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Lisa Gade compares the Lenovo Yoga 3 Pro and the Microsoft Surface Pro 3 Windows 8.1 Ultrabook and tablet. Check out our video review of the Lenovo Yoga 3 Pr…

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  • slannmage 3 years ago

    The Lenovo is so much better in terms of usability and design, the weight
    is all on the keyboard part, where you want it. Those removable tablet
    keyboards are never good and just make it horrible to use as a Laptop,
    really the Surface pro is a tablet.

    I don’t know the price of the Lenovo but the Surface Pro 3 is just a rip
    off. You need 8gb on Windows, you need 500GB at least for Windows and why
    the hell would you not want an I7? The I5 has no HT. So that sets you back
    £1600 odd :S I can build that for a couple hundred myself. I don’t
    understand why the don’t make those parts modular like they used to, just

  • ForViewingOnly 3 years ago

    Hi Lisa, just wanted to let you know that a channel called ‘AwesomeVids’
    has stolen a lot of your videos. It really annoys me when people try to
    make money from other peoples hard work.

  • candsofillusion 3 years ago

    Hi Lisa! Will you be reviewing Lumia 830 AT&T?? :)

  • Nuha Islam 3 years ago

    you cant type with surface on your lap can you?

  • holyshaman 3 years ago

    Why the hell do they not keep the Wacom digitizer?? surface did it now the
    yoga!! they make them selves worse by default than the cintiq companion by

  • Javier Fernandez 3 years ago

    Yoga vs Surface en vídeo.

  • arunbadruka12 3 years ago

    y there is a Gap in screen near the 3.5mm jack on ur surface pro 3 ??

  • Gavin S 3 years ago

    As nice as that Yoga 3 is, it is seriously overpriced….then again Surface
    Pro 3 is seriously overpriced for what is basically a tablet.

  • Karly Johnston 3 years ago

    But they run Win 8. Does it get Win 10 free?

  • Michael Lewis 3 years ago

    Still not enough to move me from my Surface Pro 3.

  • StevenGaspard 3 years ago

    The yoga has hinges that keep the screen erect on your lap, thus instant
    win. MS is dense to think people want a floppy keyboard…

  • MobileTechReview 3 years ago
  • Ire Min Mon 3 years ago

    Surface Pro isn’t your laptop. It’s just some tablet between your 17.3″
    laptop and 4.3″ smartphone the way I see it. Stop flaming, it’s a luxury
    product, or a product for the ones that don’t really do any demanding tasks
    on their laptops.

  • 1456pickles 3 years ago

    Can you mark up word documents or at least PDFs with the SP3 stylus?

  • kvnlte 3 years ago

    SP3: I like the option of detaching the keyboard, especially reading in
    portrait mode. Most of the time I use it as a laptop. Using it on my lap is
    not a bad experience although I don’t do it for a long stretches. I like
    the versatility in general as you can use it in many ways. And I’m a
    software developer – coding on it and running programs is just fine and you
    can really go mobile.

  • Monkey Business 3 years ago

    Surface Pro 3 = hideous as a ‘laptop’. Terrible keyboard, hideous and
    fiddly kickstand, uncomfortable and annoying to use on your lap,
    inconvenient to use on the move (flappy keyboard, all the weight in the
    screen, constantly having to open/close/adjust kickstand, no rounded edges

    With the Yoga (or indeed any normal laptop), you just flip the thing open
    or closed. Simple, fast, convenient, sturdy. 

  • Sandra Berti 3 years ago

    From watching Lisa’s reviews, I’ve learned about the quality of Lenovo
    keyboards. If shopping for a laptop, now one thing I’d seriously consider
    are the good Lenovo keyboards.
    But for a laptop/tablet device, in order to have a true tablet experience,
    it is necessary to completely remove the keyboard. Just flipping it back
    leaves a device too heavy & bulky.
    When I first held the SP3, I thought IT was too big for a tablet (having
    been accustomed to my iPad), but quickly I came to love the size. While
    using it as a tablet, I still marvel that it is also my full-blown work
    computer. It’s light enough to hold in one hand. Besides all the social
    network stuff, it’s the perfect size for watching movies.
    A 13″ tablet would be too big for me.
    So it’s SP3 for me.

  • TrueRay17 3 years ago

    Give me the surface pro 3 any day. 

  • H3avyHitta 3 years ago

    Surface Pro 3

  • youfermont 3 years ago

    I loved my surface pro 3 but the annoying yellow tint bar on the left side
    was too much for me and I returned it. All units have that bad screen, how
    can someone tolerate this on a 1000$ device is beyond me. 

  • JosephKing75 CBP 3 years ago

    Surface Pro 3 + Corsair Vengence Air + Usb Hub + A cool mouse = A cool
    portable workstation 

  • Papaya Man 3 years ago

    i hear birds

  • BIG1TOWER 3 years ago


  • Yoga 3 Pro all the way

  • experimex 3 years ago

    Hi, is it possible for you to obtain and review the LG G3 Vigor? Thanks.

  • codyearthdust 3 years ago

    Review the HP pavilion x360

  • Nathan Huth 3 years ago

    I would love to see a Lenovo Thinkpad 10 vs. Microsoft Surface Pro 3

  • Tyler Fields 3 years ago

    the day lenovo throws a stylus in the yoga is the day i choose it over a

  • HummingLoud 3 years ago

    Like that new intro music.