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With a stellar build, tons of apps and world-beating performance, Apple’s iPad Air is the best ten-inch tablet on the market. We still have a few niggles, of…


iPad Air


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  • MrOnlyforcommenting 2 years ago

    i cant believe that devices without expansion slot still comes in with 16gb
    . why would they do that . 32gb should be the min standard.

  • bigrazzer 2 years ago

    what i want see is a table it. with USB plug on it. so can hook up thing
    to it like my apex or other things

  • ThisMinecraftPlayer 2 years ago

    My dad was a lucky duck and got this for $399 on ebay. Meanwhile I have to
    mow 20 lawns to get this o.O

  • Cire McD 2 years ago

    Great review, thanks

  • Stuart Ross 2 years ago

    well don’t look to excited
    I cant wait for mine too come just ordered it XD

  • technofunky 2 years ago

    Mail app is a useless app lol! srsly.. what do you use then ?

  • Jeremy Pool 2 years ago

    mwah mwah mwahhhhwwww

    *yawn *

  • isaac hamilton 2 years ago

    Faggots say first

  • Sean Carlin 2 years ago

    Really well crafted review. 

  • Ben Sturley 2 years ago

    What case did you use

  • allanfries76 2 years ago

    excellent review!

  • Bruno Deserto 2 years ago

    Very nice video. I am very happy with my iPad Air but it I clear that
    Android is getting there. 

  • Tejasvi Chhabra 2 years ago

    what case are you using?

  • junia F Fils 2 years ago

    If you want cheat ipads like the ipad air go to

  • Joshua Z 2 years ago

    what’s the point of the nice aluminum back if it’s covered by the case?

  • aandrew61089 2 years ago

    I don’t even like ios but I really want an iPad air 

  • brent james Mendez 2 years ago

    Costs too much $$$$$$$$ O_o

  • Is this a review? Sounds more like an Apple add to me

  • RobloOliver 2 years ago


  • KHM Gaming 2 years ago

    In my country the iPad Air is cheaper than the iPad 4.


  • Mark Cruz 2 years ago

    Took long enough…haha

  • Music... 2 years ago

    Best tablet ever… fanboy!!!

  • Mohammed Mohand 2 years ago

    Best tablet 

  • Bunpot Thanaboonsombut 2 years ago

    which case you use in this video?

  • Saif Nasser Agha 2 years ago

    you can dis able safari from restrictions

  • xShadowBladerx 2 years ago

    Gonna get a iPad air as my first tablet and I already have a mac mini so
    its perfect.

  • Mark Twain 2 years ago

    wow this guy makes you fall asleep