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The ROM has been re-uploaded because the link failed. Hi! This is a tutorial on how to install the VegaBean Beta 6 ROM on the Advent Vega. Below are the down…

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  • sobbysock11 3 years ago

    @Roy Williamson thanks. Will put in description

  • Matt Perry 3 years ago

    Thanks Sobbysock11 – very clear and concise instructions that were easily
    followed and saved my Vega from a) it’s bricked state and b) potentially
    being replaced for a newer sexier model! 

  • Aaron sampson 3 years ago

    flippin brilliant. easy to follow and works a treat.

  • Hassan Majid 3 years ago

    Thank you very much it 100 percent worked great.

  • Daniela Sordillo 3 years ago

    Everything is fine up until the last stage – where my computer says ‘USB
    device not found’! Help please!

  • theexile69 3 years ago

    Awesome 🙂
    I’ve just converted my paperweight of a Vega into a useful tool again.
    Thank you

  • shane henry 3 years ago

    anti virus disabled and vegabean flashed thank u awsome work brilliant

  • sobbysock11 3 years ago

    @Originerious No problem, thanks for watching!

  • lisa alex 3 years ago

    hi been online most of the evening and i dont think this update supports a
    usb host 🙁 ..there is an solution i found which you go into superuser but
    its too complicated to follow ….if you come across or any1 else who has
    this problem post or a solution for this can you please please let me know
    🙂 thanks lisa x

  • lisa alex 3 years ago

    hi …i havent set the keyboard up yet still waiting on it to be delivered
    …was going to get you update and go from there thanks lisa x

  • lisa alex 3 years ago

    3lights came on so i know keyboard is working but nothing after that.. Is
    there a key i need to use to activate it or something? Im sorry im not to
    clued up about the vega thanks lisa x

  • Owen Mathias 3 years ago

    Hi there, what do I do if it does not go into recovery mode? ( I have
    windows 8) thanks!

  • Jake Sullivan 3 years ago

    hey, i have installed the ROM but it has left my tablet with hardly any
    space. I have an SD card but cant get the apps to install onto the card
    rather than the tablet. Can you help please?

  • sobbysock11 3 years ago

    @Johnny Dancer Hi, yes this does install google play and youtube on the
    advent vega, along with other great features like google now, which you may
    not need but is good to have. If you have any other questions please be
    sure to get in touch.

  • sobbysock11 3 years ago

    @markus max Yep, plain USB A to USB A cable. Very cheap to purchase off
    somewhere like Amazon.

  • colin peake 3 years ago

    Thanks for this worked great. A new lease of life for my Vega

  • sobbysock11 3 years ago

    @shane henry No problem mate. Enjoy the ROM!!

  • randar3 3 years ago

    Cheers for the video. Just upgraded from honeyice, works a treat!

  • Justin Wilder 3 years ago

    Always helpful to see it step by step, thanks. Windows 8 users will need to
    work around the unsigned USB driver too – search for video dlYGfJM2BJ0.

  • sobbysock11 3 years ago

    @Originerious Sorry to hear that. All I can recommend is you try the
    process again.

  • Originerious 3 years ago

    great tutorial gonna update mine soon, cheers

  • shane henry 3 years ago

    Really want to say thank you amazing tutorial and awsome rom Good work sobby

  • Alsoknownasmum 3 years ago

    I can’t thank you enough. My poor little Advent Vega was gathering dust
    because I had problems with a previous Rom and accidentally deleted Google
    Play. It was totally beyond me re-installing it all. After searching the
    internet one last time your step by step tutorial came up. It was very easy
    to follow and now I have my Advent Vega up and running again.

  • Quim Figueras 3 years ago

    Thank you so much for your tutorial. It has been extremely useful to me.
    Best regards.

  • sobbysock11 3 years ago

    @shane henry Hello, what exCt

  • sobbysock11 3 years ago

    @lisa alex I’m sorry Alex, I don’t know why your usb keyboard isn’t
    working. All that I can recommend is for you to search the internet using
    the name/make of your keyboard and the name of the tablet to see if anyone
    else is having trouble with it.

