Added by on February 15, 2015 – iPad, iPad2, iPad3, iPad4 screens and Digitizers from $49 in-stock. Video on iPad Air Glass digitizer glass…

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  • James Northam 2 years ago

    Worked 100%, thanks!

  • Sammi C 2 years ago

    Brilliant! I just repaired my hubby’s broken digitizer and this was great
    to follow along. I used a hairdryer…I didn’t have a ‘heat gun’ it worked
    out great :)

  • ronald calix 2 years ago

    Questions do I need to buy home bouton on the side or comes whit the screen
    it self 

  • thurm101 2 years ago

    I personally think you should start on the left side. Because all of the
    cables are on the right. Also if you are reusing your home key ribbon
    cable, it is on the right side and you should be very careful on that side.
    I mean a xcto knife would ruin your home button cable. I almost cut mine.
    So be careful on the RIGHT SIDE. The other 2 cables are ok since you are
    replacing them anyway.

    After that and getting the camera bracket it’s a easy repair. Take your
    time. Another thing sometimes on your replacement glass. There is a inside
    protective film. Make sure to remove it right at the point of closing up
    the screen. There are 2 films, but of course remove the outer film. 

  • G3n3rati0nGlossY1980 2 years ago

    Thanks for uploading this, I can’t believe how easy this model cracks. I
    only had mine a month before it happened by dropping my headphones a few
    inches from the screen.

  • Jebby Deringer 2 years ago

    Yeah the glass is way too thin. My first gen has fallen many times and no
    glass damage. First gen also has a rubber seal around the glass that takes
    some of the force.

  • AzeRaK Charity 2 years ago

    Is the Unibody damaged or scratched after this procedur? It’s important to
    me to know!

  • Diego Sanchez 2 years ago


  • Jetcalistic Jo 2 years ago

    What happens if you don’t use a heat gun?

  • Salam Zebian 2 years ago

    Hey man, thank you so much for the video, I installed a replacement
    digitizer in my air, took me a few hours (because of lack of tools and
    inexperience with apple hardware) but it works flawlessly! Thanks!

  • noah figueras 2 years ago

    Which one of the screens on the website should I buy for my black ipad air?

    Please help

  • James Strong 2 years ago

    yeah the glass is not durable at all ..they should replace them but they

  • Ion Zabaleta 2 years ago

    Thanks a lot, I saved 200€ thanks to this

  • 2 years ago
  • Yanet Cuellar 2 years ago

    Sound very, easy thank you! Question? Do I have to use clue, when I put it
    back the screen?

  • Arugnahk 2 years ago

    where can i get the parts from?