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The newest tablets from Apple and Google face off in our review chamber … and the results are pretty decisive. For more in-depth coverage of the Nexus 9 an…


iPad Air


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  • David Esotica 3 years ago

    I notice how this reaches the same conclusion as the Verge, but it
    expresses an amazing level of no-nonsense, rational and detailed
    explanation. I agree with everything said in this video, and I am an avid
    Android user. Great review.

  • Marcus Xe 3 years ago

    Ipads are traditionally better for tablet use… theres no doubt, with its
    better tablet apps and ecosystem, build …. the sales numbers prove it…
    android tablets are more suited for techies /hackers/media streamers….
    and NO, i don’t favour any one of the 2

  • Alex Baloch 3 years ago

    Nah.. Nexus 9 is better, the ipad is basically a bigger iPhone.. So it’s
    not to on a big screen. The nexus 9 has many things you can do, especially
    with lollipop. 

  • David Brock 3 years ago

    I have to say, I’ve always hated Apple, especially the iPhone, but that
    iPad is pretty great. It does all come down to personal preference,
    however, and I just love Android. There are way too many devices with
    different specs to choose from, unfortunately. 

  • Juan Batista 3 years ago

    I had an ipad then a lot of androids, then an ipad then an android, now the
    Ipad air 2, and wow, this is what I needed, I can just do it and do it
    smoothly and beautifully, I can not say the same about other tablets, Just
    in case you think I am a fanboy, my phone is a note 4.

  • TheSkyline35 3 years ago

    I don’t see interest of tablets on IOS, no multi windows, no popup windows,
    less customisation…ect i don’t speak about hardware quality, it is really
    good, but software need to evolve.

  • S&S Pictures 3 years ago

    The thing I love about Apple products is that EVERYTHING is connected via
    iCloud. AND now, I can send text messages FROM MY ACTUAL PHONE NUMBER (not
    that “email” stuff) from my iMac, iPhone, and iPad… and soon Apple Watch!

  • TheBlooRayChannel 3 years ago

    I’m a heavy android user. But the tablet I’m getting is the iPad. It’s more
    complete of the two. Ready to use. No troubles. One question to iOS users.
    Can you drag and drop files? Does iOS have a file manager app that lets
    you, say, browse files on another computer such as a NAS, a video file for
    example, and play it direct? Are there any format limitations? How
    dependant would I have to be on iTunes?

  • Raf31 3 years ago

    Compared to Apple, Android is hardly a “walled garden”, it’s more like a
    white picket fenced area with a nice little gate that anyone could just
    walk over.

  • benjmiester 3 years ago

    I feel like HTC had almost nothing to do with the Nexus 9 except lending
    their name. Everything about it is so not like HTC except the two
    speakers. Every HTC phone I’ve had (m7 and m8) is just superb in all
    aspects, build quality even Apple can’t top. Wtf happened here? Did Google
    just build a tablet and license htc’s name and cut them completely out of

  • Ivan Balajić 3 years ago

    Only one thing, iPad’s A8X cpu is more powerful than nexus 9’s cpu but
    nexus 9 has a better gpu

  • Brandon W 3 years ago

    One thing he mentioned that I think Is true, Google needs to make more apps
    MADE FOR tablets! Not just a blown up version or the app…. In this
    instance, yes, hard for me to say this but, Apple wins. Come on Google, fix
    this problem and be even that much better! Lol. 

  • Aayush Bhatia 3 years ago

    Lol, A8x is much powerful than the TEGRA one, ( In most of the benchmarks +
    Real life too )

  • Brandon Wu 3 years ago

    I face a hard decision this time 🙁 I have a Nexus 5 so logic would dictate
    that I go with the Nexus 9 32GB, but I also bought a Macbook Air earlier
    this year and Continuity seems really nice. Or should I stick with the 2013
    Nexus 7 for another generation and see what comes out next? 

  • Athreya Ramkumar 3 years ago

    You turned on my phone when you said okay google,lol!

