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This video will show you the latest and easiest method to root and install a custom recovery on the Google Nexus 10 Tab. This works for any version of Jelly …

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  • Thank you so much. It was very easy to root my nexus 10 with your help 🙂
    Now I can install paranoid android on it 😉 Great job man.

  • roger edmondson 2 years ago

    i downloaded the root toolkit but my tab says cant open file please help.

  • Crazy Girl 2 years ago


  • GoogIe PIus 2 years ago

    Hope you all are enjoying our devices :-)

  • Jack White 2 years ago

    you are the man……..

  • jrexinator 2 years ago

    without a fkcing computer maybe?

  • Престиж Гордост 2 years ago

    I wanna say thank you for this great tutorial. it helpmed me flash my new
    Nexus 10 4.4.2 :)

  • Dimitris Rizopoulos 2 years ago

    hi, i got a problem trying to unlock my bootloader, it stucked and as
    suggested i tried to recovere it in stock mode, butI cant do it, it comes
    every time the normal recovery mode no matter how i press the 3 buttons,
    any help????

  • hemal rajput 2 years ago

    will this work with 4.4.2?

  • cesar ruiz 2 years ago

    Thanks for the awesome video! very well explained!

  • Malcolm Pieske 2 years ago

    Just to say thanks for the video never done anything like this before. Am
    using a New Nexus 10 4.4.2 and downloaded WugFresh Nexus root toolkit V
    1.8.0 and all has worked first time no problems. I watched your video a
    couple of times then just went a head with the Root ( There are a lot of
    pup up messages on the new Nexus toolkit just read them )

  • osx77 2 years ago

    hi i need help it tells me ive Fastboot divice was not fount what can i do?

  • Angel Martinez 2 years ago

    You used to make reviews of Roms before, why don’t you do it anymore? I
    would like to see a reason for me to root my devices again.

  • Leon Roberts 2 years ago

    How in the Absolute F@c# is this so easy for the guy in the video but, Hard
    as $#!+ for the person who is actually doing this shit? I cant WugFresh, I
    cant Andriod SDK Sideload. WTF?

  • schell 2 years ago

    it cannot find my adb information. I have updated my drivers, etc. can I
    force the issue or skip it? Any ideas would be appreciated. Thank you.

  • Li Koong - The Best Of MCPE 2 years ago

    YAY. Finally rooted. Ready to make more videos!

  • Qbking77 (Tim Schofield) 2 years ago

    How to Root the Google Nexus 10 Tablet – Latest:
    How to Root the Google Nexus 10 Tablet – Latest

  • Bill Ramseyer 2 years ago



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  • Qbking77 (Tim Schofield) 2 years ago

    run through it again

  • smyc305 2 years ago

    How can I root Samsung galaxy s3 for metro pcs?

  • Dany Mansour 2 years ago

    I tried, now my nexus is dead, no sign of life even when i put it on
    charger!!! can you help?

  • Oliver Connolly 2 years ago

    stuck on the X booting up part way through the unlock. what do I do?

  • fabio silva 2 years ago

    In recovery mode i think you only need to press Volume UP + power

  • McTylerMoreTube 2 years ago

    yup that worked to get me out of the bootloop. I think I wound up actually
    pressing the left volume button and power simultaneously after just going
    crazy on them for about 20 seconds.

  • Qbking77 (Tim Schofield) 2 years ago

    After you unlocked your bootloader? Go into your recovery and do a factory

  • patstl1 2 years ago

    finally succesful! got stuck in a bootloop, but video was very helpful in
    getting out. tense moment or two 😉 also, running Windows 8, PDAnet needs
    to be installed beforehand, thanks, RokBenni.

  • EdWood2006 2 years ago

    What drivers do I need to install if I have already rooted my Nexus S and
    Nexus 7 (mskip toolkit) on my PC?

  • CaLiBoMBaY 2 years ago

    Solid video my dude, glad to see you go in depth with all the steps to make
    it easier for people to understand! Glad to see you use Wugfresh’s toolkit
    he is 2nd2none… One tip I can give you is if you look in your app drawer
    you will see “Quick Boot” you can use that to reboot the TWRP recovery and
    not go thru fastboot…. Thanks for helping people out keep up the good

  • Raman Lal 2 years ago

    Thanks I got it. Appreciated.

  • Nassir Hussein 2 years ago

    what is root? is it like jailbraking?

  • Qbking77 (Tim Schofield) 2 years ago


  • Zainiak 2 years ago


  • Oscar Arango 2 years ago

    thank you , worked like a charm. FYI, if your running into problems with
    this procedure, then maybe you shouldn’t root your device.

  • Daniel Austin 2 years ago

    I’ve managed to unlock with no problems but now when i use the root button
    on the root toolkit it reboots into bootloader and displays on the PC
    “Booting modified boot.img to enable running privileged commands..” and
    seems to get stuck there. On the tablet “FASTBOOT STATUS – DATA00480000” is
    displayed. Does anyone know what the problem is or how to fix it?

  • BWSMG718 2 years ago

    will there be an updated video for the nexus 7?

  • Richard N 2 years ago

    Also, great video. Was awesome being able to see my PC and Nexus doing
    exactly what you were showing.

  • Ivan Robles 2 years ago

    Will it root 4.2.2?

  • Daniel Bock 2 years ago

    i have a windows 8 laptop. so should i did the driver solution 3 RAW
    Drivers? or just continue to download the driver solution 1 PdaNet Drivers?

  • Shahieda Kraft 2 years ago

    I can’t root mine! It doesn’t pick up my tablet and even going to the link
    for the driver, doesn’t solve my problem 🙁 What else can I do?

  • kbizz640 2 years ago

    When I plug in the device after installing the drivers nothing pops up,
    should I continue?

  • Stephen Del Re 2 years ago

    wug website in link doesnt work…

  • Joshua Frese 2 years ago

    just followed this using newest tool kit v1.7.2 and works great! thanks so

  • Tyson Beaumont 2 years ago

    Just got my nexus 10 but it looks to complicated and risky for me. Probably
    just because I don’t understand it fully, good video tho i love watching
    all of them!

  • Grigory Goncharov 2 years ago

    Hi, I need some help) When I’m trying to root the Nexus10 (after I unlocked
    the bootloader), the tablet reboots into bootloader mode and then blue sign
    appears saying “fastboot status – data 0047…” (don’t remember the rest of
    the numbers). Any ideas what I can do? Thank you in advance)

  • Rojah Urban 2 years ago

    Thanks QB…..worked….ran into a few snags since I’m running Windows
    8…..I would suggest installing PDAnet before hand…worked much easier
    that way…..just an FYI to anyone running Windows 8.

  • Caspar Christensen 2 years ago

    Great video! It would be nice with a small update halfway through, though,
    ‘cuz TWRP is a little different now. I almost soiled myself when TWRP
    popped up and asked for a password 🙂 After running around in circles for
    a couple of minutes I sat down and read the instructions in the toolkit
    again, which of course saved my arse. Great with the instruction on how to
    get on from bootloop, I got that one myself.