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Apple’s high-end tablet for 2014 is a sensible refinement of a winning design. Find out if it’s the iPad for you in our video review, and then check out our …


iPad Air


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  • Po Russki 2 years ago

    iPads really are a gimmick. Before Apple, tablets were actual computers.
    They were those old laptops with a touchscreen and pen. That’s a REAL
    tablet. When Apple unveiled the stupid iPad many were disappointed that
    it’s just a bigger iPhone with no cellular radios. We were expecting full
    Mac OS-X. A tablet should NOT open the mobile version of a webpage. It’s a
    gimmick when you can do the same work on your phone. A REAL tablet is the
    Surface Pro line, like the Surface Pro 3. You can install actual desktop
    programs unlike on a gimmicky iPad.

  • GrammerNazi7481 2 years ago

    This is the best tablet ever, hands down 

  • makeleletoulalan 2 years ago

    Moving icons on my iPad is a horrible experience, I’ll never understand the
    appeal of iOS homescreen.

  • Jesus Christ 2 years ago

    Aluminium, not aluminum

  • AdannaG 2 years ago

    Last year, I decided to invest in my very first Apple iPad (Air). It was
    fast, light and smooth to run – as advertised. However, as a regular
    YouTube/online video viewer, the lack of Adobe Player on the iPad produced
    a less than satisfactory experience. After much research, I bought the
    Samsung Galaxy Tab S (10.5″) a month ago. It is amazing! It is lighter
    and thinner than the iPad Air, has an incredible Super AMOLED (2K) display
    (HD movies are very immersive), fingerprint scanner and excellent side
    speakers. At £399, it is seriously good value for money. I would
    encourage anyone who is considering a ‘solid’ and reliable tablet to check
    out this device – you will not be disappointed.

  • spaceydecember 2 years ago

    I dislike reviews that always say it is ridiculous to take photos from an
    iPad. They are creating these doubts and reservations into people’s minds.
    Maybe this is why we often see only tourists take pictures from iPads.
    Tourists don’t see these reviewers. Lastly, if I’m spending $550 (minimum)
    on a tablet, is it that bad to take photos or expect it is an added

  • TrentSki80 2 years ago

    Apple doesn’t make tablets

  • Tomi Golob 2 years ago

    Hmm I don’t know…I still think Nexus 7 2013 screen is just the best in
    smaller-sized tablets around. It has 312ppi and is fullHD. The viewing
    angles are incredible. It doesn’t distort the image in even the steepest
    angles, that’s my experience at least. It is also incredibly bright. The
    form factor is perfect and the build quality is very good. Then there’s the
    irresistible price range. It also has sensors embedded within the screen so
    the picture feels like it’s floating on the screen …or maybe I’m just
    imagining it.
    I think Apple lost the battle in screen quality about 1.5 years ago. Just
    my opinion. Remember,opinions cannot hurt you 

  • Agerr Gerra 2 years ago

    I understand why people love the Surface Pro 3, but it isn’t really made
    for the same reasons as an iPad or any other tablet. I have a Surface RT,
    which I enjoy using when doing things such as writing Word documents,
    because I can take the keyboard off and flip it into portrait orientation
    to get a very good view of a document. I also love that you can scroll with
    your finger, and I can’t imagine going back to clicking and dragging a
    scroll bar (because I use the touchpad). My 2nd gen. Surface keyboard is
    terrible, the Surface RT can’t download anything program unless it is off
    the Windows Store, and the kickstand has a fixed position, but those are
    all things that have been by the Surface Pro 3. This means that it is a
    great tablet for people who need a portable and productive tool for
    business or school. What the iPad has going for it is that it is a tablet,
    not a computer. That means that you can go get good touchscreen focused
    apps from an app store that isn’t the worst one in existence (I’m talking
    about the Windows Store, which contains mostly apps made by 10 year olds).
    If you love what smartphones have become, which is communication, internet,
    and entertainment tools, and you want a bit of computer, then you should
    get an iPad (or a different tablet). If you want a computer that gives you
    some perks of having a tablet, then you should get something like the
    Surface Pro 3. 

  • Dennis McCarty 2 years ago

    I have a laptop, 6 Plus, HTC One M8, PC, Ps4, and I still use my iPad ALL
    the time. It’s my go to device to search the Internet, use social media
    sites, and watch YouTube videos. I also stream movies from it to my Apple
    TV when I don’t feel like turning my PC on ( ).. Just jailbroke it
    and now I have the app Movie Box too. Bawllin…

  • Jonathan Ng 2 years ago

    Yes i believe this is the best tablet on sale now but i am also kinda sad
    that the iPad mini 3 is just a iPad mini 2 with a fingerprint scanner They
    could have at least used the A8 chip in the iPad mini 3. That was the iPad
    air 2 would still have a lead over it with a tri-core A8X and 2GB of ram

  • Ben Wintle 2 years ago

    The way the iPad Air 2 completely vibrates when listening to something
    feels terrible in the hands. What the hell Apple?

  • Tomas Beli 2 years ago

    After finishing college and finding a job a need for a computer vanished
    for me, i have a pc at my work space to do things and when i am at home i
    only browse the web and go on youtube. So for me it makes no sense to buy a
    computer I’m just going to buy an iPad Air and use it as my only device, it
    also eliminates a need for a smartphone for me, i will take it everywhere
    with me and with some old phone for texting and cooling, it is just fine.
    So i see a valuable in this device, it is perfect for people like me but i
    get if you need a computer for working at home it is not for you.