  • Schlossberg von Shekelsteinfinkelburg 3 years ago

    God, I really hate how badly Google fucked up with the Nexus 9, although I
    will still be getting it. The Nokia N1 is almost exactly like the Nexus 9,
    except that it’s built like an iPad, but runs Android Lollipop and is only
    $250. I just hate that it is only a 7.9 inch screen. I will still go with
    the Nexus 9, because the iOS experience has almost no level of
    customization, and the homescreen looks horrendous with apps thrown on
    there, and no widgets. I wish the Nexus 9 was priced cheaper, but it’s
    still better than having to use iTunes for everything, and not having the
    ability to have a file browser, or disable YouTube ads, free in-app
    purchases, custom ROM’s and many other root features.

  • XDKX101 3 years ago

    Agreed, most notably, the Nexus does have bad build quality. And yes the
    app ecosystem is better on iOS. But about the Tegra K1 and apps crashing,
    this is only due to them not being properly optimized by the devs. In
    around 3 months, we should see everything working perfectly. Back to the
    ecosystem argument again, where Apple does have tighter control and better
    delivery due to a more narrow choice. Google needs to address this issue

    In any case I will still be going for the Nexus this time as the closed
    down and functionality lacking iOS system does not work for me. And that
    Tegra K1. Wonder what nvidia will pull with Erista in a couple of months

  • Jose daniel gamboa percy 3 years ago

    Nexus 9 shouldn’t be way more expensive than the iPad Air 2.

  • Colton Mandell 3 years ago

    Pocketnow needs more subscribers. Michael Fischer reviews are so enjoyable
    to watch. Even if I know I am not going to purchase a device he reviews, I
    still watch all of his reviews.

  • HeavyandMetal431 3 years ago

    No device should have a 4:3 aspect ratio like the ipad I like to watch vids
    and 16:9 allows for full screen sexiness

  • Ovi Wan Kenobi 3 years ago

    I think Nokia was genius to make that new N1 tablet because I really like
    the iPad hardware but I really hate the claustrophobic OS.

    So putting Android on something that looks like the iPad makes perfect
    I can’t wait for the reviews.

    That might be the tablet to replace my Nexus 7 and Asus Transformer

  • PolishXlion 3 years ago

    Ipad tablets used to be unbeatable but for me it’s really hard to justify
    the price now that Android tablets are getting better.

  • Stampyonthe xb 3 years ago

    Apple is better than every tablet in the world

  • Andrew〈ST〉 3 years ago

    Hah, you said “Endurance” while you were playing Interstellar!

  • TheSony/AppleFanatic 3 years ago

    iPad 2 is better, thats for sure. No surprise there, iPad’s are benevolent
    gods in the tablet world.

  • Djluv5 3 years ago

    nexus 9 best os…. ipad best hardware and ecosystem for tablet but shitty
    ios… nuff said

  • blackfear1562 3 years ago

    I couldn’t agree more I really have enjoyed my iPad Air 2 especially since
    I got it for 100 dollars off that’s not to say I don’t still prefer android
    in a lot of ways it’s just I found that ironically I don’t like android on
    a tablet I own a note two and it’s just not every easy to use in terms of
    how you must hold it nor is it very portable compared to the iPad buried do
    miss its functions that iOS still restricts oh well although in the mobile
    game android is king I love my gs4 and wouldn’t trade it for the world 

  • Nicholas Hunt 3 years ago

    It seemed like you struggled to actually admit Apple had a better product
    by the tone of your voice towards the end… Guessing a slight bias towards
    Android here but hey at least even you could put fanboyism aside to admit

  • 101998LJM 3 years ago

    Siri started talking her sh*t when you said “Hey Siri”, never will I ever
    charge my phone while watching videos again

  • Benja Bro 3 years ago

    I think Apple makes better tablets where as google does not. But I have to
    admit I own a android phone instead of a iPhone

  • MaowDroid 3 years ago

    I don’t think it’s the hardware that is not letting you play certain games.
    I reckon it’s the new ART runtime. The game engines are probably
    incompatible with it.

  • Creepageddon21 3 years ago

    lol watched this on a kindle. POCKETNOW Y U NO KINDLE.

