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Here’s my speed test comparison of the iPad Air 2 vs. the iPad Air first gen. Subscribe for more tech videos! Subscribe to my dai…


iPad Air


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  • Ty Moss 3 years ago

    New video! iPad Air 2 vs. iPad Air – Speed Test

  • Zakaria Allouche 3 years ago

    Ty, u should make tech vids about everything not only apple, MKBHD channel
    is growing more and more cause he does not talk about android only he talks
    about everything. Your channel is mostly about apple products. 

  • Ajwad Sabano 3 years ago

    The iPad Air 2’s screen is significantly much better and clear than the

  • Thibaut Mahringer 3 years ago

    The air 2 has a better screen, the colors are so vibrant! ;)

  • supster131 3 years ago

    What a fail, even the IPad’s are faster than the Iphones.. this is why
    Android’s are better for phones, but Apple devices are only good for
    Tablets and IPods (although sadly i feel like Apple doesn’t care about
    their ipods anymore).

  • Emma Kellett-Lunney 3 years ago

    XD I am watching this on my IPad Air :D

  • RoseyPoo 3 years ago

    Im watching this on an iPad Air:D even though I want the iPad Air 2 I don’t
    really want it cause it’s pretty much the same thing. :] btw im 11 :DDD

  • Adama BE 3 years ago

    3:35 are you kidding me? if we count up the time we were stuck in traffic
    and this for every person that got stuck in traffic, than think about how
    much collective time we save….imo (seen from this video) the older air is
    actually as good as the new air.

  • Parssa Alimadad 3 years ago

    please someone tell me when ipad air 2 will be in malaysia im in love <3

  • Smith Miller 3 years ago

    Battery life on the air 2 is not as good as the first air. The upgrades
    just not woth it.

  • Dante Bradley 3 years ago

    I wonder how many half seconds I’d save in life, before I realize there’s a
    new iPad Air 3 out, that’s a half second faster than my Air 2.

  • Marky Rob 3 years ago

    IPad air 2 screen looks so good and clear 

  • Smith Miller 3 years ago

    The 1to 2 seconds is definitely not worth the price difference


  • James Perez 3 years ago

    the first air looks washed up compared to its successor.

  • أبوســ ـعدون 3 years ago

    ty moss MKBHD sent me hear and i am an old sub just wana say congrats XD

  • Steven Joshua 3 years ago

    TWC is probably throttling you, you actually have a download limit each
    month similar to what a cell provider does, so if your close to that limit
    they will throttle your speeds, that’s why you’ll see a normal speed in the
    speed test first then it gets throttled down to half

  • mohammed burn 3 years ago

    um you didnt see the single core score on the geeckbench

  • Jesus Carrillo 3 years ago

    I have the iPad Air and it’s not really a big difference mine is very fast
    and has a good display

  • Kaire Banks 3 years ago

    do you give these away

  • Rohaan Ahmad 3 years ago

    Man I’m gonna get the iPad Air 2 not because of touch id and speed but the
    power and portability

  • Yannick Roos 3 years ago

    Please don’t complain about your wifi and that its crappy, i get 2.2 down
    and 0.28 up… ;-; i can barely load a youtube video!

  • YuneShik 3 years ago

    Seriously though. You shouldn’t really act surprised or intrigued that iPad
    Air 2 is a hair faster than iPad Air 1… Considering its a year
    difference, the pricing difference, and the hardware difference. It should
    be a given.

  • -DNA- 3 years ago

    Real informative and broad speed test! Good to see that the boot up process
    and Siri were tested as well. 

  • R3B0RNPR0PH3T 3 years ago

    I’ve no idea how you set this up but the iPad Air 1 is not THAT washed out
    compared to the Air 2. Yes, the Air 2 has the lamented anti reflexive
    coating but I’ve used both side by side in the Apple store and the Air is
    nowhere near as washed out.

  • I Found Fido 3 years ago

    Is it just me or are the colors much better on the iPad Air 2?

