better mobile OS than Google
    Android and even than Apple iOS.

    Oh, I hear the people who do not know the Windows Phone OS saying ” but
    what about the apps?” Well, with more than 320,000 Windows Phone apps (and
    500 per week adding), you should be able to find most or all of your
    favorite apps, the ones you do not find probably already have third-party
    versions of them.

    This event is great in many ways. The improvements made are excellent,
    especially with respect to photography. Sure, no “flagship” phones for the
    most fanatics but the Nokia 830 is already a much better phone than the
    current Apple 5S!! That is the plain reality. Why? The Apple iPhone 5S does
    not even have NFC, or wireless charging, and many more!! That is the

    To offer an affordable flagship phone with the Nokia 830 is very good news
    and very smart on the part of Microsoft. Not everybody can afford buying a
    flagship phone that costs the price of a good laptop!!!

    The flagship smartphones from Microsoft will come later on, for instance
    the successor of the Nokia 1020 is currently prepared and should be
    unveiled in a very short time, probably in just a few months.

    More, Microsoft learnt their lesson and now you have for both phones a
    replaceable battery and a microSD card slot for up to 128 GB of extra
    storage available if you want that. These two features are really appealing
    for many users.

  • Ch'ng SeaneUU 3 years ago

    The high resolution 4k video turn into still image is a good feature.

  • Meemeimei 3 years ago

    Does anyone know what is the song in the beginning? 

  • SilverSpade92 3 years ago

    Also, that selfie was a complete cop-out. He even pointed out his big head
    several times, and because he sat so far ahead of the others, two of the
    people behind him ended up hidden behind his head.

    What a fucking half-hearted attempt. This presenter fucked up a lot.

  • Jr Thomas 3 years ago

    glx-note 4 has the same size screen as a glx-note3. heart beat sensor
    really how many people even use that? way over priced phones for iphone n
    samsung. Why would i pay $800.00 for a phone i can get at half the price.
    That does the same thing? 

  • Jr Thomas 3 years ago

    love my window phone 1320. I will never go back to andriod spam n more

  • steve brinda 3 years ago

    @eeronieminen TWAT

  • Oscar Alejandro de Leon Garcia 3 years ago

    This is the best Microsoft event that I’ve seen ever this the best
    innovation company and the best choice to change if you have an Android or
    IOS Microsoft is the law :D

  • jonuiuc 3 years ago

    That flash bit at 22 min in, is pretty cool.

  • capo tini 3 years ago

    Nice improvements to a already solid and mature and thank God not
    fragmented platform :)

  • Shaifudin Baruchah 3 years ago

    Wow! the Lumia 730 is great! The beeping thing is cool too! :D

  • Louis Hall 3 years ago

    Key, Cortana!

  • chuck bruno 3 years ago

    ill definite get the 830

  • Ra'ed Alaraj 3 years ago

    love the dynamic flash thing!!!