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The Inateck TPB-IA is probably one of the most useful, yet simplistic iPad cases we’ve ever used. It’s made of a soft-touch felt material inside and out, and is complemented by a magnetic leather…


iPad Air


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  • Liinxx OVO 2 years ago

    You, just watched a 2 minute and 40 second commercial.

  • Marcus Grey 2 years ago

    Cases ruin the look of a phone. Why do iSheep brag about the design of an
    iPhone and then put some ugly bulky otterbox case on it. It looks just as
    ugly as a Samsung phone after that. 

  • ericiscoolllll 2 years ago

    *cough* sponsored *cough cough*

  • ahmed khalil 2 years ago

    Was that an advertisement?! I’m confused 

  • Xeraser 2 years ago

    Reach for the fucking power button You god damn lazy ass bastard.

    And I don’t even own a fucking iPad.

  • Daniel Duarte 2 years ago

    Sponsored or not, I really think that’s handy. Useful video. Liked it. 

  • Sammy Morini 2 years ago

    Michael and Jaime are my fav pocketnow reviewers

  • Aswin Adirono 2 years ago

    You want non-geeky original covers, go to ETSY

  • Ben Graham 2 years ago

    I hate this. At least mention its a sponsored review, don’t blur the lines
    between real reviews and sponsored videos because then your credibility
    will just go down the drain.

  • Емил Ефендулов 2 years ago

    Next time put on a disclaimer or those subscribers will drop by at least

  • RazinsCards 2 years ago

    Damnnn, this is actually a nice sleeve. And for the price, amazing!

  • benjamin aguilar 2 years ago

    It’s funny to see a guy who is constantly trashing Android, wearing one

  • Horace Brewer 2 years ago

    It doesn’t put the iPad to sleep. That’s why I use smart cases. Plus with a
    case like the smart case it will make it a one piece situation.

  • Mark S 2 years ago

    Complete protection? There was a gaping hole where the little leather clasp
    doesn’t cover.

  • Benjamin Toh 2 years ago

    Might be mistaken, but I’m pretty sure they are your sponsors. If you just
    straight up told us they are just like when you give a shout out to the
    sponsors of the videos, we will probably respect your review of their
    product even more. I get it, you need sponsorship to run pocket now. No
    problem. Just don’t try to pass this off as an independent review. It
    insults your audience. It’s probably a management decision, but hey, I get
    it. You need the money found only in sponsors to run a business like yours.

  • Hulla Dek 2 years ago

    Marketing in work: Ipad sac = TPB-IA

  • Cezar Constantin Cociorbă 2 years ago

    All the fluffynes

  • mkygod 2 years ago

    looks like a case that someone got off of Etsy.

  • hassmann2000 2 years ago

    Paid review and a half.

    You sold out hard Jamie.

    At least admit it’s a paid for advert. 

  • Andy Cho 2 years ago

    I’ll admit that even I will prefer this sleeve over Smart Cover. But you
    got one thing wrong. Providing the same functionality of Smart Cover???
    Good luck typing with that sleeve.
    Just the iPad with Smart Cover itself isn’t enough to provide a proper
    typing experience (even in typing mode), but in order to have any typing
    experience with this sleeve is to carry additional keyboard with it.
    Unless you hold this thing up with two hands which defeats the purpose.. 

  • airjaff 2 years ago

    Sleeves are awful

  • Noobioh 2 years ago

    i haven’t used a case since my first smartphone almost 3 and a half years
    ago, i tried some but those only lasted a week maybe two. It ruins the feel
    of the phone and the complete “meaning” of it’s design the only case-like
    thing i liked using are those flip covers that attach to the back off the
    phone, like a replacement backcover but with a flip thingy on it. Those are
    the only ones i consider.

  • Cameron Taylor 2 years ago

    Do More accessory videos please!

  • JumpingMouse 2 years ago

    I’ll stick with my Smart Case, it’s much better.

  • K Warren 2 years ago

    Inateck… Erm Office Space?

  • Dale Tabios 2 years ago

    It looks ugly to me. Lol

  • Khazar Hayat 2 years ago

    Is it just me or is that thing ugly as fucl

  • EssThree 2 years ago

    I’m gonna get a lot of hate for saying this on an iPad video I’m sure, but
    this is why I’m a happy Surface owner; the stand is built in, and the case
    is a keyboard/touchpad which greatly expands functionality. I seriously
    think Apple should do themselves a favour and mimic those features.

  • reloaded17 2 years ago

    Can that be any uglier and bulky? Gag

  • Joshua Simpson 2 years ago

    What’s wrong with Android Wear? Marketing. I have about ten people ask me
    on a day to day basis what my Moto 360 is. I’ve never seen a TV commercial
    for one, let alone a YouTube advertisement. I just don’t think enough
    people even know this platform exists.

  • Product Informer 2 years ago

    Would you please take a look at my channel. I have a view videos i think
    you will like. It would mean a lot if did. Thanks

  • Jose Galvan 2 years ago

    this is retarded

  • Herman1050 2 years ago

    Nice design,even it’s not my thing,but girls should like this one.

  • kylecoolio12 2 years ago

    maybe black would be nicer, looks like an old carpet rn

  • B Bergemann 2 years ago

    Thinking about to Unsubscribe if you guys have another paid for product
    placement. Plus I am positive that thing would slide everywhere and that’s
    why you showed 2 seconds of light use. 

  • lonelywuffy 2 years ago

    Man I have same setup as you. I use this case with my iPad Air 2 with Smart
    Cover. Love this thing. 

  • uderzo1984 2 years ago

    The video reminds me of one of those shopping channels. Pocketnow, what the
    fuck is this shit?

  • TheMonroe654 2 years ago

    It remarkably seems like something has happened with you guys and inatech.
    You guys could’ve said it lol

  • stillyas85 2 years ago

    This case is useless, and shameless for u morons to advertise something
    that useless and idiotic.