Added by on April 28, 2015 – Break the screen on your iPad Air? Learn how to take apart and replace a broken glass touch screen or LCD screen on your iPad Air yourself using this repair guide….

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  • Repairs Universe 2 years ago

    +Patrick Flores We apologize about this. Most new screen replacements will
    not include the home button and this does need to be transferred over.

  • Irvan Bachtiar 2 years ago

    I have a cracked screen and my home button ain’t working is there any way
    too fix the home button too or do i also have to replace that ?

  • Faisal Mujib 2 years ago

    I dont have the money to do it and my parents will kill me!! And my crack
    is literally on the corner and glass came off so fuck.. I am so
    dead..Arrghh :D

  • Repairs Universe 2 years ago

    +PippinPotter11 Our labor fee would be $80 in addition to the replacement
    part required. Please see this link here for our repair service information 

  • Red Wood 2 years ago

    I have to use the ipad air for school for my text books most people think
    thats great but its a fucking nightmare if you crack your screen and its so
    hard to take care off exspecially in your bag

  • Kelvin Chan 2 years ago

    does the ipad air screen work on the ipad air 2?

  • Ani Backenhörnchen 2 years ago

    Some how my son managed to shatter the screen even with an expensive case.
    So frustrating, as he already cracked the screen AND case. I’m pretty
    skilled and crafty so I really hope I can do this myself and not mess it
    up. If I have a black one can I replace it with a white one? 

  • Patrick Flores 2 years ago

    so got my new digitizer today… almost all the way done installing it and
    then realized no where in the video did it say you would need to put your
    old home button on the new digitizer… spent 10 minutes trying to figure
    out where the flex cable was might be something to add it was a pain and
    didn’t know how to do it at first until my friend google came over and
    helped me figure it out

  • Arggrag C 2 years ago

    Were do I fix it at

  • felipe alvarez 2 years ago

    Hola, mande cambiar el touch de mi ipad 2, y quedo funcionando
    perfectamente, pero la mitad de la pantalla se ve opaca, un tono como
    oscuro; me dicen que no se pudo apagar el ipad por precaución y que por
    esta razón la pantalla poco a poco se ira normalizando. Es cierto esto o
    que debo hacer? Muchas gracias

  • FaninhoXD 2 years ago

    I need to try it!

  • PippinPotter11 2 years ago

    iPad REPAIR SERVICE::::: Google iPad repair service in your area! I did,
    and I found a lot of services available! From same day service, etc. Call
    around for the best deal. I found one service willing to do house calls and
    repair my iPad Air glass/ screen in my home for only $80 – $100!!! ~Good
    luck! ***( Obviously, do not let just anyone inside your home, take the
    appropriate precautions )

  • Curtis Powell 2 years ago

    Not too sure about the hot air gun temperature ……..

  • RJ Red 2 years ago

    If my screen is shattered, but I can still use the iPad, do I have to
    remove the LCD still? Or can I just remove the screen and replace it?

  • Kaneki Ken 2 years ago

    Can I use a blowdryer instead of a heat thingy

  • mcdonald acolatse 2 years ago

    Resolving vvvvvvbvvvvv

  • Ronnie1001 2 years ago

    Thanks for your video, I was able to fix a severely shattered screen OK.
    But a warning to other viewers – you made it look like a 10 minute job, but
    it took me 4 hours to do!

    This was because it takes about 3 hours to get every single last trace of
    the smashed screen off without causing any internal damage and to clear all
    the tiny grains of shattered glass and films of residual glue from the
    metal casing to get it in a fit state to receive the new glass.

    Also, people should wear glasses as protection, as when a larger shard of
    glass is being removed it can suddenly shatter into tens of pieces flying
    through the air into your face.

    As you say, the home button needs to be transferred over – but since its
    whole assembly is glued to the remains of the glass (as is also a plastic
    frame for the camera and its color-temperature sensor) it’s a good 20
    minutes to get only that part into a clean enough state to be reused
    without wrecking it.

    Also, I did a full system test BEFORE removing the upper film from the
    double-sided tape and pressing the screen down – it would have been a
    nightmare if I’d had to get the screen off again if something didn’t work.

    But I was successful in the end with your help – so thanks!

  • jeet shah 2 years ago

    If I have an ipad and drop it and cracks are ther and I still have my
    warranty then can I still exchange my iPad Air 

  • The Restoration of Dr Who 2 years ago

    Will you do a video on the iPad mini 3 and iPad Air 2?

  • PippinPotter11 2 years ago

    Thanks for a great and educational video! I need to know just how much the
    replacement glass/ screen costs? I located a small co who said they’d
    charge me $80-$100 to actually come to my house and repair my iPad Air’s
    shattered screen, but, by the time I was ready for them, I had misplaced
    their info, and lost them! This looks easy enough to where I could actually
    repair it myself though, so, please tell me, what do you charge? Thanks!
    ~Carol 11/16/14 @ 12:15pm

  • niabezaf 2 years ago

    Don’t try this at home hhhhh

  • ravndal15 2 years ago

    Nice of you to mention the home key needs replacing . There was no cable on
    the outer screen I bought and now my home button doesn’t work. 

  • Clayton Brown 2 years ago

    Ok so this is very complicated for me where is my best bet to go for some
    one to repair it for me 

  • jacob marshall 2 years ago

    where can I purchase the replacement screen?

  • PippinPotter11 2 years ago

    Great question @RJRed! +RJ Red!!! I did not think to mention that. Yes, I
    can still use my iPad Air, its the screen that I had foolishly managed to
    shatter in to a million pieces! Then, I got another iPad Air, and my stupid
    ass hadn’t put my screen protector on it yet because I procrastinate so
    badly, and I actually SAT on it!!! Yes, I sat on the new one! Here’s the
    bad news; “the corner of the screen cracked a hairline crack diagonally,
    approx. 1 inch down & across”!!! Its actually not really too noticeable,
    though, only if you know its there, and believe me, I know it’s there! I
    cant believe I now have two iPad’s, and BOTH I’VE MANAGED TO SHATTER &
    CRACK! So, I’m glad I went on to read other comments, and now I know I only
    have to replace the top glass, only of one of them, the other one I can
    live with the reminder to be more careful with them. The cracked one
    could’ve been a lot worse, but it was laying on my soft bed when I sat on
    the corner of it, and cracked the corner of it. Anyway, thanks a lot you
    guy’s! ~Carol

  • Tyler OneHorn 2 years ago

    Awesome! I have a severely cracked iPad Air and I just ordered parts to fix
    it. This video is amazingly helpful in fixing it! Thanks! 

  • georgia mellor 2 years ago

    Hi I have a quick question am replacing the digitizer I have done
    everything correct but it won’t switch on now. None of it looks damage am
    confuse, everything it tight and connected any ideas please?

  • yebbo00 2 years ago

    Great video

  • Fab Tup 2 years ago

    The only thing missing is the glue needed to attach the new screen. There
    is nothing on this video about any glue.

  • debo308 2 years ago

    If the screen is cracked do you have to remove the LCD underneath as well?
    Mine broke recently and I’m planning on fixing it

  • peter19220 2 years ago

    Thank you very much for all the videos!
    They’re very clerk and deatailed so they’re easy to follow!
    This saves me a lot of money and time!

  • Sean Rain 2 years ago

    It did good

  • Aleja Vc 2 years ago

    Hi ! How did you disconnect the battery first?

  • Sean Rain 2 years ago

    I repaired my screen on March 24 but it cost 100 $ to get it repaired

  • mostafa rashwan 2 years ago

    omg thxx

  • KenTop 2 years ago

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  • sazim patel 2 years ago