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Amazon updates the Kindle tablet for 2014 with tons of under-the-hood improvements, including new Fire OS software and color shifts in the reading app. Subsc…

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  • TechPimp 3 years ago

    i like it just wish the bezels were smaller

  • Thi Henry 3 years ago

    Do people actually buy this tablet 

  • Blackmagic1o0 3 years ago

    $379 is cheap? I guess anything price is cheap when compared to Apples

  • AR 15s 3 years ago

    I like the hardware, hate the OS.

  • Antonio Castilla 3 years ago

    I’m sorry but $400 is not my idea of cheap…

  • awdrifter3 3 years ago

    Can this be rooted yet?

  • Alexandre Schrammel 3 years ago

    not android? =(

  • Khakimzhan 3 years ago

    They are saying it is lighter, why are you not pointing to the fact that
    this tablet is smaller than iPad Air?

  • Jerome Baller 3 years ago

    Great Product, but Fire OS is so damn UGLY

  • Mr Coolbub 3 years ago

    Looks pretty good; I’m impressed. 

  • El Toro 3 years ago

    I’m getting that bitch in 10 days

  • Deo Heerai 3 years ago

    This fool just mentioned a 2k display and the fastest mobile processor on
    the planet as whatever features …I would never buy this tablet but this
    reviewer needs some a redbull and a new job he is definitely a dumbass

  • Mastakilla91 3 years ago

    if only it had vanilla android

  • Christopher Larkins 3 years ago

    Amazon needs to overhaul it’s almost five year old UI. That and stop trying
    to mimic Google’s ecosystem it’s no going to happen just give us more
    access to Google Play and let the Kindle act as a remote via the Fire TV.
    It’s not going to hurt anything.

  • Irun Mon 3 years ago

    the buttons and the UI are UGLY as hell

  • Deryago 3 years ago

    I’m quite happy with the $300 tag on the new shield tablet, combined with
    the enormous list of features. I’ll stick with that

  • mkygod 3 years ago

    I really hate the price premium for the 4g version. $100 over the wifi
    edition is unreasonable.

  • Hamad Al-Mohimeed 3 years ago

    مراحعه تابليت آمازون الجديد HDX 8.9

  • Nerte 3 years ago

    Oh man, if this has proper Android….

  • alex brown 3 years ago

    eh nothing really poping out to me as something I need I mean I have a
    Nexus 10 do i need more Pixels on it?

  • duniecool 3 years ago

    my god… if this thing was a nexus or any other android skin, I’d be all
    over those specs. But in this case, I’d take the s4 pro nexus 7 2013 over
    this anyday since the software is soo much better.

  • Casey lawton 3 years ago


  • Rich Brown 3 years ago

    Reasons I’ve pre-ordered the 2014 Fire HDX from Amazon: 1) 2k ultra high
    resolution display (8.9 inches just like the Nexus 9). 2) Cutting edge
    Snapdragon 805 2.5 ghz processor. 3) I’m intrigued by the feature they’re
    promoting, that when you’re reading a book, the color and lighting more
    closely resembles a physical book’s page than on other tablets. 4) Last
    year’s experience with the previous model gave me time to experience Mayday
    on-device customer service…..and as a result I’ve never again had to make
    a call to customer service and be put on hold for 5 or 10 minutes. 5) Easy
    to install alternative app stores, and as a result, there’s been maybe just
    2 apps in a year’s time that I’ve not been able to get, usually from
    Amazon’s store, but if not there, then from 1Mobile app store. 6) I have
    Fire TV, which obliterates Roku and Chromecast. But only with an Amazon
    tablet can you mirror your tablet screen to the TV screen, wirelessly..
    Did it with last year’s Fire and will do it with this year’s. 7) I love
    Immersion Reading, that lets me alternate from reading a book to listening
    to the audio version, which picks up right where I left off when I was

  • Vc Ds 3 years ago

    rooting this is a pain, I wish Amazon rooted the device and installed the
    Google play store on it.

  • Billy Cundiff 3 years ago

    the criticism on these are dumb founding. I haven’t used one, but I
    preordered one and if I don’t like it, I can send it back. Looks like a
    premium device, and I have prime so I can use music and movie services. I
    wish it had play store like the rest of you but I’ll just sideload apps .
    Couple prime services and the free apps of the day I’ve been hoarding for
    years, and I think it’ll be fun to use. 

  • Timothy Jackson 3 years ago

    I hate Amazon OS.


    Go fire there’s no way else to say 

  • Rajit Roy 3 years ago

    Why did they fork it so much. They should atleast have included google

  • teetee me 3 years ago

    What’s the big deal about android????

  • Cerebrus CA 3 years ago


  • jplatter14 3 years ago

    Rather wait on the nexus 9

  • Hironori Narushima 3 years ago

    Of course Twitch App pre-installed :)

  • 01:45 I remember reading this page xD

  • Murican PVP 3 years ago

    Wow 1