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NOTE: I have been away from the playbook scene for a while now, am not sure if this method works anymore, check with crackberry forums, I will not be providi…

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  • N.Ramadoss S,Narasimhan 2 years ago

    Hi A friend of mine having BB playbook 32GB 4G LTE locked version. He does
    not know what to do with that. Is it possible to jailbreak the tab and load
    Android OS or apps to wotk on that. If so what to do Guide me. Or Is it
    possible to get Unlock code to Unlock it? Let me have your opinion or
    suggestion to proceed.

  • skull tin 2 years ago

    does it works on blackberry q5?

  • Serge Karman 2 years ago

    It shows jailbreak failed

  • vipinggp yadav 2 years ago

    dear i swipe off my playbook after it only web browser and setting icon
    will appear ,no app world no other icon , what will i do, please help

  • prudhvi satish 2 years ago

    Hi, how to jailbreak my blackberry z10?
    is it possible for that?

  • Sameh Waly 2 years ago

    i have playbook os i can make JAILBROKEN/ROOTED for it and if i can
    you can help me plz

  • raj shahi 2 years ago

    hey i have so how i jailbreak plz plz plz help me 

  • Anna Farjamfar 2 years ago

    Can you also get the dump of the memory for pb? any success for Z10?

  • Ralph Santos 2 years ago

    i got a jailbreak failed i mean

  • RETROS5 2 years ago

    hey wat do i do if it disconnects in the dingleberry process

  • C4ETech 2 years ago

    @toshisny download dingleberry 3.1, you will have an option to downgrade
    (choose full os) Hope I helped 🙂

  • PS-Hacks 2 years ago


  • Sean Geraghty 2 years ago

    @aphroditelikesme you mean out of beta as I am hopefully getting one for
    being an Android developer 🙂

  • Muhammad Rehman 2 years ago

    does this work for os

  • toshisny 2 years ago

    i am on how do downgrade? and i just wipe my playbook on bete all my app are missing not for setup and explorer any clue and
    is there any type of cydia or instaleuse on pb rooted and the banefite thx
    😉 plz help

  • C4ETech 2 years ago

    @joshagu4642 bro this method no longer works with the os2.0 update once a
    new tut is out ill make a video and no you dont lose any functionality by
    rooting… stay subscribed so that youll know once the new tut is out 🙂

  • C4ETech 2 years ago

    @letstalktek yup out of beta 🙂

  • Ernesto Martinez 2 years ago

    Hey bud I try to jailbreak my bb pb But failed, is 2.1

  • tanner newans 2 years ago

    damn arabs, i have no idea what he said throughout the whole video

  • aaakshnihalani 2 years ago

    its showing the _ and then after sometime Jailbreak failed helpppp

  • C4ETech 2 years ago

    @Ralph0797 and @ambergill22 THE VIDEO IS UP 😀

  • Rizwan Ali 2 years ago

    hi i tried all all the procedure correctly, bt when i tried to dingle ssh
    ,it gives me an error “sh:/ssh.exe no such file or directory exist,
    jailbreak failed” what to do now? i have os installed on my
    playbook. helo me please

  • C4ETech 2 years ago

    @Ralph0797 sorry bro, festival time where am from… didnt check

  • C4ETech 2 years ago

    @letstalktek Friday, we are getting the official OS2.0 from blackberry 🙂

  • Amber Gill 2 years ago

    Oh man still not uploaded the video………any-ways i guess u must be busy
    with some work……so i hope u will do it by tomorrow……any ways
    …..thank you for all the efforts u r putting in u simply rock
    ……….P.S…..I am still waiting for your video :)….

  • The-Dark-Knight 2 years ago

    Good stuff!!!

  • Varun Nair 2 years ago

    bro can i jailbreak my pb of OS 2.1.01526

  • 6zlegacy 2 years ago

    Does work?

  • Ralph Santos 2 years ago

    I got a jailbreak error after connecting on the SHSH thing

  • Dawood Aslam 2 years ago

    i’ve downloaded a latest version of dingle berry its 3.3.3 i will try to
    jailbreak but not succeed will u help me please

  • C4ETech 2 years ago

    @c0m0es have to wipe bro no other option sorry 🙁

  • TheMasterOnEarth 2 years ago

    hello , can u tell me if jailbreaking my black berry disables data services
    like bbm ,? thank you .

  • Dan Lane 2 years ago

    Hello! When watching a video on a website using the Playbook, the video
    pauses when I go to a new tab or webpage. Would like the video to keep
    playing. Changing settings to showcase doesn’t work. Would jailbreaking or
    installing other apps after jailbreak fix this? Thanks.

  • C4ETech 2 years ago

    @ambergill22 Done… just finishing up with the annotations… up in 30
    mins max… sorry bro elec cut at 40% had to update again… and its
    festival time here, had family visiting 🙁

  • Nelson Steffens 2 years ago

    Does the jailbreak wipe your playbook clean???? Thanks

  • C4ETech 2 years ago

    @BfgGamers007 ok check out the video on how to get market working again

  • C4ETech 2 years ago

    @geredu99 Check post 90 on this page bro, is that the error you get? forums
    crackberry com/playbook-rooting-f256/jailbreak-failed-676729/index6 html

  • C4ETech 2 years ago

    @bussiness4 🙂

  • C4ETech 2 years ago

    @Ralph0797 Do a wipe, Install again (follow my other video for
    that if you need to) then repeat the steps… let me know what happens

  • White Collar Productions 2 years ago

    yeah im wondering the same too