  • Servet Aa 2 years ago

    Like bend-gate, tablet photography taboo/mocking should be over, too.
    People should just be able to use what they have in my opinion.

  • Brenden Pragasam 2 years ago

    Face it off against the nexus 9. That would be interesting…

  • boypula 2 years ago

    Im done with mobile os’s like android and ios, ever since i’ve purchased my
    windows 8.1 full os (not rt or mobile) tablet im happy to play games like
    god of war, nba2k14 and a ton more, plus it’s windows so you know its
    really productive, its a pc so you can’t expect less.:)

  • Saur o 2 years ago

    I am an android fan, but I’m open to both worlds, I have an android tablet
    but personally I think the ipads are better (didn’t get one cuz I did not
    like IOS 6, but I kind of like IOS 7, so I will probably get an ipad next
    year) because of it’s great and consistent battery life, and most
    importantly optimized apps. 

  • alternet8 2 years ago

    Welp, Im trying Apple this year, if I don’t like it I wont like it, I mean,
    my first apple product, woo!

  • BishopTech 2 years ago

    Idek, I think they r solid choices every generation, but the stupid and
    meager differences between each generation makes them a gimmick. I would
    rather go with a NVIDIA SHIELD TABLET. 

  • Leonardo Daniels 2 years ago

    2:28 – “You shall not pass” wi-fi, lolcats.

  • The Nerd Herd 2 years ago

    As a convinced Android user, I say that this device really makes me want to
    buy it. I still can’t see me without Android though. Maybe I should wait
    for the new Nokia tablet?

  • billy fuller 2 years ago

    What game is he playing at from 5:41 to 5.48 because i really want to play
    that game. 🙂

    Can anyone tell me please? is there a game like that on the Google Play
    Store for my Android tablet(Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro 8.4)?

  • Miguel Angel 2 years ago

    The only tablet I’d buy is a 12″ with keyboard. Because at that size, it
    isn’t a sacrificing screen real estate.

    I went to a Best Buy and played around with the Note 12.1 and its perfect !
    Except its running Android and I’d rather have Windows for school. It
    amazed me that it was lighter than my Dell Venue 8 Pro. 

  • George Djarov 2 years ago

    If APPLE wants to make another mobile revolution they ought to make a
    special iPad OS, which will be a mixture between iOS and MAC OSX.

  • Nation5 _ 2 years ago

    Who ever made the transition drum loop after the intro, don’t do this
    again. At least try harder to fit it to the beat.

  • Kenneth T. 2 years ago

    Am I the only person with massive resonans problems when it plays sound?
    Don’t your test unit buss when you hold your finger on the screen and it
    plays a sound? 

  • Gdsamplify 2 years ago

    Wait… Did anyone by the first iPad Air??

  • Hamish Sutton 2 years ago

    your tots right………. ABOUT EVERYTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • irapezombiexoxo 2 years ago

    Wow! that was great! It was like watching a documentary. 

  • Monkeyspeare 2 years ago

    Looking to buy a cheap beast phone, I’ve been looking at the moto g but
    starting to think about others, any good phones under $450?

  • Saif0412 2 years ago

    Can’t believe Apple didn’t bother upping the pixel density,

    Screen looks so fuzzy, 

  • Shaker Chabarekh 2 years ago

    nice review! this will be my next tablet, btw what’s the game you’re
    playing on 5:45 

  • Ko San 2 years ago

    I am in the Apple Ecosystem mainly cause I’ve been it from the start, I’ve
    already purchased around $100 over years of apps since the iPhone launched.
    So leaving all that behind isn’t worth it since I can’t transfer my
    purchases. I think the main issue I get is the moment when many commonly
    used apps are not on Android, that pisses me off. Then to add on the wide
    variety of devices can really mislead most but what I hate most is that
    each phone maker shoves their skins and apps down my throat.
    While I am all for customability I also like a device that just works, a
    device made for dumb people so I can use things without adjustments
    anywhere. A good example is the Note 3, while trying to take pictures the
    lighting always gets messed up, Idk if its a software issue but it pisses
    me off that my old iPhone 4S adjusts smoothly with no hiccups while a
    “Newer and Better” phone can’t even adjust itself to certain light
    Overall Android is pretty cool it just suffers from the same thing PCs do,
    so much customability that to really know what you like you have try
    multiple brands honestly. No ones word of mouth counts because it may have
    something you don’t like, for example I love Dell Precision as my Mobile
    Workstation but others hate Dell to death, Dell Customer Service even
    replaced my computer with a newer Nvidia card since the AMDs were having
    issues all for free! However back then I didn’t understand graphics cards
    so I have cheaper and weaker computers and I didn’t understand why certain
    things wouldn’t function properly like Maya, Photoshop, Games. When I buy
    Android Devices (I’ve owned 3 now being a Nexus, Samsung, and the Plus One
    <3) it really came to finding the right fit and understanding the potential
    in specs and software. While for me I will always use iPads for tablets and
    a mixture of either iPhones or Androids, for others like per say my mom who
    isn't tech savy an Android has been nothing but a nightmare for her with
    cheap apps of fake games and with an interface of too much going on.

  • Justin Vanpop 2 years ago

    I like seeing this review come from Michael… It’s not that I dislike
    Jaime’s reviews, it’s just that I know Jaime is more biased towards apple
    and it’s nice to see that even Michael Fisher more of a windows phone user
    ,if I remember correctly, likes the tablet!

  • jayr122001 2 years ago

    i wanna sell my ipad air to buy the ipad air but changed my mind because
    ipad air2 doesnt even a worthy buy