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HP Slate 2 64GB, Wi-Fi, 8.9in – Black – Windows 8 Pro.


HP Slate 8


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  • gamerpaddy 3 years ago

    can you zip all the drivers of windows 8 pro on slate 2? i bought one
    for 150$, and i have to reinstall the OS because it cannot be resetted

  • Anthony Sim 3 years ago


  • Alisson Miranda 3 years ago

    tell me about it! Experience and differences, usability?

  • Ross Mehlhop 3 years ago

    I also installed Windows 8 on my Slate 2. Everything is working okay but
    certain apps like Windows 8 Toolbox and Scooby Doo Episodes will cause
    BSOD. Have you experienced this? I installed the video driver from HP
    website for the HP Slate 2. That is the only video driver that I found that
    works. But still, crashing on particular apps…

  • jetpack2133 3 years ago

    Is it capable of burning a CD

  • Nick c. 3 years ago

    Install ubuntu!

  • Mario Young 3 years ago

    how do i do the tweeks to get the tiles & wifi to work properly

  • jmelo529 3 years ago

    What driver did you use to get wifi working? I feel like ive tried all
    possibilities and am still having problems.

  • shijifeng 3 years ago

    more smoother than android tablet

  • Anthony Sim 3 years ago

    Windows 8 pro 64 or 32 bits? edition.