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Here is our full in-depth 3-way Comparison of the iPad Air 2 Vs Microsoft Surface Pro 3 Vs Samsung Tab S 10.5″. Follow Majid on Twitter …

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  • The Harsh Tag 3 years ago

    What you left out – android is terrible at tablets. Ios kills android at
    tablets. It is much faster, has many many more tablet optomised apps and a
    better ecosystem

  • Carlos Matarrita 3 years ago

    excelent comparison… it covers almost everything

  • Pretty Boy Flizzy 3 years ago

    IPad air 2 is a beast it beats a desktop os (surface pro 3)

  • Crisp3333 3 years ago

    wrong comparison. ipad air or any ipad should be compared to the surface 2,
    not pro

  • Slash Kill 3 years ago

    @PrettyBoyFlizzy The problem about that is,first, that Windows 8.1 has far
    more options and lots of lots configuration settings and you can run any
    program on it, that exists. You can emulate the ios 8, thats no problem,
    second, If you choose the i7 quadcore version of the surface then no tablet
    has a chance in speed. Thats my opinion ;-)

  • Jamalien N 3 years ago

    You say the surface pro 3 is running “intense hardware” as an excuse for
    its marginally poorer battery life and yet the iPad pretty much hands down
    thrashes it in the performance category.

  • TheEnderKidTZX 3 years ago

    It’s hard to compare these when the Surface is a tablet with a desktop os.
    You can run Microsoft Office 2013 desktop version on the go, which is much
    better than Pages for iPad. Especially since MS Office can load files on
    local storage allowing offline support, but iPad is a little weird with
    that. And then the Samsung tab I know nothing about. iPad’s Apple ecosystem
    is pretty nice for those days when you want to work on Mac, then back to
    iPad, but you can do that on a Surface, on the same Surface. Surface is
    more of a competitor to Macs then iPads.

  • Понихейтер Епифанцев 3 years ago

    Tab S the best!

  • Will Bx 3 years ago

    Plus I see no way the iPad Air scored higher than the Pro3, when I just ran
    the test on my i5 4gb version and got a 5200 on the multicore score, and
    that’s only running the test in 32bit mode. I’m sure it would score out of
    this world in 64 bit mode.

  • ButterCrafter Romulo 3 years ago

    Ipad Air 2!

  • H3avyHitta 3 years ago

    Surface Pro 3 way better than both of these products but all 3 are good but
    the pro 3 is on a different level..

  • Ludwin V 3 years ago

    What about the Nexus 9?
    When will android 5 will be out for the tab s?

  • nexus 9 baby!

  • explorador75 3 years ago

    Surface pro 3 can be compare those simple tablets! Surface is a complete
    computer ! Definitely is the best!

  • Majid Syed 3 years ago
  • Will Bx 3 years ago

    Why the surface pro 3 is being compared to these two tablets is beyond me.
    It’s not even the same class of device. When are these tech bloggers going
    to finally get it. The surface pro 3 is a laptop replacement in a tablet
    form. Not a tablet trying to be a laptop. It has real computer internals,
    and ports. Neither of which the other two have.

  • The Harsh Tag 3 years ago

    Lol you put the dimensions on the wrong side on the surface pro

  • N0ZP1K3R 3 years ago

    The Surface Pro 3 is too expensive for what you get, a cheap laptop would
    be more reasonable and practical. 

  • calvin tanner 3 years ago

    Will Samsung release a 2015 Edition of the Samsung Galaxy Tab S. 

  • Ali Riayde 3 years ago

    What is the highest quality configuration on the default YouTube iPad app?

  • papcyrill 3 years ago

    Your voice is annoying and you are so biased

  • All r. Dan 3 years ago

    iPad Air 2 obviously 

  • monther almamari 3 years ago

    Iam a fan of apple but I really don’t think that the iPad air is the best ,
    definitely its the surface pro 3.

  • marten tooma 3 years ago

    nice job 

  • Rohaan Ahmad 3 years ago

    Omg wowowowow IPAD AIR 2 WON MOST OF IT so yeah air 2 wins :3

  • Stephen Catton 3 years ago

    Surface for productivity and functionality, the Tab S for fun, customising,
    google play store, iPad for people who want simple stuff and App Store and
    to pay more for less.

  • Mohammad Al-Khatlan 3 years ago

    surface pro 3 screen resolution 2160×1440

  • Pablo Gallardo 3 years ago

    One of the least professional videos i’ve seen from someone who apairs to
    be a tech guy. Some of your comparisons are absurd!

  • vricolaks 3 years ago

    Not sure which one to get.
    My “pro” ipad is good choice of apps and most of them should work well.
    Stab – customisation, slightly better screen and battery. 

  • Jeremiah Goldberg 3 years ago

    Thorough review. Thanks