  • Mike Jones 3 years ago

    The screen on the air 2 looks much better than the air.

  • Diego Oliveira 3 years ago

    One KO on Asphalt Airborne for the original iPad, so there you go, original
    iPad wins!

  • jayr nunez 3 years ago

    i still love my old ipad air…i dont need to upgrade to air two…ill just
    gonna wait next year

  • GAME VIC 3 years ago

    You’re Wi-Fi is a shit…i have 1000Mbps on my Wi-Fi…and it’s mind
    blowing on iPhone 5S… ;)

  • haries everden 3 years ago

    there is something wrong in this video 

  • Dean Spence 3 years ago

    Turn it ownnnn

  • Steven Youngs 3 years ago

    I just can’t believe your comment – “half a second quicker, just think how
    much time it will save you”. Seriously dude. Did you realise how dumb that
    sounded after you said it. These speeds test (not just Ty) are pointless on
    the whole. What’s this obsession with speed. I love my ipad/iphone but I
    won’t get sucked into all this rubbish about this ipad is .5 second quicker
    than this ipad. Buy tech for what it can do for you – not how quickly the
    apps load. Kind of cringe.

  • Ahmad Kishani 3 years ago

    you should update your router to give AC wifi beacuse iphone 6+ / ipad air
    2 needs an AC router mate 🙂 and i saw video on youtube he got 100megabit
    speed on ipad air 2 speedtest

  • blackfear1562 3 years ago

    Did anyone else think the original iPad looked washed out or is that just
    from the lights 

  • Nick Leavitt 3 years ago

    Thanks for the video, I was way curious about this comparison

  • Total recall 3 years ago

    I like to change my ipad every 2 years i’ve air i’ll wait for air 3 

  • Martin Lolov 3 years ago

    Did anybody else notice the difference in the screen?

  • Minecrafter Op 3 years ago

    I just don’t know if I should get an iPad air 2 over the new iPad air I
    already have, I mean there’s rarely any different, maybe I should just use
    my air idk please tell me !

  • Katie Perkins 3 years ago

    What’s that? I can’t hear you! I’m eating cereal! You bored me so much I
    had to eat!

  • Margaret Obi 3 years ago

    I got a iPad Air 2 they are really fast when downloading apps (:

  • Vikram Bharadwaj 3 years ago

    Adding up all the seconds saved by everyone is gonna save you time..
    Genius.Enough internet for the day :s

  • Tasso gamer 3 years ago

    Ya ok there I pad air 2 22 sec to download and install mine craft for me it
    took 6 seconds so ha it’s prob ur very slow internet 

  • Luis Viray 3 years ago

    I like iPad Air 2’s display. :)

  • Gaming Rabbit 3 years ago

    Hi, the WLAN test makes no sense even the iPad 3 goes up to 80MBit/s
    depends on the internet connection not the WLAN. I know this one was just
    for fun but it would have been much more useful to test the WLAN speed from
    device to device to seen the max. WLAN transfer rate. 

  • Ryan Boller 3 years ago

    My Galaxy S2 boots up faster than that! SMH

  • Piotrek1985 3 years ago

    This comparison is terrible.

  • I sometimes like to pull my dick out, Flip my pockets out and make sounds
    like an elephant.

  • Patrick LeClair 3 years ago

    Finger prints…really? iPad Air 2 is a cash grab for Apple and nothing
    else. BTW, cars used to have all metal dashboards and where considered
    cheap…. Now iSheep celebrate metal like the second coming of Christ.

  • avinath gunasekara 3 years ago

    Ty, you should get the zoom H1 audio recorder and plug your mic into it
    instead of plugging your mic into your camera. The audio will have much
    less echo and be more clear. The preamp in your camera is not very good. 

  • Linda Podell Goodman 3 years ago

    I was able to accept the slightly slower i-pad air until I noticed the
    display and resolution. Hands down. the first was almost foggy, where the
    latter just gorgeous!