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  • José Balderas 3 years ago

    This it’s a good tablet? Or the Lenovo thinkpad 8 is better? 

  • Kevin Frost 3 years ago

    “Ready to spill out the side” *Bang!* “Just like that…” Lol!

  • 3 years ago
  • Kingofcod 3 years ago

    Good vid :)

  • DEADSHOTT 3 years ago

    jaja pendejo

  • skyjacker56 3 years ago

    the space next to the sd card is for future sim card slot

  • sunny nakra 3 years ago

    i wanna buy 1 tablet.. i am confused in acer w4 or lenovo or dell or
    toshiba encore..
    please help..

  • Judy Chao 3 years ago

    love this tablet 🙂 and joshua it doesn’t come with a stylus you have to
    order it on your own 🙂 but you won’t regret it 🙂 hehehe

  • jose rizal 3 years ago

    gaming review pls

  • Chidoro41 3 years ago

    My 64 gig came in and have been using it since the 3rd. It’s an awesome
    piece. Still witing on the case, but I have been really liking it.

  • TheMrHossk 3 years ago

    Big Food and Drink? xD

  • Jackie Tweed 3 years ago

    Just my size. 

  • Jan Niklas Brill 3 years ago

    Thx, very interesting…im looking forward to your review :)

  • TheJed0r 3 years ago

    Can’t decide between surface 2 or Bay trail tablet with full windows.
    Performance and battery life comparaison would be nice 

  • xXJamaican Z 3 years ago

    Oh wow is that the same one that was mentioned in the giveaway? And um can
    you attach a keyboard thru the port? And it also has cellular capabilities