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  • JayzBeerz 2 years ago

    playing a video on it would of been nice

  • eliza gonzalez 2 years ago

    love my kindle, i been using a ipad for 3 years but i like my kindle
    better, no tablet is better than another, its all preference. the ipad has
    alot more games if your into that, im not so it doesn’t matter to me

  • Carol Proctor 2 years ago

    Very helpful! I know that I am going to like my new Kindle Fire HDX 8.9
    when it gets here in a few days. Thank you for your video. I want to use
    this for work to help my students plus use it for keeping in contact with
    friends and family out of state. You have shown me all of the reasons that
    this is the best buy.

  • loughrey101 2 years ago

    definitely a rip off at over 350 bucks for an Android. You’d get a large
    iPad cheaper. 

  • Tubeornottube4 2 years ago

    My HDX 8.9 only cost me $199, it’s twice as expensive as my wifes HDX 7 but
    I think it’s worth it. I’m not crazy with either Dolphin or Silk and I’m
    looking for Firefox for it.
    Any URL’s that will help me? They all seem to be teases.

  • AvlisadSirk 2 years ago

    I just got my kindle fire hdx 8.9 2 days ago. So far i’m satisfied. I was
    bummed at first because of Google play not being available, but then I
    found 1mobile market, which in my opinion is much better and has a much
    wider selection of games. I got myself a couple of cool apps on there.
    Including console games for free. Runs HD games like a monster, extremely
    beautiful crisp display, nice audio, not too heavy, not too light, great
    size. Definitely worth in my opinion.

  • BlakeStreetBombr 2 years ago

    Do these fire hd and hdx tablets not support YouTube? I’ve seen plenty of
    reviews and not one has youtube installed. 

  • Rebecca Meister 2 years ago

    How long before the battery goes down completely i have about 2 1/2 hours
    before the battery needs charging which takes 6 hours on my tablet .

  • Valerie Roach 2 years ago

    Show me the one being advertised starting at $99the 1st month for prime

  • caduceus33 2 years ago

    Thanks for a very good review on this tablet!

  • croc adile 2 years ago

    Keep you day job..bro.

  • Artemis Westenberg 2 years ago

    a mistery on how to mirror this tablet with a tv? that sounds to me the
    exact moment to hit that mayday button and let the Amazon customer service
    explain to you how to do that

  • John Lamb 2 years ago

    The Kindle Fire HDX 8.9 with 4G lte does have GPS.

  • Truee MJ Fans Unite 2 years ago

    my menu at the bottom that has the home button won’t show

  • shawn delille 2 years ago

    I can’t display mirror my 7inch either and I know it very well also

  • Michelle Renaud 2 years ago

    Very informative video. Both the how to install chrome on HDX and pros and
    cons. I have been physically testing HDX and IPad 2nd generation. Kindle
    keeps winning me over. Some of the same points u mention, especially mayday
    and picture quality. I also love the text assistance that kindle offers
    while typing. Really speeds up communications. I love it. I ended up with
    getting a second HDX by watching Amazon carefully and got it for 320 with
    advertisement. The ad are just on the opening page so far. Replaces the
    pictures which I don’t really care for. I love the picture options on the
    iPad. That is the one big plus going for iPad. I measured the movie screen
    and the actual picture size is the same but the Kindle is much clearer.
    Camera pictures are much better on kindle HDX also.

  • Thomas Jefferson 2 years ago

    This video sealed the deal and the fact it has a flash. Gonna order it.
    Still a Mac guy, but until they come up with a flash this is it.

  • Dan Koen 2 years ago

    Also on the con side. No Google Play for the HD Gyro 3D 2GB game Apps. That
    are really awesome. 

  • Missy Vonn 2 years ago

    No GPS? Can I download MyFitness pal?

  • Vash Stampede 2 years ago

    Get a Google Chromecast for $35, and you can cast Netflix, Youtube, Pandora
    etc. to your TV wirelessly and control them remotely. Or you can a
    Push2TV adapter for “mirror screen” function. I have both, and I like the
    chromecast option better because it frees up the tablet screen while mirror
    screen takes both screen for the same thing.

  • George's Random Stuff 2 years ago

    its a waste and i havent even watched the vid

  • Rubén Blanco 2 years ago

    Firstly if you want to eliminate the advertisement from the tablet you must
    pay 15$ more, 405€ and secondly this system is completely closed to Amazon
    which is not so well. I think this tablet is not so good in the end.
    I’m not going to buy this tablet for the moment because the price in Spain
    is higher than US and UK or Germany. WHen the product go down to 200€ in
    Spain then I bought it.
    I don’t understand yet how this product is more expensive in Europe than in
    Uk or US.

  • Michael does Gameing 2 years ago

    By me one

  • Oscar Ayala 2 years ago

    this tablet’s hardware specs are awesome, the software that comes with it
    is awful. so what i i did was root it and install an android rom
    (cyanogenmod 10.2) and im loving this tablet now!

  • Dany Wings 2 years ago

    can you use instagram????