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  • Prins NWA 2 years ago

    Nigga speaking faster then Eminem Rapping

  • Moe Gene 2 years ago

    can you talk even faster?

  • GadgetsToUse 2 years ago

    Microsoft Lumia 535 VS Nokia Lumia 730 Hands on Comparison Review

  • Puru Khilari 2 years ago

    @Ishan Sanyal Lumia 730 has a good upgrade over its predecessor which had a
    4.3″ display if L730 had a 5″ display then the older flagships would seem

  • Αγγελική Μ. 2 years ago

    Nokia sell out i mean its now official brand of microsoft right? 

  • Stefan Đorđević 2 years ago

    Ur english is bad, either change accent or talk slower =) No offence

  • Gagan Kumar 2 years ago

    got lumia 730 as my first windows phone and i am very satisfied with it :)

  • GRiZLOC 2 years ago

    My first ever Windows Phone 8.1 device is the Nokia Lumia 930 and I’m very
    satisfied with this smartphone. I’m a bit disappointed that they are
    getting rid of the brand name Nokia while the brand Nokia is a well known
    brand. Microsoft should use it for as long as possible. 

  • Temple Of Learning 2 years ago

    It’s sad they’re cancelling the NOKIA READING app,
    I would really enjoy it on Lumia 535 screen!

  • Sumi Dattagupta 2 years ago

    Can we download Fifa 15 in 730 without having a Xbox account ?

  • GadgetsToUse 2 years ago

    Microsoft Lumia 535 VS Nokia Lumia 730 Hands on Comparison Review

  • Mayank Sarkar 2 years ago

    I think I c ur approximately every video of phones n tab in which I m
    interested u always give best detailed description. But now I wonder what
    do u do with phone after giving review. I think u buy all the phones ri8??

  • Shivashish Singh 2 years ago

    Special offer of the day big sale on flipkart All new Microsoft Lumia 535
    Just at 7887/- click here to buy

  • Saran Guna 2 years ago

    i am studying 9th std, if i got above marks, i can buy a phone below
    13,000. so pls say that which windows phone is best?

  • Francis Imperio 2 years ago

    have you experienced lumia 535 touch issue ?

  • Rajneesh Soni 2 years ago

    Challenge with the ms iOS is lack of apps, how has that progressed ?

  • vaibhavi dave 2 years ago

    i am using lumia 535 it is the best smartphone but touch sensitivity is

  • GadgetsToUse 2 years ago

    Microsoft Lumia 535 VS Nokia Lumia 730 Hands on Comparison Review

  • Puru Khilari 2 years ago

    @Prins NWA haha

  • TheTbiliCity 2 years ago

    1 hour video in 7 mins :)))

  • kel kelly 2 years ago

    he speaking to fast

  • karuna moturu 2 years ago

    That was really helpful. It gives clear cut distinction b/w the two lumia
    730 & microsoft lumia 535 interms of hardware & software.

  • Sergy Ortiz Puerto 2 years ago

    OMG please add some caption to this videos >_<

  • Ishan Sanyal 2 years ago

    730 should have had 5″ display, and 535 should have had 4.7″ display

  • Purna Prasad 2 years ago

    Tnks FOR showing comparision between these 2 Lumia’s

  • tejas singh 2 years ago


  • Puru Khilari 2 years ago

    @Sumi Dattagupta Making a Xbox ac is not that complicated.

  • Cobra8888Colin 2 years ago

    Goddamn this guy is like a machine gun

  • whocaresidontfuckoff 2 years ago

    Well, i rarely search for something and find it with my clicked result..
    Now, i’m found everything i was looking for in this video. Good job.

  • Rama Chandra 2 years ago

    Since lumia 535 is a microsoft device i believe we can get better support
    than that of lumia 730 in terms of updates,etc

  • Mariusz Przeradzki 2 years ago

    Polsce nie ma Cortany to jest fajny telefon ale nie na Rynek Polski

  • Leonel Yago 2 years ago

    I believe the display is ips tft lcd