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Here is a tutorial on how to use QPair between the LG GPad 8.3 tablet and LG G2 smartphone. QPair consists of 6 features that sync the tablet with the smartp…

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  • S. Collins 2 years ago

    What other LG phone will work with the LG GPad 8.3?

  • Makingnewnamesisdumb 2 years ago

    I receive notification of mms on my tablet but not sms, why would that be?
    Does anybody know what might be the problem? Please help. 

  • Newegg Lifestyle 2 years ago
  • Jrion 2 years ago

    How do i download the app? Cant find it in the playstore?

  • Green Bud 2 years ago

    thanks great video

  • Arun S Pillai 2 years ago

    need to be in the bluethtooth range for all this!!!that’s lame..

  • qwertyronson 2 years ago