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It was three and a half years ago when Apple kick-started the modern tablet market we all know and (well, at least some of us) love today. The original iPad …


iPad Air



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  • harkomalpreet singh 3 years ago

    one of the sexiest pads i have ever used
    i jux love it

  • SilverWave 3 years ago

    The slate gray looked a lot better to me. Why doesn’t Apple offer that
    anymore? :(

  • Beni Ezra 3 years ago

    I’m watching this on my brand new iPad air 🙂 

  • TechCloud 3 years ago

    Awesome review TM. I got mine today and I am loving it. I am using iPads
    since 2010 and I upgrade every year but there is no doubt that this is the
    best iPad.

  • Dimitar Gospodinov 3 years ago

    I was hoping for a bit non biased review from you +Taylor Martin and I
    agree with other commenters that said that you can’t give it 10/10 for
    media consumption when you put LG Vu as the worst gadget ever because of
    its 4:3 ratio….the whole review was like “this sux, this sux bit less but
    it si Apple so it is a 10″…at some point you have to admit that this is
    the same (crap) all over again and iOS 7…come on!

  • SuperRraw 3 years ago

    well man,you are very lucky you got such an expensive device I cannot even
    purchase a single cheap tab I haven’t even touched a tablet or an ipad in
    my life we are poor and this is very embarrassing for me :'(

  • Nazeer Ahmed 3 years ago

    Masha Allah,good.

  • nour elhouda ben taher 3 years ago
  • Nazeer Ahmed 3 years ago

    Masha Allah,good.

  • Br Tweets 3 years ago

    i sense an “ipad pro” on the way .. 

  • Indispus D 3 years ago

    Taylor Martin… Nom Nom Nom

  • Django Groen 3 years ago

    do you have BBM??
    i want to ask something ;)

  • Abdul Majeed Hamid 3 years ago
  • مهندس صيانه 3 years ago

    Not good

  • Nicko Jamison 3 years ago

    I’ve seen that same wallpaper on LG devices….pretty cool

  • Claudio Sepúlveda Huerta 3 years ago

    Are you going to do a vs between iPad Air/iPad mini 2 vs Nexus 7 2013, +Taylor

  • Ronnie Dockery 3 years ago

    Seems touch response could use some work. You seem to be retouching APS and
    redoing gestures the entire video. IOS animations are a neat trick to make
    it seem smooth.

  • Arjit Mehra 3 years ago

    Nice review +Taylor Martin 

  • Ravesh Dadalani 3 years ago

    Instead we get this “taylor”

  • SeKToR 3 years ago

    it’s a shit os… not worth the buy

  • James Kemp 3 years ago

    Can someone please tell me the name of the wallpaper he is using?

  • ResQ-Technology 3 years ago
  • Humza Ahmed 3 years ago

    Jelly Bean backgrounds on an Apple device?

  • BIG BLACK NIGGA 3 years ago

    Why don’t guys download the app

  • Jogie Glen Mait 3 years ago

    Even The Verge can’t bring down PocketNow when it comes to mobile reviews.
    Good job with this one.

  • arnulfo sanon 3 years ago

    People are pretty excited about their fresh 7.0.3-7.0.4 Jailbreak, *W W W .
    iPhone5Break . C O M*

  • Abrar Kabir 3 years ago


  • Franklin Garrido 3 years ago

    How can I get that wallpaper

  • Jasmakitty Monster High 3 years ago

    Kiss your hand 5 times and post this on other video 2 times

  • BigMeach 3 years ago

    Walmart is selling the ipad 1st gen on Black Friday with an 100$ walmart
    gift card …soo technically it’s 200$

  • Mahut Loz 3 years ago

    Might sound an outrageously odd question but where to get this wallpaper
    from dude…??

  • ast5515 3 years ago

    LOL iPad Air has a better SunSpider score than Firefox 25 or whatever
    stupid version number it has. Mozilla added so many new features that are
    not even there, that it became slower than a tablet. And I have a good PC
    and a very good net.

  • Māris Vilde 3 years ago

    Hey, this was really a awesome review. Especially knowing that you are not
    the biggest Apple product fan, this review gave me a non-biased opinion and
    if you say that this is the best tablet you ever used, damn, I believe you.

  • Tou Yang 3 years ago

    apple products are always 20 percent faster, 15 percent thinner…..come
    on..stop with this percent thing…

  • akiey36 3 years ago

    Nice wallpaper

  • Haydn Jeffries 3 years ago

    Great review as always Taylor. Going to go and grab myself one of these in
    the near future I think. I’ve got to be honest, I’m not overly fussed on
    iOS7 but I can get used to it. I think.

  • Kai Mediashare 3 years ago
  • AXBInc 3 years ago

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    lifehacks and random stuff just subscribe to me!!!!