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Shannon Morse reviews the Lenovo Miix 2 8 Windows tablet. For the full episode, visit

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  • Lukáš Babic 3 years ago

    did you say “not just a android” ?

    Die in hell !!!

  • fro0tyl0opy87 3 years ago

    It appears that Windows 8 on tablets just doesn’t work unless you’re
    equipped with an i5 cpu. Even then I wouldn’t be surprised if it lags.

  • Matthew Moore 3 years ago
  • emudshit 3 years ago

    wow these reviewers are sooo dumb, they dont approve on it being 1280×800
    resolution even tho theres more pixels squished into there then the tvs and
    bigger laptops running 1920×1080 resolutions -.- and plus 1280 is perfect
    this way the gpu is only using a good amount of meamory while if the
    resolution was 1920 the thing would be lagging all over the place, cmon
    people get your shit together if anything even alittle lower resolution
    would be kinda okay

  • Andrei Lupşa 3 years ago

    Why do you need full win 8 on tablet? It is useless. Full office? Really?
    With all those buttons and glitches?
    People who say that this is good, should use it … for punishment.

  • Yu Zhou 3 years ago

    For $200, this full windows 8.1 tablet is definitely a BUY! Not mention
    it’s bundled with MS OFFICE.

  • Uwayzo Foster 3 years ago

    Shannon didn’t mention that it does not have an HDMI out for connecting to
    an external monitor/HDTV. You can however, use a wireless solution, but
    demos on Youtube show that it’s not a 1:1 experience (the wireless solution
    is best for watching video, & not for playing games). I say it’s definitely
    a buy if it’s only $199, but a try if you’re wanting to sacrifice external
    video-out connectivity. You can install full windows applications like
    STEAM, and play “some” Windows based games. Pretty cool for a tablet that
    size. A full windows machine that you can fit in big pocket, if you have