Added by on January 21, 2015 for more. This video demonstrates 4 pen-enabled applications on the HTC FLyer.

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  • solvalla2007 2 years ago

    Thanks for the great review, really informative. I think they want you to
    flip the page with your finger to make it similar to real life. You don’t
    flip a page with your pen in a real book so think the want you to use the
    same gestures. Thanks indeed

  • felcas 2 years ago

    I loved at the first time I saw it, but looking into this video I can see a
    problem. If you notice there is a lag while she moves the pen over the
    syrface. I don’t think this is going to make the experience great.

  • NitekMuscle 2 years ago

    People have moved on to Galaxy Notes.

  • DrMateen36 2 years ago

    @stevechippy Is the note taking as much authentic and problem free as
    writing on a normal paper. I saw the keyboard pop up a couple of times that
    has me worried it can be quite an annoyance.. I want trouble free writing
    as you would write on paper. Also bro to protect the screen can i cover it
    with a thin plastic sheet (ya know the kind you put on capacitive screens
    for scratch resistance) and still have the capacitive and digitizer screens
    recognize the input. Kindly Answer the whole queston.

  • Zairebranham26 2 years ago

    Nexus 7 smart rate is 92%

  • Periklis Arnaoutis 2 years ago

    can you select in what page you want to go on pdf viewer?

  • ucheucheuche 2 years ago

    Highlighting and circling text in books makes you seem brainy. 🙂 Even
    though it’s completely random.

  • NitekMuscle 2 years ago

    @666raffa Have you considered the Lenovo ThinkPad Tablet?

  • Skiller450 2 years ago

    He’s left handed

  • MyUsernameWasTaken 2 years ago

    @DrMateen36 I hear you can put a screen protector on it (I don’t have one
    on, yet) and if you get the matte kind…Then you get a little
    texture/resistance so I assume (don’t know) it’s more of a natural writing
    tactile experience. Without, which I can attest to, it’s a little slippery.
    You are writing on glass after all. If you can’t imagine the tactile feel,
    take a capped plastic pen and go write on a glass surface somewhere. That
    said, personally I’ve found the pen to be just fine.

  • 666raffa 2 years ago

    Hello, I saw your video and found it very interesting, because I am
    searching for a Tablet pc for university issues and though the HTC with the
    magic pen could be a great stuff! I just need to do some diagrams, notes,
    read and some more things that I do not want to use my laptop. After saving
    the notes can I save it on windows 7 or Microsoft Office? If not what would
    be the best solution to transfer this items and put all together? Hope you
    can help me further! Thanks a great tutorial video

  • youngling21 2 years ago

    Hey! Has anybody of you tried out the MobileNoter on the HTC Flyer? I
    assume that Flyer will just take a snapshot of the screen and enable
    annotating this in a normal mode. Otherwise, I would like to see a video of
    HTC Flyer running MobileNoter.

  • Stephen Feger 2 years ago

    Note taking is still not ready for prime time, but it has to start
    somewhere on these tablets and I like what I see so far. You need to have
    hardware to drive the imagination and now they have something. I can only
    hope the application development will now begin. My hope is still the
    Android or iOS equivalent of OneNote on a device like the HTC Flyer.

  • 4ightBit 2 years ago

    @stevechippy Where can I order this stuff? (Europe)? thx for ur answer

  • Zairebranham26 2 years ago

    Smart rate on that htc tablet is 77%

  • Eclectic Avenue 2 years ago

    Despite all criticisms I still want this so much because I heard that this
    a good app for artists and well I’m not a full on one but I am taking art
    as a gcse so I’m getting this for my art practicing though I’m not happy
    with pen down first, you should have a button to press that activates wrist
    guard, despite that I love it

  • Gop TheBear 2 years ago

    great review

  • Gop TheBear 2 years ago

    How about the HDMI adapter? How much they sell it?

  • 666raffa 2 years ago

    @NitekMuscle Thank you for the advice. I just watched some features of the
    Lenovo ThinkPad Tablet. It seems that the HTC Flyer is easier to handle. I
    will definitely go to a store and have a look at the lenovo tablet. The new
    HTC Jetstream would be the best tablet for me, but it is not available in
    EU and very expensive.

  • Chanyeol-Kai Luhan-D.O 2 years ago

    @stevechippy Hi, do you know if skype video calling is avaliable in the UK?
    And if it isn’t, do you happen to know when or if it will be avaliable in
    the UK? Thanks, Barbara.

  • solvalla2007 2 years ago

    Hi Again! I hope you can show an PDF ebook (with pics and graphs) on the
    ebook-reader in the HTC flyer, thanks indeed

  • 4ightBit 2 years ago

    @stevechippy Is this a docking station? And if it’s one, from where is it?

  • 4ightBit 2 years ago

    @stevechippy Where 2 buy?

  • MyUsernameWasTaken 2 years ago

    You can share the PDFs you inked up! You have to get a file manager app
    (like ASTRO) and you can then browse for the PDF you saved (layered, not
    flattened, a normal “save”) and it will let you attach to an e-mail. The
    GMail app itself only seemed to browse my photos directory which is the
    only reason I mention a file manager app. Weird. I do wish the PDF Viewer
    app allowed you to e-mail the PDF directly. Your scribble is saved properly
    (layered) in the PDF so you can edit/remove/annotate on a PC

  • arlandanights 2 years ago

    Nice, Can u Pls show the HTC Watch tonight??

  • Peter Frankenstein 2 years ago

    Go to 8;15 in the video… what time is it….. it is a conspiracy….:P

  • mugsy201 2 years ago

    great review, very informative and well thought out