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The T3 verdict on the lightest and thinnest ful-size iPad yet. Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.


iPad Air


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  • helmsfere123 2 years ago

    Instant buyers remorse. Bought a Note 3 and Ipad Air together and the Ipad
    is a piece of useless garbage. Zero functionality, compared with my Samsung
    tablet and even the new phablet is way more user friendly than this thing.
    I guess Apple tech is just for a more simpler minded type of person.

  • Miad Ahmed 2 years ago

    I was using my iPad Air to watch this vid!

  • János Gonda 2 years ago

    good and nice!

  • Drayger90 2 years ago

    What is the name of the movie ?

  • Lindaay Quack 2 years ago

    I have the iPad Air, in fact I’m using it right now. It really DOES crash a
    lot, and it just happens randomly…

  • Adham Ahmed 2 years ago

    IOS 7 Is created. And then they made The IPad Air With version IOS 7. And
    then Apple decided to make a new IPhone. Isn’t there IPhone 1,2,3,4? Yup
    there is. Now a new one will came called IPhone 5 Just more like IPad Air.
    Desktop of IOS 7 Is so much fresh than IOS 6 As I’m using IOS 7 Right now.
    All icons are changed for IOS 7. Feutures:New Icons for IOS 7,Good graphic
    for Camera,You can swing your finger from up to down to see if there are
    missed things from you,And you can swing your finger from up to down to
    Turn on Wifi Change Brightness And more, Added more good IOS 7 Photos. If
    my English is not good. I’m just sorry I’m Arabic. Thank you all. I know my
    English is not good but I miss on some things. I’m 9 Years Old either
    talking about all these things. Thanks!

  • Clau GM 2 years ago

    Just an stupid question, but why my iPad air doesn’t have that dark strip
    next to the camera? 

  • singgih agung saputra 2 years ago

    Just hands on a few hour a go,,
    Wow it’s really cool
    Thnx apple

  • David Swildens 2 years ago

    good review but i hate you accent

  • Mark Goodlett 2 years ago

    I must be one of those people that doesn’t get what all the fuss is with
    Apple products? I used one of these I pad air’s yesterday and wasn’t
    impressed at all I much prefer my Nexus 2nd gen and for a lot less money,
    £400 for a tablet, no thanks!

  • jinhao guo 2 years ago


  • CrazyRetroJunkie 2 years ago

    just another tab

  • Levi Khan 2 years ago

    Go Apple!!!… Seriously, Apple I wub You! xD

  • Barrack Obama 2 years ago

    Wwhat a way to take peoples money.

  • Tayla Ruscoe 2 years ago

    where could you get 1 of those stands they were using at the very start

  • frederico pereira 2 years ago

    eu tenho um

  • lilmizzcurious 2 years ago

    I have applied for one free from a site and if its not here by 16/08/2014
    I will be posting a big bad review on the site on my channel.. I will also
    be broadcasting it all over youtube google and facebook. LOL

  • ntube7 2 years ago

    Good review, thanks

  • Aaron Webb 2 years ago

    I love how the pathetic, anti-Apple clan can’t help themselves taking a
    look at a new Apple product review.
    Seriously, does even ONE person that’s into Apple stuff really give a
    flying fuck about the opinions of some insecure, hypocritical, low-life
    troll that “hates” them for buying Apple?… No. They don’t.

    If Samsung or any other manufacturers ever start to build their stuff with
    the same level of engineering quality and attention to detail as Apple do
    without raising their prices then you have a valid point about Apple
    products being “over-priced”.

    But until then, try to bear this fact of life in mind: Quality costs and
    you get what you pay for…


  • Benjemin Cartwright 2 years ago

    I’m getting this for Christmas! It looks awesome :)

  • Lurelin Abas 2 years ago
  • Panos Mihail 2 years ago

    because your iPad does not have cellular which is LTE

  • ង៉ែត ចន្ទោភាស 2 years ago

    iPad AR? lol

  • Leon James 2 years ago

    It does look good..but for fuk sake it does crash a lot!

  • robert wise 2 years ago

    good review and her accent would make everyone feel horny…or otherwise
    must be a sissy.

  • Granbanan 2 years ago

    i got the ipad mini with retina. the shit restarts randomly.

  • Glipan Yong 2 years ago

    I have an ipad air and totally love it!

  • Cory Liner 2 years ago

    I would get the ipad air silver 32gb wifi *

  • MyPiNkOnReD 2 years ago

    I love my new IAir!!! Netflix is awesome on it. Thanks boyfriend of mine
    for my gift!! Love it but love you more ;)

  • Sauce 2 years ago

    Lol. Ppl if u don’t like the product you don’t have to buy. U control you
    lol. Typed from my ipad 2 lmao 

  • Godfiny 2 years ago

    English accent 😀 ipad aeeg :D

  • Cory Liner 2 years ago

    I would get the 32 gb wifi model

  • Kyle Shakely 2 years ago

    say “girth” again

  • Debra McCauley 2 years ago

    I love love love my new iPad air!!

    Love it.

    Debra McCauley