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Check out the Nokia Lumia 1020, exclusively at AT&T: This is my unboxing and overview of the Nokia Lumia 1020. The Lumia 1020 f…

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  • @!#!@$@!$@!#@!$A!@##!$!@$ 2 years ago

    The real questions is: Can it bend?

  • Faraz Rocco 2 years ago

    ((((( HAN HAN HAN)))))))

  • Nick Leavitt 2 years ago

    What knife is he using to open that box 

  • 21Javex 2 years ago

    I will say, I have this phone, and its one hell of a survivor. It has
    horrible screen cracks from multiple drops but its still living. And yes I
    still use it even though I’ve beat the hell out of it.

  • Harrison Xiong 2 years ago

    The camera looks great!

  • Belén Farra 2 years ago

    i have this phone and i can tell video quality is great

  • kalojan georgiev 2 years ago


  • justin winton 2 years ago

    Great phone! Even better with windows phone 8.1.

  • Zach Files 2 years ago

    I know this phone puts its camera first but dont you take pictures with a
    canon camera or something but I understand that if you dont have a lot of
    money you buy this phone and take pictures for what ever reson but I think
    your wasting your money on a phone that has a windows 8 prosseser which is
    a tarable thing to have and just like the computer its self it pops errors
    and pc minimumiser its complet useless if you cant get a break with all the
    errors so thats my thoughts on this phone

  • abdalla wehbi 2 years ago

    after 5 month, upgraded to wp 8.1, this lumia 1020 is a beast

  • On7yEl3cTr0 2 years ago

    to bad it got only a 720p screen. No 1080p. Thats to bad

  • hannes hebben 2 years ago

    But the real question is, does it film in 4k at 45 fps?

  • Edwin Gamboa 2 years ago

    I love smartphone photography, I do, I think this phone is fantastic for it
    and I’d love to give it a chance, but I also like the Xperia line, maybe
    the Z2 would be good, I don’t know which phone to get, I love what Sony
    does, but WP8.1 has gotten my attention with beautiful looks and that
    MASSIVE 41 Mp camera on the back, I like WP8,1 but I don’t know if that’s
    enough to get me to switch to Lumia, I’m not an android fanboy at all, but
    I’m used to it and change scares me, some might think it’s silly, but I
    don’t know what to do, this is a good phone with an OUTSTANDING camera, the
    Xperia is a much better phone with a good camera, but not as good as this
    one, I seriously fear that if I switch I won’t be comfortable with it,
    anyone else feels like this? Or felt like this? 

  • Crazy Funny Cats 2 years ago


    The video wasnt that good

    Or the flower

    I may try one of these for printing blow ups that are huge

    The panasonic fz200 1080 p video at 60fps is better than what videos were
    shown here

    Check the slo mo bees on our channel

    Now that is a camera!

  • Dirtynicker911 2 years ago

    Cream of the cock??

  • jess kate 2 years ago

    i have had this phone since last october and after having it for only 2
    months its started playing wen i went to take photos it just blacked out
    got really hot and switched off and didnt come bak on i had it fixed and
    everything was all good till about a month ago it started glithing out
    freezing and the touch screen wouldnt work if i was watching youtube on it
    the video would be black and only have sound come out and i couldnt turn it
    off then bak on again it would fix its self after a few mins now its
    starting to die really quickly like it would be fully charged at 8 am and
    die at 3pm and my net isnt always on not very happy with it atm really want
    a new phone

  • Jeeei!Finland

  • Tom Maloney 2 years ago

    It’s better than my canon camera

  • Jo's Tech 2 years ago

    i am not a fan of win8/8.1 mobs but nokia gone mad with their camera in L
    and thats a bad thing cuz no 4k recording which galaxy alpha offers at 12MP
    and still the L 1020 photos will take a large space 

  • Seth McArthur 2 years ago

    I really love the epic B-Roll shots, you should bring them back in more
    product reviews

  • Hassan Rizwan 2 years ago

    his hair line though :p

  • euan mendoza 2 years ago

    Go ahead laugh all you want but I’m only a kid don’t cuss at me.

  • Adiatma Sukwirahmanta 2 years ago

    To clear up my confusion, with the same and standard memory capacity with
    other phones (32/64 GB) and no external card slot, and with better
    image/video quality which consume a lot of space, would it feels limited ?
    Like for example, on other phones you can save up to 1000 photos but in
    this phone you can only save up to 500 ?

  • IAmGoombaSniper 2 years ago

    Is there any downfall to the image quality when selecting the faster
    shutter speed?

  • Zuher Tatli 2 years ago

    Anyone saying windows phone is complicated is actually retarted ive owned
    ios, android and wp devices and wp is the easiest to use and most
    customizable os 

  • rogger iyyen 2 years ago

    your talking to much dude..just focus on the camera not what ever on that
    phone it takes time..