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iPad Air 2 Hands-On iPad mini 3 Hands-On: 5K iMac Hands-On: Not only did the iPhone maker announce a new iPad Air 2, but an update to its iPad…


iPad Air



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  • TechnoBuffalo 3 years ago

  • Sr68720 3 years ago

    That iPad will bend very easily.

  • JerTheGeek 3 years ago

    Guys should I get the iPhone 5S from ebay for around $400 or wait for my
    contract upgrade next year in the summertime and get the iPad Air 2 for my
    bday this December?

  • whiteiphonegod 3 years ago

    It’s literally the same iPad from last years, but with “improved” specs

  • simon199418 3 years ago

    18% thinner wow, i can’t believe it wow wow wow. Wait so what is 18% of the
    previous thickness again? 1mm maybe. MY apple fans from america do you know
    how fucking small 1mm is?????? 

  • Johnmark Odeh 3 years ago

    But will it bend? That is the question…

  • Sean Peterson 3 years ago

    Techno Buffalo Sponsored by Apple -_-

  • Mark Ford 3 years ago

    Dunno why people praise the look of these things. “18% thinner” sounds
    like sales talk, it’s still bloody thick. And why is the “anti-glare”
    being praised when it’s still clearly highly reflective…. oh yeah, the
    “harsh lights”. Talk about making excuses.

  • TheDark Knut 3 years ago

    Ok so making the devices thinner and lighter is the only thing that apple
    will ever do, hmm.

  • AndrewProductionsTV 3 years ago

    If you bend the new iPad air enough you’ll end up with a sweet new laptop

  • Justin Jones 3 years ago

    Wow apple its the same thing as the first one minus the touch id. Why make
    a new one if its gonna be the same as the old one? Adding a new processor
    clocked .02 ghz higher is not a improvement and finger scanner big deal.
    Where’s the big WOW facture apple.

  • Bobby Edwards 3 years ago

    Its OK. Nexus 9 for the win 

  • Gordaton 3 years ago

    Lame. There’s almost nothing new.

  • Kareem salem 3 years ago

    I watching this video now in my ipaid air 

  • yazeed amoudi 3 years ago

    They should put flash on the camera

  • Tony Ros 3 years ago

    But will it bend?

  • rumbleforce2 3 years ago

    Same old boring shit from Apple!!! No innovation!!!

  • john crank 3 years ago

    my ipod can do everything a iphone and ipad can do…

  • ivan kapustin 3 years ago

    Wait… It can shoot slow-mo videos???

  • Marko H 3 years ago

    I don’t get it. Why does Apple have that need to design so thin products?
    This new ipad could be better with the same design as the previous
    generation and have longer battery life. Same goes to iphone 6 & 6 plus. We
    all know how short the battery life is on the older generations of
    iphone… And that camera that sticks out of the phone… Shame on you

  • Cballin 3 years ago

    alright guys, you made your ipad video, can we get back to the real story
    now, the NEXUS 9! Most powerful tablet on the market!

  • OriginalNoseBleed 3 years ago

    Apple announce the new iPad all over the internet within an hour with hands
    on Google announce there new nexus phone and tablet and a day later nothing
    not even a bloody hands on

  • giorattin1 3 years ago

    Best tablet outhere by FAR! 

  • MinecraftiaHighness 3 years ago

    Now the question is… Will it bend?

  • Jake Daily 3 years ago

    Jon, you should’ve tried bending it.

  • Victor Ochoa 3 years ago

    Its literally the same iPad , his trying so hard to find a difference. Just
    so Apple fan boys don’t get mad if he says it’s the same shit you get every
    year. Enough said !

  • Rani Hinnawi 3 years ago

    Admittedly, iPads are quite nice, but I would still prefer to buy the Nexus
    9 from what I have seen so far.

  • MrPowerKid11 3 years ago

    Technobuffalo licks apples ass same shit every year

  • Brent Clarke 3 years ago

    I thought iPads had the finger scanner already? This is so predictable.

  • GrimaceBSX 3 years ago

    TechnoBuffalo sponsored by apple®

  • RevolutionsGFX 3 years ago

    its .04 lbs lighter…. haha XD