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Matt shows off his new Kindle Fire HDX 8.9″. In this video we get to see the unboxing as well as a look at the hardware before taking a closer look at the Fi…

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  • LOVERSANDLIES 3 years ago

    this tablet ourbeats iPad air

  • amazonas profou 3 years ago


  • Diana Dantes 3 years ago

    Ultra-fast 2.2GHz quad-core processor—3x more powerful than previous generation—with 2GB of RAM and Adreno 330 GPU for fast, fluid gaming and video.

  • LOVERSANDLIES 3 years ago

    iPad is not better

  • amazonas profou 3 years ago


  • amazonas profou 3 years ago


  • Scott Hanson 3 years ago

    Waiting for our secound Kindle Fire, but first HDX 8.9 Enjoyed you video.
    Well done. Seems for the money it is better in many ways to the Ipad Air.

  • amazonas profou 3 years ago


  • Craig Hawkins 3 years ago

    Have you noticed any odd screen flickering / brightness adjustments (even
    without auto-brightness on) with your device? I have, and I am wondering if
    it’s a defect of mine, or just how the screen operates.

    It happens especially when moving between applications or going back to the
    home screen.

  • Danny Colanton 3 years ago

    The new ipad air though is sexy 

  • Stan McBeth 3 years ago

    My Comment of Kindle Fire HDX 8.9″ I’m happy of wider stereo microphones
    for indoor video shooting (could be for outdoor too only during the
    non-windy days). Even very stubborn Apple has refused to support Stereo mic
    for video shooting. “GOOD!” Amazon are stepping up to take a extra bite out
    of Apple (logo) into the competition. So Apple won’t listen to me, so Apple
    will learn in their hard way as Google Tablets, Samsung Galaxy S4 and
    Kindle Fire HDX really will gang-up on Apple iPads. The LED flash on Tablet
    will take a deeper bite out of Apple. ‘Will new name of Apple will be
    called; Apple-Core Company?’ Plus Amazon Kindle Fire HDX cost less than
    iPad Air as this Kindle Fire HDX does operate similar to iPad, something
    like if you drive a Ford car or Chevy car, it’s pretty easy. “Cheer for
    Amazon!” To Kick Apple’s Butt.

  • Leanne Barry 3 years ago

    lol did u SE this/

  • Daniel Fonseca 3 years ago

    iPad is better

  • Chris Frazier 3 years ago

    Any easy way to delete duplicate pictures from a kindle fire hdx? Apps or
    other processes?

  • kindlefirehelpline 3 years ago
  • Cassandra Arias 3 years ago

    I knew it had a camera in the back and front!!! Yes!! Finally! I have the
    hd, and it only has a camera in the front not the back.

  • Charlie Ainley 3 years ago

    Great vid man thorough yet not boring thanks really helped

  • Dylan Richards 3 years ago

    +leodee I know the feeling with living out in the sticks, having to deal
    with a slow broadband connection and GPRS on my phone.

  • Audi123000 3 years ago

    Only have sound on the right hand side Matt

  • Dylan Richards 3 years ago

    The same thickness as my HTC One S. :)