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Panasonic line of Android-powered Toughpad tablets are designed with enhanced security, long product life, and advanced device management in mind. The Panaso…

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  • TehObLiVioUs 3 years ago


  • H.P. Wang 3 years ago
  • IknowYourBs 3 years ago

    its fearless and looks so sick , then when you buy it you realise the only
    good feature on it is its unbreakable and you try to play a game and it
    wont play hahahahaah lol

  • Robi Lamae 3 years ago

    playing while yur bathing.. epic.

  • Renaud Lepage 3 years ago

    @jimbo081 on the contrary.

  • TrueBlueAustralian 3 years ago

    and at 5x the price.

  • TheEpicShitz 3 years ago

    @pavelgeiba every tablets there are different if you don’t notice.

  • Kevin Cobos 3 years ago

    lmao reminds me of a ford commercial about the trucks

  • B. Roman 3 years ago

    Perfect, this is exactly what I needed, especially when I’m trying to light
    it on fire

  • David Joe 3 years ago

    so is anyone gonna burn their toughpad?

  • jimbo081 3 years ago

    Don’t try this at home.

  • Moaz Bambi 3 years ago

    Whoa… i’m scared this thing will try to kill me while i’m asleep!!!

  • Fletcherismine 3 years ago

    WTF !? did u just dominoed my Iconia Tab A500 !!?? -.-

  • MEhazon 3 years ago

    yea its gud stuff if u like working inside a spinning wheel, under a
    punching pillar or between two propane burners 🙂

  • RichardKartawijaya 3 years ago

    Great tablet

  • WallTearer 3 years ago

    Ah, try to drop this thing into a mud and run a damn bulldozer over it.

  • jahedb 3 years ago

    I want it NOW!! Been trying to get my hands on a unit for the past month
    with no success. Please ship to SA have clients waiting!

  • Brian Bauer 3 years ago

    This product would be even better if you could actually buy one! Introduced
    Nov 2011???

  • nilo4870 3 years ago

    A Toughblet?

  • Neil Lund 3 years ago

    I personally feel all manufacturers should strive to meet these rugged
    specs in their construction of their devices. We need the toughpad. That is

  • v_damanha 3 years ago

    who the fuck want to pay 1300$ for a tablet ?

  • Prodvinutyi0user 3 years ago

    it isn’t showed how it is fuc*ing blending into pieces.

  • Moaz Bambi 3 years ago

    @singhissingh I strongly believe it won’t this time… and the Blendtec
    thing might break!!!

  • kenupcmac 3 years ago

    OK that some thing u dont see every day

  • Pre114 3 years ago

    fuck the ipad, im gettin this.

  • artenman 3 years ago

    @Protatotype So can any other tablet. This is for people with butter

  • cameronr2000 3 years ago

    Who would need a pad that tough? Construction workers?

  • MASTER260 3 years ago


  • Neil Lund 3 years ago

    The price is high, but considering what it can handle, it’ll outlast any
    other tablet out right now. I have a Transformer and love it, but I
    wouldn’t dare put it through the elements like they do with the Toughpad.
    Let’s see what comes of these products in the future.

  • 22428216 3 years ago

    This is it! I want it!!!

  • anurag saikia 3 years ago

    The Chuck Norris Tab

  • Chrieve 3 years ago


  • Protatotype 3 years ago

    @walltowall5 This is marketed towards the army, outdoor businesses and
    people in extreme working conditions; not as a toy for the couch.

  • Brian Dortch 3 years ago

    looks good,

  • SethiXzon 3 years ago

    Most of the consumers of this product will likely spend more time
    attempting to break it than actual utilization of the aformented tablet.

  • GoldenEye 0010 3 years ago

    This one defiinately wont blend!

  • Pavel Geiba 3 years ago

    pause 0.06 > it’s an iPad, first in a line..

  • Surjit Singh 3 years ago

    Will it blend??

  • artenman 3 years ago

    It’s still a toy like all the other tablets.

  • Oliver Sheldrick 3 years ago


  • AbhisshekTube 3 years ago

    Great now Army can play Angry Bird too 😉

  • Calibretto . 3 years ago

    finally the last reason for the news on paper is gone: now you can smash
    insects with the object you get your digital news from again.

  • jack390 3 years ago

    lol the funny part is… when the iPad was launched everyone used to make
    fun of the name “pad” in it…. no almost all these tablets have pad in
    them xD

  • LumixFilms 3 years ago

    @MrAndroidGeek Dude that comment is Epic Funny!…. Short, simple and…
    brilliant! Tech feed the Military Industrial Complex and all that … I get
    it! Panasonic exquisite engineering!