Added by on April 5, 2015 This Android-powered enterprise tablet packs a beautiful metal design and a cool ultrasound stylus for those who love writing instead of typing.

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  • Nick S 2 years ago

    Sweet! I hope we see more large screen tablets with great styluses! Samsung
    and Microsoft started this trend and these things are great for annotating
    lecture slides and other PDFs, or taking math notes chemistry notes.. And
    is also great for viewing two documents at once, without needing a whole
    damn laptop.. The larger screen is also great for artists! Apple needs to
    wake up and make one of these!

  • Wawaweewa Rice 2 years ago

    Android for a huge productivity based tablet? No thnx

  • THEJSB360 2 years ago

    Dat pen!

  • Mohammed Zulfiqar 2 years ago

    As a die hard android user i find a it difficult to see how to see how an
    android tablet can truly replace a work laptop or windows tablet. I mean
    sure it can task switch and background run apps but windows just does that
    better, not to mention the platform is somewhat high maintenance depending
    on how android is skinned.

  • txmoney 2 years ago

    Business and Android? You’re kidding, right?
    Poor HP. The once proud printer manufacturer is now grasping at straws. HP
    is also a shitty pc oem.

  • Shamil Fazliyev 2 years ago

    Styles loved the idea! 

  • RoxBurry 2 years ago

    Ummm… No Android 5.0? No thank you

  • ali al kuwari 2 years ago

    say what you want about kit kat but it performs way better than lollipop.
    android 5.0 is slow and very buggy, maybe that’s why they choose not to put
    it on these tabs.

  • MySexy Duck 2 years ago

    Revolutionizing Pen idea!!!
    hope it develop on its own,

  • PK_Haseo 2 years ago

    Both are a Win for low budget consumers, Though the Nvidia tablet is far
    expansive an powerful.

  • janmichael 2 years ago

    So wait this compared to the surface hmmm surface Plz 

  • JaysCloud9 2 years ago

    If it were up to me.. This would be a windows 8.1 tablet with a 10″ screen
    at a $300-$400 price point.