Added by on January 1, 2015 A video blog discussing the new HTC / AT&T Table…

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  • Bentley Milnes 3 years ago

    No I wood not

  • Delon Holmes 3 years ago

    Dave. Samsung 10.1 has had 4g LTE for about 2 months

  • Delon Holmes 3 years ago

    @w35t51d369 ._.

  • BomimoDK 3 years ago

    Are you planning to do a Lion review?

  • iTomHere 3 years ago


  • staroner101 3 years ago

    @zeretmusicent all i know is that apple is succesful and pcs r too it a
    competition people pick theyre sides me personaly im in between

  • William 3 years ago

    $200…no way dude

  • zeretmusicent 3 years ago

    @staroner101 tablets have been around loooooooong before the ipad came out.
    apple wasnt first to make a tablet computer. do your research

  • Yes I am. Will buy as soon as this device is here in Europe. I love my
    flyer to death and 10″ 4G of the same stuff is just pure happiness.

  • Shawn Meadows 3 years ago

    I love HTC and Sense UI, and I was so excited about the rumors of an HTC
    tablet, then i went to AT&T on launch day to check it out and saw 800/600
    and was so disappointed……. eBay here i come XD

  • zeretmusicent 3 years ago

    @staroner101 it doesnt matter they are still not first…apple took a
    technology and ran with it… iphone’s were popular so it only makes sense
    that they make a bigger version (in comes the ipad tablet) but they were
    not the first tablet makers….so actually apple are the copycats if any
    copy is a copy cat. companies like Archos have been doing tablet for ever.
    to call a company copy cat for making tablets is like calling apple a
    microsoft copy cat for making macs computers

  • chrislawler7 3 years ago

    Hell no!

  • staroner101 3 years ago

    and yeah 849$ is too much 4 a tablet i can get one of those new dr dre
    labtop for 700$ WTF and with the tablet limits your options i cant plug in
    my ipod iphone to a tablet

  • MegaCellProductions 3 years ago

    No Way! Maybe $100, but not $200.

  • faizan joyia 3 years ago

    No I don’t even have 4g here

  • superalphajellybean 3 years ago

    no because i cant get 4g in ireland im sure you know what im talking about

  • Mrsimey7 3 years ago


  • zeretmusicent 3 years ago

    @madjamie17 yes apple improved on the tablet experience but they were not
    first to make one that was my point. I would credit smartphones in general
    with the advancement of tablets.. apple’s muti million dollar marketing
    campaigns are mainly what helped the tablet sector. I do credit them for

  • Bradley Boyd 3 years ago

    I actually bought the HTC Jetstream on ebay, $249.99 refurbished. Very
    happy with it 🙂

  • globalman 3 years ago

    AT&T is SHIT, telephone, mobile phone and internet service is the worst. I
    had experience with them while in the US…. all USA technology for the lay
    people is like being in a developing country. It was very disappointing. I
    did not buy an iPhone while in LA as one was blackmailed into AT&T
    contract. They are incompetent, abusive and customer unfriendly. Even Apple
    Stores in LA though selling iPhones with AT&T they themselves used T-Mobile
    for their business phones and Internet service.

  • w35t51d369 3 years ago

    @delonholmes92 That is 10.1 Inch, not 10 Inch.

  • Rhys Sibley 3 years ago

    i wouldnt pay £500, i recon thats if its a duel core 2+ gh/z with good
    graphics probally running windows, for tablets, i recon considering their
    worse than laptops, they should be the same price as a netbook, at about
    £300-400, 500 should really be maximum, not minimum

  • iTechEveryWeek 3 years ago

    okay the 4G isn’t worth running droid rather then iOS especially for that
    much money. having 4G on a tablet just makes it worth considering buying it
    over the iPad so making it 850 just depletes the purpose of the plus of 4G
    making it not worth comparing to the iPad.

  • jordyGFC 3 years ago

    I thought it was clear by the way the hp touchpad flew off the shelves that
    people want a powerful but cheap tablet and fuck 4g?

  • iTomHere 3 years ago

    @MsComputer7471 *second comment

  • Adam Higgs 3 years ago

    Does anybody know if 4G antennas are actually expensive enough to justify
    the price disparity (i.e several hundred dollars more than a similar 3G
    tablet), or are HTC just being greedy greedy bastards?

  • earlbee31 3 years ago

    NO !!!

  • HalWozHere 3 years ago

    also NO!!!!!!!!. id much rather buy an ipad 2 32gb or 64gb or even 16gb and
    loose the left over money