  • rets187 3 years ago

    m8 thank you so much! been trying for a while to get android on my vega!
    this helped me so much:)

  • lee smith 3 years ago

    Hi just wanted to say thanks worked a treat and well explained. Nice one.

  • sobbysock11 3 years ago

    @lisa alex Hi Lisa. If you have recently purchased a keyboard that works
    through the usb port of the advent vega, I can’t see any reason why it
    wouldn’t just work when you have installed vega bean. You may need to
    enable usb debugging, but that is really easy to do and can be done through

  • lisa alex 3 years ago

    Sorry that was a bit backward (on my phone) birds with thumbs!!in short how
    would i enable usb for keyboard with this please lisa x

  • lisa alex 3 years ago

    Ok will do .. Thanks anyways 🙂 lisa x

  • Originerious 3 years ago

    My current android software is still intact (VegaComb) but it doesn’t seem
    to install this one, am i better off sticking with vegacomb or is this one

  • sobbysock11 3 years ago

    @shane henry Hello, what exactly is the problem you are having with the
    download? It seems to be working fine at the moment.

  • sobbysock11 3 years ago

    @lisa alex So have you connected the keyboard up yet?? Is it not working
    when connected.

  • shane henry 3 years ago

    still no luck

  • lisa alex 3 years ago

    Hi sobbysock.. Keyboard arrived today but cant seem to find where the
    settings are to set it up?? Sorry any advice

  • sobbysock11 3 years ago

    @shane henry If it’s still the antivirus or security software that is
    preventing you from opening the update then I would disable your antivirus
    whilst youx try

  • lisa alex 3 years ago

    Hi i need to do this to my advent vega but have just bought a keyboard for
    it… There seems to be a few ways depending on program you have installed
    .. How would i enable usb hub with this one please? Thanks lisa x

  • Grzegorz Lipiec 3 years ago

    What about sd partitions for this rom? Is it fat32 as a primary and ext4¿

  • sobbysock11 3 years ago

    @Simone Kiernan Sorry about that! Will try and get another copy of the rom
    program uploaded later this week to download. It appears the file has been
    deleted all over the web but not sure why.

  • Johnny Dancer 3 years ago

    Hi I’ve bought a Vega second hand for my son but it doesn’t have anything
    on it. A friend says he’ll install Google Play for £20 (some friend!). Does
    your program do this? All he wants is Google Play and youtuve. Excuse my
    ignorance but I know nothing about computers and less about tablets. If
    your tutorial doesn’t do this any ideas? Thanks in advance.

  • johno4521 3 years ago

    The computer is acknowledging the vega plugged in in recovery mode with the
    usual beep, but ‘found new hardware’ wizard is not appearing.

  • sobbysock11 3 years ago

    @Jake Sullivan sorry to hear you’re having problems. As for the installing
    apps onto the tablet I have no solution and have the problem myself. I
    would recommend reinstalling the original Vega Rom found on the advent Vega
    website, then installing the Rom again as shown above. This will help to
    free up space as old files you may have had previously stored in the tablet
    before installing this Rom will be deleted.

  • Originerious 3 years ago

    hmmm mine got stuck at sending file: bootloader.bin 131072/941512 bytes
    sent :

  • shane henry 3 years ago

    hi sorry for the delay but when the download finishes and it runs security
    scan it says there is a trojan horse and removes it from my computer gutted
    because i really want this

  • lisa alex 3 years ago

    No it did light up but nothing now.. 🙁 will reeboot and try connecting
    again.. Is there anything i need to know regarding settings? Thanks lisa

  • shane henry 3 years ago

    hi have been trying to download the rom but seems to be a problem with the
    actual download would love to get this rom looks awsome please help

  • markus max 3 years ago

    excellent clear tutorial, thanks. have just bought a vega which has been
    restored to factory settings by the last owner but i have no transfer
    cable!! is it a usb to usb ( A to A cable) mark.

  • Simone Kiernan 3 years ago

    Hi Sobbysock11, Im trying to do this using my MacBook Pro, do you have a
    link or forum link that can help me to install the vegabeam on my Advent