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The 2 latest Kindle Fire Tablets released by Amazon; the kindle fire HD and the kindle fire HDX. We put these 2 side by side so that you guys can make an inf…

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  • Dan K 2 years ago

    Okay, HD is 720p and Full HD is 1080P for now. There was going to be a
    change in the technical designation as it was deemed too confusing by the
    tech industry. HD was to become 1080P and no longer referred to Full HD.
    Part of the reasoning was that hardly any devices use 720P anymore. But the
    change still hasn’t happened yet, so we’re stuck with the old terms.

  • Dan K 2 years ago

    Also, they both are NOT HD. HD = 1080P

  • DOSBoxMom 2 years ago

    I’ve asked my spouse for a Certified Refurbished previous-gen. Kindle Fire
    HD as a Christmas present, because I can get the same warranty as a new
    device, more RAM for the money (16GB for $20 less than the current-gen. 8GB
    Kindle Fire HD, or 32GB for just $10 more than the current-gen. 8GB model),
    and a (front-facing) camera. Since the previous-gen. Kindle Fire HD does
    have a front-facing camera, does it still have access to the Mayday
    service, or did Amazon disable that feature for the older Kindle Fire HD
    when the HDX came out?

  • Dan K 2 years ago

    The HDX 7 inch resolution is 1920×1080, not 1920 x 1200.

  • Rachet Diva Productions 2 years ago

    I have a camera on my hd

  • Helson Alves 2 years ago


  • Sunshine Danos 2 years ago

    Blind and visually impaired customers can leverage new and improved accessibility tools such as Screen Reader, Explore by Touch, and Screen Magnifier. Screen Reader features IVONA’s award-winning natural language text-to-speech voice.

  • eliasdoodledootis justAaVERAGEDerp 2 years ago

    That’s not a hd I’m watching this on a hd I’m looking a the camera
    And the layout is different

  • mytube 2 years ago

    There is a way to change the screen on the hd to a yellower background
    which is handy if you don’t like the white screen

  • HallelujahMountains 2 years ago

    The HDX looks awesome.

  • Lucija Nakir 2 years ago

    They both have the same feature: translation with speach?

  • T Griffin 2 years ago

    I would love to see a face off between the Nexus 7 2013 and the Kindle Fire

  • Carla J 2 years ago

    The big difference between the two is the processor speed and ram. I was
    hoping you would do a head to head of loading things and playing games and
    apps to see how much slower the HD is.

  • Brian Bucker 2 years ago

    I own the Kindle Fire 2 and an HDX. I can see a big advantage in size and
    hardware performance in the HDX. However, to me one of the greatest
    advantages in the HDX is the ability to download and watch offline some of
    the Amazon Prime video content.

  • pure7212 2 years ago

    yea the new kindle fire hd is cheap but has no camera that’s why it’s cheap
    look it up

  • John Curtis 2 years ago

    If it don’t have a camera it not a HD is just a Kindle Fire. Check it out.

  • alternet8 2 years ago

    Typing this on Kindle Fire HD but i know this, Kindle Fire HDX DESTROYS the
    HD, HDX ftw, no effence HD 

  • J Ferrari 2 years ago

    Very good information, your video was very helpful. Will be watching the
    rest of your videos. Thanks for taking the time.

  • stonepass1 2 years ago

    Can you say your opinion on sound, you started to, then you showed the side
    by side movie. Does one sound better than the other? 

  • GODS1976 2 years ago

    Only looks different by colour

  • Ken Berglund 2 years ago

    My Kindle Fire HD has a camera on it.

  • nobertina simmons 2 years ago

    That’s a lie the kindle fire hd does have a camera because I own one for a

  • Goodereader 2 years ago
  • whitney gamboa 2 years ago

    Does the Kindle Fire HD have xray for books?

  • Susan Smith 2 years ago

    How about a screen protector, that would make it not so bright for reading
    yes or no.

  • Nox Umbra 2 years ago

    I am look for a good cheap tablet for my nine year old son. Any suggestion?

  • Goodereader 2 years ago

    one is smaller in overall dimensions, and sometimes it makes you think
    something is lighter lol

  • Goodereader 2 years ago

    yes it’s only on the HDX, not even on the HD. however, it requires no
    camera (as our users have pointed out) . but there’s good news, since it
    DOESN’T rely on hardware features, this can easily be implemented in future
    software updates 🙂

  • Goodereader 2 years ago

    they are pretty much the same housing minus a few mm on the overall
    dimensions. they are still shaped the same and weight roughly the same. so
    no, the differences are not significant at all 🙂

  • Reza Shaeri 2 years ago

    Thanks! The specs say there’s a 2 oz difference, which sounds miniscule,
    but it did seem noticeable in the store…

  • Reza Shaeri 2 years ago

    Is the weight difference noticeable between the two? Is the HDX
    significantly easier on the hands?