  • Mikey Guanipa 3 years ago

    why is the nexus 9 bezels so big!?
    u would think with those bezels it would be thinner but it isn’t

  • Dylon Swartwood 3 years ago

    got the nexus 9, for 1 reason, android, i just can’t stand ios at this

  • dhwang101 3 years ago

    Weird, I did not find any “give” on the back of my nexus 9 and I find the
    build as solid as ipad. Plus I don’t feel like tossing my nexus 9 around
    because I feel the nexus 9 is as luxurious as it is comfortable. BTW, “less
    consistent [hardware] experience” is what they use to say about PC. When
    there’s an Android advantage (UI, battery interface, whatever) then it
    “doesn’t matter”. Reviewer says it’s not much of a showdown because it all
    comes down to your taste and choice . So the “money better spent” verdict
    is pure hogwash opinion since there’s tons of reason to choose Nexus yet he
    rather spend it on iPad.

  • John Olds 3 years ago

    I wish one of these iOS vs Android reviews would speak to the privacy
    issues of the Google OS. It looks to me like the only way to use Android
    is to allow Google to scan your emails and exploit your purchases. Of
    course both Apple and Amazon exploit your purchase history but I don’t
    think they sell it to third parties. I also worry that Google sells your
    private data to big data aggregators like Lexus-Nexus. That means your
    choice of movies, TV shows, books, Apps and email conversations could be
    used against you by law enforcement, employers, banks and insurance

  • Saptaswa Charan Rakshit 3 years ago

    Why Pocketnow reviewers neglect the Asus zenphone line up. They are
    beautiful phones and hardware is also nice. I would love a review more so
    because I am planning to buy one….. 

  • sadadda 3 years ago

    Wow. What a great honest review. Thank you!

  • jonathan jenkins 3 years ago

    I enjoy your reviews, truly unbiased.. I liked the comment about the camera
    on both, in the club or coal mine.. haha! excellent reviews please keep
    them coming

  • Jackdeath3 3 years ago

    Actually the iPad is 1.4 times faster.

  • Carson Greene 3 years ago

    Lol that G Watch R at the end doe… how ironic


  • Xxx Snipes xxX 3 years ago

    Yes you say the android is best but you will need android protection on it
    but Apple already has it I’m on an iPad now I’m on the iPad Air 2 and it’s
    the best and it’s surtentlly better than the nexus

  • Roger Toledo 3 years ago

    With great phones like the m8 and e8. Why the hell did they fall on their
    faces with the nexus? 

  • long On 3 years ago

    I bought an iPad air 2. It’s screen is a stunner. 

  • MistahFen 3 years ago

    Obviously biased review… I think the reviewer approached this with Apple
    winning in mind. I think there are ways in which the Android might be
    better tailored to certain people, and I can list reasons I feel it’s
    better for me.
    1) The size – smaller means easier to hold and more portable
    2) The finish – The metallic back of the iPad is too slippery and has a
    strange, cold feel for my fingers
    3) The colours – Black Nexus…
    4)The setup – Pretty much all Apple products require iTunes… with the
    Nexus, it can be more of a standalone device
    5) The speakers – were undeniably better.
    6) Better quality
    7) Cheaper
    8) Not as much of a follower of brand names. Maybe because it’s $100 more,
    some people feel it’s better?
    The only thing Apple solidly has over google is the all – encompassing App
    store. I feel it’s much more of a broader spectrum of content than Play

  • Henry Blegen 3 years ago

    Nexus 9 is way better, google play is getting a lot more apps, and the very
    few apps the nexus 9 can’t run right now will be able to run within a

  • Dwight Dunker 3 years ago

    The newest tablets from Apple and Google face off in our review chamber …
    and the results are pretty decisive. For more in-depth coverage of the
    Nexus 9 and iPad Air 2, see our full reviews of each device at Pocketnow.

  • MobileDecay 3 years ago

    Yeah the Nexus 9 to me is basically a scam at that price. If you want
    android tablet there are other options that aren’t made out of a donkeys
    asshole and cost less. K1 is nice but not needed right now. you’ll get by
    fine with a lesser processor. The N9 is just an overpriced generic slab
    running android.

  • CaieJay 3 years ago

    u kiddin me ? speakers are way different